Disclaimer: Bleach does not belong to me

Disclaimer: Bleach does not belong to me.

Chapter 4: The Talk

Toshirou and Karin Hitsugaya have been married for two months. For two long months, they've been pretending to be a happily wedded couple. For two long months, they've been playing the role of perfect husband and wife in front of everyone, particularly the elites of the society – their crowd. Also, for two longs months they've been ignoring each other and it seems that this will continue until the end of time.

It's a beautiful Saturday afternoon and Karin is lazily sitting on her couch. Since it's a Saturday, she's not in the mood to get out of her room. Well, simply because she doesn't want to see a certain someone outside. Who else but her very own husband, Toshirou Hitsugaya. Ever since the ordeal happened, she's not in the mood to even hear his name. That is why she's spending this whole day inside.

On the other hand, Mr. Hitsugaya or more known as Toshirou is in the garden, drinking his favorite chamomile tea.

Ever since he and his wife returned from Greece, he started to have fascination to the aforementioned tea. According to him, it soothes him or more like his stressed brain and nerves. Not to mention the endless bickering he's having with his wife whenever they're crossing paths, inside the house.

"What a beautiful Saturday afternoon. I wonder what my wife's doing. I haven't seen her for days." A slight smile is plastered on his face when he recalls about his wife. "It's not that I miss her but we're living under the same roof and I cannot believe that someone can hibernate that long." He can't help but chuckle. "Now where did that came from?"


It's almost time for dinner but not an ordinary one. Because having dinner with your in-law is something that happens once in a blue moon, unless that in-law detests your marriage. Fortunately for this couple, both families can never feel better about their marriage that is why the young couple is rarely pestered by their parents.

Everything is perfect up to the last detail. The only thing that is missing is the guest. And maybe the answer to that question is the incoming phone call.


"Good evening; Hitsugaya residence. May I know who's on the line please?"

"Hello! This is Ishin."

"Ah, Mr. Kurosaki! Do you want me to get madame or sir?"

"No, no need for that. Just tell them that I cannot make it to dinner. And I'm very sorry about that."

"Very well sir. I will this to madame."

"What is it?", asked Karin.

"Ah madame. It's your father. He said that he cannot make it tonight and he's very sorry."

"O-Ok." Karin is definitely not pleased with this. "Very well then. You are dismissed".

With that, the maid left.

The maid may have left but the daredevil came. And this person is the last person that Karin wishes to see in her entire life.



"What's going on?"

"Nothing", Karin said sarcastically and smiled. And then she dashed out of the living room, or so she thought.

Toshirou grabbed Karin's arm, hard. "What's the matter with you?", he asked.

"Nothing. Now please let go of my arm." Unfortunately, he didn't let go.

"I am definitely not letting go."


"We need to talk."

"There's nothing to talk about", she shot back at him but she missed.

"There's nothing to talk about? Who are you kidding? There's a lot to talk about! And we're talking… NOW!"

"Well… I do not want to speak with you. So let go of me this instant!"

"No. And if I said we are talking, we will!"

With no further ado, he carried her like a sack of potato to his room. He definitely does not want the maids or anyone to hear of this "talk".

The first five minutes they've spent inside the room of Toshirou was spent in an awkward silence. And it might continue if Karin did not dare to break it. "So what do you want to talk about? I cannot believe that you just became tongue-tied after dragging me all the way up here!"


"If you're not talking, then I'm leaving."

"Who told you that you are allowed to leave? You will only leave this room unless we settle everything in this 'little talk' of ours!"

"Good. That just means that I didn't throw away 10 minutes of my life for nothing. Better start this 'talk' that you're talking about since I do not have any plans in staying in here for a long time."

"Fine then I'd go straight to the point."


"I cannot continue living like this forever!"

"E-Excuse me?" Karin cannot believe her ears. What's this talk all about? And what the heck is this man talking about?

"Don't play dumb with me! You know what I'm talking about! We've been living together on the same roof for almost two months! Also, we are a married couple."


"Don't you think that it would be better if we start acting our age? I mean, c'mon! After the whole Greece ordeal…"

"Yes the Greece ordeal! Great! You just reminded me of one of the million reasons why I loathe you so much!"

"H-Hey! I already said sorry! And I really mean it!"

"That's not it! Sorry is not enough for what you have said to me that time! You know, I'm neither stupid nor dumb. I already knew that what binds us is not love! You do not need to rub it in. You do not need to say it to my face. Because you're not the only victim here!"

"Look… I said I'm sorry, ok?"

"It's definitely not ok!", she shot back. "And you look here, I, too, wanted the same thing you wanted. I wanted to find a man good enough for me."


"I may not be in a relationship then but that does not mean that I am ok with this!"

Toshirou is out of words. He's afraid that he might just say the wrong words again and make Karin even angrier. All the knowledge he had gained in the famous schools he attended to, where are they now? He's helpless in front of his crying wife. She is so fragile and Toshirou doesn't want to "break" her.

The "fragile" Karin is crying her heart out. She definitely doesn't want to cry. Crying is one of the things she does not fancy. Also, she doesn't want to cry in front of him, again. She doesn't want this to happen but her tears just fell. And she definitely cannot stop the pull of gravity. But to her surprise, a pair of warm hands pulled her in a warm embrace. It is his. And she doesn't seem to mind.

"H-Hey… I know I'm not in the right place to say this but we'll work things out and everything will be ok."

Karin just nodded. She's overwhelmed with all the crying and stuff.

"I promise. Everything will be ok. We'll figure this out… together."

Just like in Greece, Karin cried herself to sleep. But this time, she's in the arms of Toshirou instead of a cold pillow.


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