Stuck in a lift

Disclaimer: Nothing is mine, aside from the idea.

Summary: This was written after my friend asked me if I had ever been stuck in a lift. I then got the idea of SS/HG being stuck in a lift.

Hermione and Severus had spent a long Saturday shopping for purchases for their new house. They had decided to move in together to save long journeys from each others house to see each other. Kent and Carlisle were indeed far away. Severus was complaining like a petulant child that his feet were aching, and that he was bored, so Hermione had decided to take him home, and come back another time for the other non-essential items such as extra duvet covers and tea-cosies.

"I still don't see why we couldn't have bought magical items, instead of muggle ones…" Severus complained for the twentieth time that day. "It would make sense." Once again, Hermione began to tell him that moving into a manor house was risky enough as it was, with them both using so much magic, without adding magical furniture to it. Hermione had also point blank refused to use apparition anymore and preferred to use the car her parents had bought her for her eighteenth birthday. Any visitors had to floo in using the spare room that no-one ever used, walk around the back and use the front door.

Pressing the button for the lift, Severus kissed his wife. The wait for the lift was not a long one, but the journey in the lift was longer than anticipated. "Hermione… was that jolt supposed to happen… and why are we no longer moving?" worried Severus.

Hermione had been knocked to the floor by the jolt and had tears of fear dripping down her cheeks; Severus soon joined her attempting to calm her down.

Kissing her cheek, Severus moved her onto his lap, hugging her close and whispering words of comfort into her ear. "You're okay, love, we'll get out… I promise" Hermione's tears subsided after a while, and she reached up and pressed a small yellow button with a picture of an alarm on it.

"You know Severus… I think we have at least 10 minutes before we are rescued… can you think of anything we could possibly do to fill in the time?" said Hermione, feigning innocence.

"You know, my dear… I possibly think I can…" purred Severus, grazing his teeth over her right ear.

Slowly, Severus ran his mouth, placing kisses, down Hermione's neck, making sure to leave small bite marks at certain points down it. Severus needed everyone to know that she was his, and his alone.

"Hello, can you hear me in there?" shouted a voice. The voice was so loud it shocked Severus and made him bite hard onto Hermione's neck, drawing blood. "Yes, we're in here".

After 10 minutes, of sawing, hugging, words of comfort and clambering, Hermione and Severus were out of the lift and thanking the fire service.

"Shall we continue what we started?" asked Hermione, winking as she started walking towards the car that was stood, lonesome waiting to be occupied.

"Oh, you saucy minx…"