Black Widow
Prologue: Words Cannot Express
by Sango-sama

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What Words Cannot Express
by Aaron Olguin

What I know to be true in my heart,
Words cannot express.
What I feel for you ,
Words cannot express.
The way you make me feel inside,
What goes through my mind,
How I know that what I feel wont go away
Words cannot express.
The way you drive me crazy,
The way I feel around you,
Is what words cannot express,
If words could express all this,
Then why live?
But instead live
To show those you love
What words cannot express.


Steam rises gently from the hot spring in spurts, tiny tufts of cloud offering a bit of protection from wandering eyes. Hands are, of course, another matter. But thankfully, the most vile offender of such roving hands is with a kitsune and a hanyou a five minute walk away, protecting the two females as they bathe.

"Ahhh. This feels nice."

"Mmmmhmmm." Reaching up and loosening her ribbon, Sango's hair falls back like silk, fanning out where the ends reached the water. Laying back upon the flat stone wall, she sighs with cat-like contentment.

Stretching out her arms above her head, Kagome situates herself near Sango, pillowing her head on her crossed arms atop a smooth boulder. "I offered Shippou a good deal of sweets for him to help Inu-Yasha keep Miroku-sama away."

Eyebrows rise suspiciously. "Any particular reason beside the obvious?"

"Well...there was something I've been wondering about. And it's much better to talk about without the guys, considering their obvious lack of tact."


"Well, I suppose there's no real need to beat about the bush here." Uncertainty on Kagome's face melts into resolve. "Sango-chan, how do you feel about Miroku?"


"Well...I--" Fumbling across the words, a light blush spread across her cheeks. "I've never really been good with words and emotions. I mean I've always been able to tease and play around with Kohaku." A pregnant pause hung dead in the air with the mention of her brother. "And my father was always busy keeping everyone in the village busy with their jobs. Mom died when I was very young."

A twinge of sadness apparent on Kagome's face. "Sango, I'm sorry."

A light smile perks her lips. "It's alright. I'm used to it now. When I lived in the village, I was used to guys treating me like I'm a sister or a warrior. With Houshi-sama, it's...well... it's different."

A secret smile briefly played on Kagome's lips. "How so?"

"I do care about him. I don't want to see him hurt. Especially not at my expense. It happens to me far too often. The same would go for everyone else. But with him--."

"Ow!" In a flash, Sango's hand reaches up and smacks the back of her neck.

With a splash, Kagome moves to Sango's side. "What's wrong?"

Eyes carefully study Sango's hand and the crushed remains of a fairly good sized spider.

"Did it bite you?"

Glassy eyes stared back into Kagome's. "Let me see."

Sango leans forward limply, pulling her hair up off her shoulders. Leaning down, Kagome traces a finger over her back to see a small lump about the size of a large mosquito bite with a trickle of blood tracing a trail down Sango's spine.

"It looks like it did," Kagome murmurs softly. Her eyes widen as Sango's form slumps down into her arms. Shaking her lightly, she shouts, "Sango? Sango!"

What in the world?

"Inu-Yasha. I need help! INU-YASHA!"


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