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Black Widow
Breaking Free of the Dreams


Sitting atop the saber cat, they both could feel Kirara's chest expanding with effort of her heavy breaths.

She moves swiftly over the ground, her paws making the ground tremble lightly below her.

The Houshi sat behind Sango. His hands holding his shajaku on either side of her to stabilize himself as she grips tightly to the tuft of fur at Kirara's neck. His eyes begin to flutter closed, the exhaustion of his immune system from the poison. Sleepily, his body lurches forward against Sango's back, his arms falling limp to Sango's side. The staff of the shajaku presses down on her lap.

Sango's eyebrows shot up, the vein on her forehead twitching. Her free hand swing up into the air purely out of reflex, before resignedly dropping back down to Kirara's neck.

'Sango...calm down. He's not touching anything he's not supposed to.'


'He's still sick....and he's asleep...'

She feels the back of her throat tightening out of nervousness.

'....and he's warm....'

She forces the tightness away, swallowing it down in an effort to deny it was ever there.

Sango's eyes hide beneath her bangs, focusing more attention on the rosy blush darkening her cheeks.

Rather absently, her weight shifts back against him.


Her eyes trail back, looking at the Houshi's sleeping face from the corner of her eyes. His warm breath lightly tickling her through the fabric of her yukata.

'I don't suppose that would be too bad...'


"The source?"

He watches as her eyes scan the trees, before they come back to meet his.

"I'm not sensing any shards..."

"Feh." His knuckles crack, popping his sharp claws out menacingly from his fingers. "Then it has to be...." He leaps from the ground, pouncing into the brush a fair distance away.

A white figure hops out of the bushes, flipping away from the hanyou's claws and nearing Kagome and Shippou.

"So it's the hanyou boy..." A smirk perks the female youkai's lips. "I was wondering when you'd finally notice I was around."

"Would you like to taste my claws, bitch?" His wrist snaps down at her, missing tearing apart her form by mere miliseconds.

"Don't assume you can catch me, hanyou." Her voice sounding somewhat disembodied, until she appears on a tree branch, leaning against the tree's thick trunk.
"Your priest friend fell to one of my children, but as you see, I'm not nearly as weak nor as slow as my darlings."

Kagome gasps. "Oh no! Miroku-sama..."

InuYasha barely averts his eyes from hers, looking off sadly.

"I'd imagine the poison he was given has killed him by now, ripping his weak body apart from the inside."


Three pairs of eyes watch through the bushes.

"Your priest friend fell to one of my children, but you'll find I'm not nearly as weak as them."

They watch as Kagome falls down to the ground on her knees.

"So she is the one who tried to kill you..."

The Houshi sits beside her, watching the InuYasha and the demoness circle each other through the brush. Beads of drape over his brow, proving he still was suffering from the remnants of the poison in his veins. "I suppose so..."

She bites at the edge of her lip in consideration. "She look familiar....but I can't quite--"

The youkai's eyes follow the path of InuYasha's, glaring directly at the wounded Houshi and the Taiji-ya, before making a swipe at InuYasha. "Where are you watching, boy?"

Sango sits in a state of shock. The youkai had looked at them for a just a moment, but her mind already reels with a flood of visions.

The barrier.

White eyes.

The dark room.

White eyes.

Her reflection.

White eyes. White eyes. White eyes.

All staring back at her.

Sango's eyes pop open and a soft gasps passes across her lips. "The dream..."

The houshi regards her quietly. "Sango?"

Her eyes still focus on the fight. "I have a plan."


One of the spider kugutsu creeps up behind the kneeling Miko.

"Kyaa! InuYasha! The shards!"

He turns swiftly just in time to see the spider scrambling towards Okanka. Spinning on the balls of his feet, he lunges at the kugutsu.

A flash of white spins before his eyes, grabbing the shard and popping it into her mouth. "Too slow, boy!"

The shard pulses to life within her. Her arms lift up as her body grows taller. Her arms and legs split into two, forming eight spider-like legs. She throws back her head, laughing manically. "The's marvellous!"

InuYasha lunges at her, his claws extended and ready to rip her body apart.

Okanka shoots one leg forward, catching him before he can reach her body and knocking him in the stomach. The leg curls around him, pulling his arms tight to his body.

InuYasha struggles against the leg, wiggling his form in a vain effort to free his hands enough to rip her leg off.

"I suppose you may as well know the name of the one who will kill you, halfli--"

An ofuda rips through the air, pasting itself to Okanka's forehead.

Her body ripples, as electric-like sparks dance across her limbs.

InuYasha shouts out as the power reaches him, but he is still held fast by her leg.

"Pitiful human magic...." she shouts, ripping the paper from her forehead.

The Houshi limps out into view, preparing to throw another fuda. Kirara stands behind him, supporting him in case he starts to fall.

Shippou's grow wide, "Miroku!"

"Miroku-sama, you're alive?" Kagome and the kit run towards him.

"You! How the Hell are you still alive?" Her eyes flash pure anger.

Miroku smirks. "You'll never know, will you?" His hand readies to throw.

"That won't work again, Houshi!"

A sharp pain brings the Spider demoness to her knees and makes her loosen her hold on InuYasha, who drops of the ground uncerimoniously.

Okanka's eyes travel down her front, watching as the blade of a sword protrudes from her stomach. The sword slices downwards, widening the wound. In shock she watches the blackening blood drip down the blade in rivulets.

"Kagome! Your arrows!" Sango shouts from the demoness's back.

Kagome quickly complies, letting loose a beam of bright white light through the air. It sinks into the hole made by the sword just as Sango jumps from her back.

The forest bathes in white as the arrow releases its power, shattering Okanka's mangled to pieces scattered about the forest floor.

Slowly, the cleansing light dims back to normal.

InuYasha picks himself of the ground, brushing off some of the demon's blood staining his fire rat robe as he stands.

"Let's go home."


She lies perfectly still.

Drops of blood roll from the corner of her mouth, her white eyes clear and dead.

Perfectly, deathly still.

Suddenly, her hand twitches.

Her eyes open wide, awake and alive, and well aware of her pain.

Cringing, she holds still as her body begins to reassemble in it's human-like form, piecing together slowly. Her bleeding stops and a crimson glow encompasses her, pasting the pieces back in place.

A tornado-like wind spins near her, slowing down to a halt in seconds, throwing dirt and rock into the air.

"Naraku...sama..." she gasps.



One of Naraku's feet stamps down on her reforming arm, crushing it purely with force. "You didn't really suppose that I didn't know about your little plan to kill me, did you?"

Her eyes widen. "You used me? You bastard!!!!!"

"You couldn't even injure them, even with my kugutsu's help." He brings his foot down again, harder.

Her eyes glare back at him, pained and angry. "Bastard..."

"You have out lived your usefulness."

The area floods with the darkness of Naraku's miasma, fading to a nearly pure darkness and consuming her whole.


The girls walk back from the springs, in clean yukata.

"So you can't remember anything?" Kagome asks.

Sango shakes her head. "From the time I was bitten to after Houshi-sama was bitten, I can't remember much. And what I can see is hazy...But I remembered that youkai. I almost beat her once, when she was watching some where else."

"So that's why Miroku distracted her while you got her with the sword..." Kagome thinks out loud, rubbing her towel through her hair once again. "You know, we really should find a cleaner way to fight these youkai. I had to wash my hair five times just to get all the blood out. I don't even want to think about my clothes."

Sango chuckles. "Maybe Kaede has some herb that can help with that."

They both laugh whole heartedly before growing quiet again.

"Miroku didn't come to peek did he? I'm a bit surprised seeing as how he can still walk."

"He has been rather well behaved lately." Kagome admits. "Maybe he's worried about you."

Sango looks down at her feet, a light heat running up to her cheeks.

"It's really a shame you can't remember. When he helped at the springs before, he was really polite. Even turned around and everything."

The Taiji-ya sighs. "Maybe it's just as well, as soon as we're both fully healed, everything will go back to normal."

"You're probably right."

The forest opens up to the green grasses of the village, and Kaede's small hut. Their belongings set against the outer wall, waiting for them.

On top of Hiraikotsu lies a single peach blossom.

'Or maybe not.'


Alright! Aside from the side story/epilogue, I'm done. I'm interested to hear what you think and any changes you think I should make. I plan to go back and fix this up quite a bit since I really didn't have much in the way of Beta help, so anything you'd suggest, aside from tenses (which is already planned) would be great.

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