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Summary: What if Xana had managed to destroy Lyoko's Core while possessing Ulrich's body during Nobody in Particular? What if the battle was much harder than they would have guessed?

Greetings everyone! I would like to thank you all for all the reviews you have given me so far. There have been a few spelling and grammar issues but I plan to edit and correct those mistakes along the way. For now everyone I am sorry but right now I have absolutely no idea for the Series 2 of Code Lyoko: Reloaded.

I spent so much ideas on the first series that it will take a little while but that was when I had an idea. You all love this story right since you have reviewed so much since I started and I love it that you encourage me to keep on writing. That is why I need you help. I need ideas, plots, Xana attacks, and see if we can make some stories for Franz Hopper's past along with Lyoko or the Men in Black.

Send me your ideas and they may just show up in this fic if you want it to continue. But if you want to not continue fine by me. I would like to thank all of my reviewers.



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So if any out there wants Code Lyoko: Reloaded to continue than send in your ideas.

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