Series: Naruto
Title: Blood And Metal
Written: 03 September 2006
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Kabuto/Sasuke
Words: 305 (Microfic)
Warnings: Lemon, Bloodplay, Bondage.
Disclaimer: Dun belong to me!
Summary: Ah, it's too short to have a summary. XD Just read.

The chains around Sasuke's arms were freezing and made goose bumps appear on his skin. He lurched forward with Kabuto's thrusts; each time the chains touched new skin and made him shiver. His nipples were hard.

There was blood everywhere. There was a smeared handprint on his jaw; a line drawn to his lips was now dried. Smears on his shoulders, down his chest, belly, his legs, and on his cock. There was the taste of blood in his mouth. He was still bleeding. The thin lines crossing his heart refused to stop.

And it felt so good. He was completely naked, lying on a cold stone surface. The only part of him that was warm was between his legs.

He appreciated being told to be silent. He doubted he could open his mouth much further than he had it open now. Just enough to breathe. That was plenty.

The lull produced by Kabuto's movements combined with a heightened sense of surrounding and being made Sasuke feel like he was being lowered into a pool of warm water. The warmth wasn't there, for sure, but the comfort of something like that..

He suddenly just wanted to sleep.

He knew it would be over soon. The pleasurable experience would soon stop, and the world would become cold again.

Kabuto clawed his chest, gathering more fresh blood and forcing his fingers into Sasuke's mouth. Sasuke sucked.

This was the final thing. The natural instinct to suck. Nourishment, life, it came from Kabuto's fingers and he opened his mouth wider to take it all.

He heard Kabuto mutter something before he shoved his hips against Sasuke's roughly, and he knew it was over.

In a way, Sasuke was glad. The pain that came afterward reminded him that he was alive.

And there was something he had to do.