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"God damn it Neji! That is the third shipment you've lost this week!" Sasuke Uchiha yelled. "Do you know how much money we're out?"

"Look, I will pay you back every cent! We got ambushed by Kyuubi at the meeting area. There was nothing we could have done!" Neji defended.

Sasuke put his hand to his raven hair and sat down in the old chair. The stress of losing over 10 grand in only a week in drugs was getting to him. He was lucky that Gaara was a reliable member, otherwise, they would all be broke, or worse dead.

Neji knew that if Sasuke was stressed, that it would affect the whole gang. But what could he have done? How did the Kyuubi know that all of these shipments were coming in? They were there to ambush every one! This was no coincidence, there was a snitch. And they had to find out who it was before we lose any more people and money. But Sasuke was in no condition to hear the news. Neji decided to head home to his cousin.

Hinata's parents had died recently of illness. Some suspect they were poisoned, but it was never investigated. Her sister, Hanabi, had also died, but not from illness. She was unlucky enough to be hit by a drive-by that wasn't meant for her. It was amazing how Hinata didn't fall into depression because of all of the people she loved dyeing. With no one else to turn to, Hinata came to live with Neji about a year ago.

Neji however disagreed with the idea of his sweet cousin moving in with him. He told her on a number of occasions that it was too dangerous, and that he wouldn't be able to protect her. Hinata always just rolled her eyes and put on a small smile. She claimed that she was a big girl, and that she could take care of herself. After all, she was eighteen. Only a few months younger then Sasuke, the leader of Red Eye. (a/n: not the medicine)

Neji isn't a person who would lie, Hinata has changed from when she was younger. Her once short, pixie-like hair now reaches to her waist. Her tomboyish appearance faded with her new curves. She had wide but not too wide hips, a flat stomach, and at least small d-sized breasts. Hinata's look was one that many women would kill for. Neji worried about that the most.

A beautiful woman such as Hinata isn't safe in a town like this. A gang-infested town where crime and murder is an everyday thing. Neji often asked himself what got him into this "so called" life of his. After his father's murder he had turned to gang related activity and he must have killed several. But the justice in this town wasn't much. As long as no civilian was hurt, the police didn't involve themselves with gangs. Wise choice.

Neji had arrived at home to see Hinata in the kitchen cooking dinner.

"Welcome back Neji" Hinata said cheerfully.

"Hn" Neji said while taking a seat at the dining room table.

"I know what that sound means. You got into it with Sasuke again didn't you?"

Hinata was not oblivious to her cousin's doings. She knew very well what he was and what he's done. She had even met a few members before. Sasuke and Gaara were two of the most frequent that came to visit. She learned how hard Sasuke was on Neji and didn't like it. Neji had often told her of Sasuke's mistakes, and how Gaara always cleaned up the mess. It's not that she didn't like Sasuke, he was just strange. Whenever he was here, he was completely serious and stoic. But if Neji left the room, he would stare at her, which always made her blush a little.

"We've lost another shipment to Kyuubi. Every single one this week has been ambushed. And we're losing a lot of money." Neji said.

Hinata's eyes widened. She knew of Kyuubi. The rival gang to Neji's.

"That usually means that someone is ratting you out." Hinata said calmly while placing the cooked dinner in front of Neji.

"That was what I was thinking, however, Sasuke might be reluctant to belive it."

"For the sake of the on coming delivery and the lives of his members, he should better believe it." Hinata said while sitting down and starting to eat.

"The next delivery is tomorrow. Coincidence or not, there is no time to avoid another ambush."

"Well, then get some extra muscle to escort it."

Neji looked at her. It's almost scary how good her ideas are.

"I will tell Sasuke tomorrow."

The Next Morning:

Neji woke up and got ready in a hurry. If he notified Sasuke ahead of time, their might still be a chance to save the truck. He ran to the door and to the car and drove tot he usual meeting place. Neji bolted inside to see Sasuke and Shino conversing.

"Sasuke! I am almost positive that the truck delivering the drugs today is going to get ambushed! The Kyuubi has a man on the inside feeding them information."

Sasuke froze on spot."What?! Are you sure?"

"One hundred percent." Neji said. "We need to get some people down there to escort the truck!"

"Well everyone else is gone! You're the only one who can still get down there in time to defend it." Sasuke said.

"Me alone isn't nearly enough people to defend it! They will have every member of Kyuubi waiting for us!"

"If we get you the right weapons, you will be able to do it." Sasuke said. Shino went into the back room and came back with a large duffel bag.

"The bag has all of the weapons and ammo you need" Shino said.

Neji didn't like the idea of going alone, but he knew he was too far in debt not to go. Once you are a part of Red Eye, you really are all in. Neji took the bag and entered his car to catch the truck mid-way before it's stopping point.

He made his way down the boulevard to see the white semi he was looking for a few cars ahead. He pressed on the gas and drove along side the truck. After a while of driving he could see the alleyway approaching.

The truck turned into the ally. Immediately after, loud gunshots and screams could be heard. Neji folded down the roof of his car to be a convertible, he put on his bulletproof jacket, and he took out a rocket launcher from the bag. He feverishly pressed on the gas and slowly turned down the ally. he didn't drive all the way down it, but enough for them to be in range. He could see the numerous gang members with the tattoo of a nine-tailed fox on their upper arm. The one and only, Kyuubi gang. Neji took the rocket launcher and aimed at the firing gangbangers. In one shot, he cleared a good fifteen of them. But a blast that big couldn't go unnoticed. They had seen him.

In a matter of minutes cars were coming into the alleyway, boxing him in. He aimed his launcher at the cars blocking the way and fired. Setting the cars ablaze. Neji pulled out a semi-automatic from the duffel bag and fired at the screaming gang members who were on fire from the previous blast. One by one each fell in a bloody heap. After he was sure he had eliminated them all, he stepped out of his car to see the truck driver...dead.

The only way to save the shipment is if he drove it himself. Neji climbed up into the truck and started driving to the checkpoint. It only took a minute before more cars started showing up. They started firing wildly at the semi. Neji took out his semi-automatic again and fired back, however it was too late, the truck caught fire.

Neji panicked. The truck was going to blow, but then he saw something. The leader of Kyuubi himself, Naruto Uzumaki.

If he were to die, it would be like cutting the head off a person. Kyuubi couldn't survive without him. Neji drove the flaming truck as fast as he could towards the spiky haired blonde. If he was going out, he was going out with a bang. BOOM!

It was the wrong blonde.

Hinata froze in place. The glass she was holding in her hand fell to the floor with a large shatter. She turned her heal and ran out the door.

She arrived at the scene where a reported exploded semi was found. It took her only a few minutes to get there because of her speeding. On the scene, there were firefighters and several people on stretchers. Hinata looked to her right and saw a newswoman talking into the camera about what was going on. Hinata listened intently.

"The unlicensed semi had a reported 60,000 worth of marijuana and other substances used as drugs. It was all set on fire after repeated gunshots to the engine. The driver has been identified as Neji Hyuuga, a local gang member. He died due to the explosion."

Hinata's eyes became wide and tear-filled. "No."

This can't be right!

Hinata ran over to an ambulance and saw several Kyuubi members on stretchers and some were dead on the street. She looked over and saw the body of Neji Hyuuga. He had several third-degree burn marks and his body was a crumpled heap. Hinata no longer restricted the tears willing to fall. ' Neji '

Hinata looked into the crowd that was being barricaded from the scene to see Kiba. She smiled, her best friend was exactly who she needed to see.

She started running towards him but immediately stopped herself. She gaped at the sight she saw on Kiba's upper arm. The tattoo of Kyuubi. Hinata knew that Kiba was a member of Red Eye, because that's how she knew him. This could mean only one thing, Kiba was the snitch.

Hinata walked up to him with tears falling freely from her eyes. "How could you?!"

"Hinata? What are you doing here? What are you talking about?"

Hinata narrowed her eyes and clenched her teeth. In one swift movement her arm came up and practically ripped Kiba's sleeve off.

"That! You are the snitch! How could you betray me like this?! I thought you were my best friend!"

"I didn't betray you Hinata, I betrayed Red Eye. I would have died sooner or later with them. Red Eye relies so much on their drug trafficking only to not notice it was their biggest weakness." Kiba said.

"But you did betray me. It's your fault Neji is dead! He was so kind and nice to you! I will never forgive you for this!" Hinata yelled as she started storming off.

"Hinata wait!"

"Burn in hell you traitor!" Hinata yelled as she took off for her car and drove away.

' I guess this means from now on, I'm doing things alone. No more trusting people. No more hurting. I'm on my own now.'

And that was how Hinata's hell started.

Sorry about the lack of NaruHina. But it will come up. This is just the Prologe to show you how the story started. Naruto didn't die when Neji ran his truck to him. If he died, the point of the story would be lost. It was a similar civilian. Oh well, thanks for tuning in.