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Chapter 17: The Finale

Sasuke had always been a pretty scary guy, even back when he and Naruto were friends. He always had a very cold demeanor about him. Always seeming as if you even looked his way he would give you a miserable death. But the Sasuke Naruto was looking at now, was the scariest version of them all. His eyes gave a fierce but deadly look, he wore an aggressive smirk, and his whole body seemed to yearn for his blood to be spilt.

What was going to get him out of this?

"I could say the same to you." Naruto replied while the knife was still being held to his throat. Naruto gave a sarcastic smile to Sasuke, as if death didn't faze him.

For all Sasuke knew, it didn't.


Hinata's brain was pounding against her skull, her eyes were blurry and her muscles aching. It took a second for her memory to return to her and enlighten her on her position.

Hinata brought a delicate hand up to caress her forehead, trying to soothe the pain.

' What is…….going on? '

Her ears caught a slicing scream that sent shivers up her spine. Hinata gasped at the sound.

She turned her head to see Naruto struggling with Sasuke. He had a stab wound in his upper right shoulder that was bleeding profoundly, making a rose of blood in it's place.

Hinata's breath became quick with worry. Her eyes widened, but not in fear. She was concerned about the wound.

She had to help him as soon as possible, before it's too late.

Hinata brought her hands up beside her in a push up position and tried to lift herself. But her muscles were too weak and she collapsed under her own weight.

' Damn. I need to get up….but I can't. '

With a new fire in her gut she attempted to lift herself again, and this time was successful.

She leaned against the wall for support. The room appeared to be spinning and her heart rate was increasing. Just what was wrong with her?

' I have to ignore it, Naruto needs help. Must keep going. '

Keeping her hand on the wall, she walked foreword, going unnoticed by the two fighters.

Soon dots were consuming her vision; she was fading into black. But her persistence kept her going. Before long, she was in the doorway watching the two fight.

' Have to time this right. '

It took every ounce of Hinata's willpower to keep her from slipping into unconsciousness. But she kept her eyes on the prize and waited for her opportunity.


Naruto saw from the corner of his eyes, a struggling Hinata making her way to the hallway. But before he could do anything he felt a wave of pain go through his stomach. Sasuke got him again.

At this rate, if he didn't get the upper hand, he was going to die.

Naruto shoved Sasuke away from him that sent him into a wall. He reached into his holster and pulled out a pistol. The blood loss was making everything hazy, but he could still see Sasuke's dark hair and red eyes through the internal fog.

A wheel turned in Sasuke's head as he realized that Naruto had a pistol. But he didn't shoot him yet, which means he is having trouble aiming.

Sasuke took the opportunity to charge at him. Naruto quickly shot at the incoming Uchiha, and caught him in the thigh.

Sasuke stopped in his tracks and kneeled in pain. He cringed his teeth and closed his eyes for a brief second as pain shot up his leg.

Hinata in the doorway saw Sasuke stop and ran full speed towards him and tackled him like a football player.

The two were on the black wood struggling with each other. Hinata brought up her arm and with the last of her power, elbowed Sasuke in the head before letting the black consume her vision.

Naruto saw Hinata elbow him and took the opportunity to go preface, still bending over from the pain. Blood drizzled down his shirt like rain, leaving red stripes to paint his orange and black jacket.

Sasuke pushed the unconscious girl off of him before returning on his feet to face the blonde person in front of him.

"It's…..over….S-Sasuke." Naruto stuttered out. Pain was overwhelming his body but remained his stance with his tie-dye blue eyes now looking icy towards the man before him.

Sasuke's eyes turned from the ruby red to an onyx as he gasped for breath.

"You're……wrong. It..will….never…be…over."

Naruto looked questioningly at the Uchiha.

"You….won't…escape…me…Naruto. Even in death….I…will make…sure you…suffer."

Naruto's puzzled look never altered for a moment. He was questioning whether his ex-friend had gone off the deep end.

"Sasuke….you've..lost it," Naruto said, his hand starting to shake from his muscles getting tired.

Sasuke's jeans were soaked in blood and he was gasping for air, while Naruto has a smile trail of blood coming from his mouth and he was violently coughing.

Sasuke sarcastically smiled. "Maybe, but trust…me when I say….it's…not…over."

Naruto's eyebrows furrowed. He coughed again, the pain bringing him to his knees. Naruto looked up at Sasuke and aimed his gun at his chest.


The final gunshot rung through the air like a siren. It echoed through out the halls bouncing from one to the other.

Sasuke was lying on the ground with a pile of blood pouring out around him. His eyes were closed and he looked more peaceful than he had in a long time.

Naruto's eyes widened as he began to cough again this time collapsing from all the pain. His world was going dark. A light in a dark tunnel was up ahead.

' No….I can't die yet. I can't. '

Naruto's head turned to the side and his eyes shut. The pain was dulling now.


Hinata awoke to a bright light above her and white walls. There was a clear mask covering her mouth and an I.V. coming out of her arm. People with clipboards were talking at the edge of her bed.

"She had some head trauma, but she will be fine when she comes to."

"That's a relief, it's a sad thing. This city is so messed up. So many young people are dying now days."

"I know. It's a very sad thing."

Hinata squinted a little. The light was bugging her. She tried to speak to get the doctor's attention, but her throat felt raw and dry. Instead of talking, she made a slight wheezing noise. But it did get his attention.

The man was wearing a long green doctor's coat with a stethoscope around his neck.

"How are you doing? You've been out for a while."

Hinata grunted, trying to produce sound.

"Oh that's right, your throat must be a little dry, here is some water," the doctor said while handing her the glass of the clear fluid.

Hinata frantically grabbed the glass and chugged it down in one gulp. She then tried to speak again.

"Thank you," Hinata said, her voice cracking ever so slightly.

The doctor smiled. "I know waking up here must be a little bit of a surprise, but do you mind telling me what happened to you?"

Hinata took a deep breath. "A man named Sasuke Uchiha hit me across the head, knocking me out. A friend of mine and I were trying to defend ourselves. Which reminds me, where is he?"

"Your friend?" the doctor questioned.

Hinata nodded.

The doctor took in a deep breath.



"Someone get him to the Emergency Room! He's lost too much blood!"

Four nurses with a stretcher came rushing down the hall. One was putting Naruto on the platform.

When they reached the E.R., they started stitching his wounds and hooking him up to life support.

"We need to go to the blood bank and start the transfusion!"

The nurse quickly hooked Naruto up and started pouring the blood into his veins.

The beeping of the heart monitor started a steady rhythm and the color returned to Naruto's face.

The doctors wiped the sweat off their foreheads in relief.

Naruto Uzumaki was in a stable condition.

Flashback over

Hinata smiled and her eyes lit up with happiness. For awhile, she thought the worst.

"Can..I see him?"

The doctor nodded his head, "make it short though, he is still pretty weak."

Hinata nodded and followed the doctor down the corridors down to Naruto's room.

The doctor opened the door and Hinata peeked inside, letting out a breath she didn't know she was holding.

Hinata walked up and took a seat next to Naruto's bed. Naruto was looking up at her and smiling weakly.


"Hey yourself," Hinata said with a slight smile. "You doing ok?"

Naruto nodded his head. "Besides the fact I will be stuck in this bed for a while, I am fine."

Hinata and Naruto sat in silence. She fidgeted in her seat while contemplating what to say.

"So Sasuke…."

"Is gone," Naruto said cutting her off. "We won't hear from him anymore."

"What do we do now?"

Naruto chuckled. "This city still has a whole lot of problems. Sasuke was a big one, but my job is far from done."

"So what is your job exactly?"

"To clean up this city. I don't want my friends and future family running around this place, where I have to worry every day what will happen to them."

Hinata nodded, but then paused at what he said mid-sentence. "F-future f-family?"

Naruto smiled a little. "Yeah. You would want a good life for them too right?"

Hinata blushed. "U-Um…I-I…"

"Just kidding," Naruto said. Hinata let out a small breath. "Ok, maybe not really."

Hinata's head turned a brighter red. "So..um…what's the plan on cleaning up everything?"

Naruto put a finger to his chin, "Where to start? I guess I have to get out of this bed first."

"After that?"

"Meet up with everyone, and take care of any remaining Red-Eye members."

"After that?"

"Get rid of some local drug dealers in the neighborhoods."

"After that?" Hinata chuckled.

"I'm not sure. I don't think that far ahead," Naruto said. "What about you? What do you plan to do?"

"I'm not sure. My life has just been so crazy lately, I've just been following what everyone else wanted me to do. It's not like I had any other options."



"Just thinking."


"I was wondering if you would lay with me, it might make me heal faster," Naruto said with a wink.

Hinata smiled and laid down on the hospital bed close to Naruto. She turned to face him, their noses were almost touching.

"So you think we will be ok?"

Naruto put his arm around her waist and pulled her closer and put a small, delicate kiss on her lips.

"Not sure, but I guess we will find out, won't we?"

Hinata nodded. "Yeah, I guess we will."

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