So I'm starting another collection. I'll do 26 short pieces based on themes chosen by random people and me sticking my finger into a dictionary. I hope it's not too bad.

Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto.

- - -

Anticlimax: a disappointing or inglorious descent

She watches her husband talk with the children and can't help but wonder what has happened.

Green eyes that once sparkled with excitement dull as they observe the joyful, contented expression on his pale face.

The happiness that came with the wedding is long gone by now, and she is not blind to the smile that he reserves for his children – the smile that he has not given her for a long while.

But she can't drown herself in angst and self-pity, because he is not cruel to her; no, in fact, he is just as loving and close to her as he has ever been.

His smile is still tender and the fingers with which he touches her are still gentle, but there is something in the way that he interacts with his children that is missing the instant he turns to her.

She closes her eyes and smiles with just a touch of bitterness; after all, what kind of mother is jealous of her husband's love for their children?

He asks her if she's all right, keen as ever, and she looks at him. There is love and tenderness in his onyx orbs, but still she wants to cry out, and sob into his chest, and scream that it's not fair. Something is missing.

(Look at me look at me look at me)

But she can't. There's nothing about which she can complain. He loves her, and though it gets predictable (boring, monotonous), she should be content.

And she is content. She only wishes that he would ook at her like he looks at the children.

Sakura has always hoped that they would go out with a sudden, impressive bang together, but she and Sasuke are instead fading, drifting apart

(or are they crumbling



She is happy and yet not happy, but as she gazes into his eyes and breaks and does not break, she finds that she doesn't really care.