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This was my entry for the Crossover Competition on RS, it came in 3rd place. I enjoyed writing it so much I decided to expand it into a full fanfic.

Most of you are not familiar with HK-47, and some of you might know a little about him through Tenkan, my brother on RS but that's good, because this what this fanfic is all about...



Kim Possible


Chapter 1- Activation

The bushes shook as the two pairs of eyes peered at the wide facility ahead of them. Shrouded in the darkness of the night sky, clad in their mission gear and fitted with all the tools and gadgets teenaged crime fighters would ever need- Kim and Ron sneered with excitement.

"Uh KP," Ron began to speak before a hand met his lips.

"Ron! sssh!" Kim snapped, finally taking her hand away to activate her watch Wrist Kimmunicator, "Wade said this could be serious, so just back me up when we get in there."

Her eyes fell back on her watch and a pre teen Afro-American appeared, smiling as he sipped his soda, "Hey there Kim, have you reached Hench Co HQ yet?"

A cheesy smile beamed through Wade's monitor, "Don't you already know the answer to that one Wade?"

He finally put the soda down, laughed and calmly reached for his keyboard, "Of course I do- I just needed to distract you till I finished my drink!"

Ron suddenly erupted into a giggle fit before Kim slammed his mouth shut with her gloved hand again, "I'm not comfortable with this entire mission Wade," Kim glanced up at the building again, its wide arced shape with large, light-escaping, windows and the various columns and metal poles zigzagging and carrying its weight was not what troubled her, "Are you sure the coordinates the doctors gave us leads to here?"

"A hundred percent," Wade shifted his eyes to a smaller monitor stretching a little over his head from the wall, "I'm even getting a read on unusual electro-magnetic energy coming from inside, there's definitely something weird going on in there!"

Kim sighed and shrugged sarcastically, "Isn't there always!"

"Good luck Kim!"

With that said Wade vanished and Kim moved towards the facility with Ron close behind.


Jack Hench paced rapidly along with his personal guards, all dressed fancy in their business suits, "Can someone please tell me what the heck happened back there?"

Shorty, the short and stubby assistant accompanying him stuttered, "I-I-I'm not sure, sir. There was nothing on the security cams and according to logs there was a security breach all over the building and then all our systems got fried! It couldn't have been the make of one person."

Jack rubbed his square chin, still following the lead of his security towards the upper levels, "GJ then?"

Shorty shook his head, "We would know sir."

"Well whatever it is I want to know." He stopped and faced Shorty, gesturing a finger in his direction, "Dig into any records you can find, backup checks, notices, employee diaries…heck give me the buffet special menu for all I care- I want to know who was behind this, how it happened and why we couldn't see it."

Jack glared coldly at Shorty, as though he suspected him for whatever reason, "Do I make myself clear?"

Shorty nodded nervously, wiping sweat off his bald head with his already damp towel.

"Sir," the voice of a guard called, "We need to evacuate now!"

Jack immediately moved, allowing Shorty a moment of relief before he caught up behind the group at last.


Kim was releaved to have her navigation device installed into her Wrist Kimmunicator. Sneaking through brightly lit corridors she kept a weary eye for any security triggers. Strangely enough, so far there were none.

Ron on the other hand paced hesitantly, it wasn't the thought of the imminent danger the security measures this place might throw at them bothered him- no, he was used to that- to a certain degree. This time it is their objective that was gnawing at his conscious. From the moment they set off on this mission Ron did not like the sound of this 'secret weapon'. Kim though, was more concerned about getting this done quick and fast so that they can head home early tonight.

Either way the scientists who assigned them on this mission made no short notice of the threat this weapon might be. Typical Kim, overconfident and reckless, took up the mission and shrugged off the warning as, "No Big!"

Oh how he hates those words…

Finally Kim came to a sudden stop, catching Ron off who in turn bumped into her, "oops!"

Kim glared at him and turned back to look at the big metal slide doors in front of them, "Strange. This must be the place, but so far no security!"

Ron tapped her shoulder nervously, his voice echoing in the empty halls, "Uh Kim, can I speak now?"

Kim lowered her head and watched the scans her Kimmunicator were giving her on what might be going on inside, "Make it count, Ron."

Ron just eyed the big scary doors, "This secret weapon those scientists told us about…" Suddenly the doors looked like they were ten times bigger, ten times scarier, they looked like they were going to eat him, "what do you think it might be?"

Kim slowly looked up from her wrist and eyed Ron, the typical ridiculing look she always gave him, "Ron, this isn't the first 'secret whatever' we had to snatch from evil, okay? Get over it!"

"I wish I could." He replied, more to himself than to Kim and then finished with a quivery tone, "I've got a bad feeling about this."

"Just stay focused and watch my back while I try to open the door…"

Before Kim could finish her sentence a 'whoosh' sounded, and the doors slid open, revealing complete and utter blackness- save for the occasional electrical sparking that went off from loose wires hanging from the ceiling, or damaged control consoles.

Ron's eyes shifted from Kim's gaping jaw to the haunting room, "K….P…"

Kim raised a hand, gesturing fro him to stay behind, she then began her cautious approach towards the room, stepping on shattered glass and reaching for her flash light.

"Is anyone here?" Kim called into the darkness, "hello?"

She gasped when she accidently kicked something, which strangely felt like someone's lab coat. Directing her light towards the object she discovered to her horror…

"Ron!" She cried, "Get over here fast!"

Ron dashed into the room to where the light was shining on the subject of Kim's concern, he stood beside her and gasped, his hands reaching to his jaws, "KP he's…he's…"

Kim placed a hand on Ron's shoulder and nodded in acknowledgment, eyeing him with profound concern, "We have to get whoever did this, Ron."

"KP…" Ron wheezed, a horrid awareness evident in his eyes, his voice falling into a whisper, "Whoever did this might still be in here!"

Kim gave him a determined nod and the two carefully separated, searching for anyone, or anything that might be responsible for the terrible fate of that victim. Pacing warily, Kim moved in the direction of the far corner. It was a difficult task to navigate through all the damaged desks and chairs, and other scientific equipment in the room. She could've sworn she stepped on more scientists, but she couldn't bear to look and confirm that, instead she set her eyes on something the sparks of electricity illuminated for her at the back of the lab. It looked unusual. It looked very alien. But she was sure she saw something. And the closer she got, the more it captivated her. Suddenly all the wires stopped flashing and she found herself walking in darkness. It was then that Kim bumped into a metal object, so dense, so rough that- she could've sworn someone had whacked her with a hammer. Regaining her composure, Kim rubbed her forehead and looked back up trying to focus on it again…until a hand fell on her shoulder…

She gripped the wrist, crying out as she twisted it and tugged the stalker into a forward flip, landing him on his back. Another electrical spark from a loose wire went off revealing the trespasser to be Ron, looking directly up at her, groaning in pain, "gruh… KP? Wha-?"

"Oh, Ron! I'm so sorry, I thought…"

Suddenly Ron's eyes widened in horrid disbelief as he pointed at her face, Kim frowned in confusion, but Ron began to stutter her name, trying to tell her something…something obviously bad…something- not on her face…behind her!

She napped around, just in time to catch the sparks illuminating the very thing that crept behind her…a metallic man!

Kim, back-flipped and landed in a battle ready pose…then waited. But nothing came.

No punch, no shout, no electrical rays. Other than Ron's constant whimpering, there was just stillness. The man did not move. Finally, Kim lowered her guard and walked over.

"Be careful, KP." Ron urged as he got up, easing in behind her, "It's probably the cause of all this damage."

"If it was, then why didn't it attack us?" Kim wondered aloud as she stroked the head, which resembled a human's except with a short, wide flat snout, from the sparks of the electricity the color could be seen as a rusty brown, "It looks shut down."

Kim carefully brought her hand down to the chin, and then noticed a little switch just beneath the left cheek, with a slight tap, two red eyes flashed on just above the two ends of the snout and the head jerked up. Kim recoiled in shock and Ron yelped in terror.

The machine faced Kim and as he spoke in a menacing male electronic tone, his red eyes flashed accordingly, "Introduction: I am HK-47 personal assassin unit. How may I be of service, master?"


Around ten transport helicopters roared through the night, fleeing the danger of whatever attacked their HQ and heading towards a safe and hidden location. Jack sat in his fancy seat; this helicopter was designated specifically for him. More advanced than the others in technology and armory.

Opposite him sat Shorty, typing commands feverishly into his laptop, nervously focusing on finding out what went wrong back at base.

Jack instead stared out the window, glaring coldly at the dark terrain, bitterly thinking about the loss of his company HQ and how this could ultimately result in the lack of faith all his investors will have in Hench Co, thus leading to the demise of his company.

But just then Shorty resonated in alarm, "Oh my! I got it!"

"What is it?" Jack replied, leaning out of his seat and trying to peak at Shorty's laptop screen, "What did you find?"

"The source of the breach sir," Shorty presented Jack with a layout of their building, each room colored in green, he gestured for Jack to pay attention to one specific room that Jack had recently had a significant amount of interest in recently, that room suddenly turned red, and slowly every other room followed en suite.

Jack shrugged, "I don't understand, what does that mean?"

"It means the breach started from within that room. There's one other thing, sir." Shorty turned his laptop back to face him and tapped a few keys, "I managed to get some feedback from one last functioning security camera that was not wired into our building's main power supply…take a look."

He turned the laptop back towards Jack, and now he was presented with a clear view of exactly what is going on presently in the very room where the breach began.

Jack's face grimaced in rage and his voice turned cold, "Turn the helicopters around, we're heading back."


The duo eyed the thing in front of them for what seemed like forever. Regardless of how dark it is in the room, and how irritating the sparks of damaged circuitry was getting, they could not move their focus away from this…what is it anyway?

Finally Kim shook her head and managed to speak, "I-I'm sorry…did you say, assassin?"

The thing nodded as it spoke, "Answer: Yes, as I said, I am an assassin droid. It is my primary function to blast meatbags that you wish to be disposed, master."

Ron's eyes suddenly glowed in amusement, "Cool!"

Kim decided to ignore that and still try to make sense of what she's dealing with, "Meat…bags? Wait…forget that. Do you know what happened here?"

"Apology: Oh master, I'm sorry. I'm afraid I have no recollection of events prior to my activation." The droid's eyes glowed brighter as it continued, "Statement: All I know is that I am willing and ready to serve my programmed purpose. Now, is there someone that you need killed master?"

"What? No!" Kim snapped, gesturing her arms about wildly, "And quit calling me 'master'!"

"Kim!" Ron rushed forward and grabbed her from the shoulders, "Do you have any idea what this means?"

Kim stared at Ron's beaming face for a moment, "Err, no…I don't."

"It means that the future is here, it's now!" He pointed at HK-47, cheering as he spoke, "Finally we have our own robot!"

"Ron, I think you're the one who doesn't get it!" Kim tugged Ron's arms off her shoulders and gestured callously at the machine, "This thing is the secret weapon the scientists told us about."

HK-47's head shifted from side to side as he spoke again, "Commentary: I am no mere weapon, master. Although I am capable of wielding various assortments of projectile and melee weapons, I also possess intelligence. A facility most meatbags lack when in combat, I believe."

"Riiight." Ron turned to Kim, who also seemed to be having difficulty feeling comfortable around this bloodthirsty machine, "What do we do now?"

Kim lifted her arm and activated her wrist Kimmunicator, "Wade!"

"Did you find it?" Wade asked, unease evident in his voice.

"We found it alright; we're going to need a lift out of here."

"I'll get right on it." Wade vanished in the static.

Kim looked back at her new servant, "Heich Kay Four Seven, we need you to come with us now."

"Statement: Of course, master. Lead the way and I will follow."

Suddenly the familiar sound of helicopters, lots of them, echoed from outside.

"That was quick!" Ron pointed out.

"Wade?" Kim chimed into her device but by simply seeing his eyes she knew the news was not good.

"Those aren't ours, Kim!"

Kim sighed, "Great, looks like we're going to have to fight our way out."

HK-47 eagerly resounded, "Commentary: This is going to be fun!"


The wind blew wildly as all ten helicopters circled the courtyard and finally settled just outside the building. Almost immediately Jack Hench, Shorty and around twenty or more purple-fitted guards carrying electro-staffs ran onto the courtyard and stood waiting to make their next move.

But they didn't need to.

Kim, Ron and HK-47 stepped through the doors and faced their adversaries.

"Kim Possible!" Jack spat, annoyed yet impressed at the same time, "I should've known you'd play a role in this! Hand over my project and no one gets hurt."

HK-47 stepped forward, standing tall and proudly, "Warning: Back off, meatbags! No one lays hands on the personage of the master!"

Kim instantly stepped in his way, wincing at the thought of this mission going awfully wrong- one way or another, "Uh, let me handle this one okay?"

"Interjectory: But Master! It is my purpose to protect you, it is only befitting that you allow me to break the necks of any meatbags that traverse your personal well-being." HK-47 glanced over Kim's shoulder, eerily studying each one of the targets his sensors have locked on, "Observation: It appears the odds of you winning this fight without me are tipped dramatically in their favor, master."

"I'm not interested in odds, Heich Kay." Kim tapped his shoulder twice and flashed him a smile, "You just do as you're told and stay put. I'll take care of the rest."

HK-47 turned his attention at the hostile crowd, "Statement: You hear that, meatbags! The master will take care of you!"

Suddenly the guards chuckled as Kim came sprinting to the nearest one she could tackle down.

"Don't let them get away!" Jack ordered, pointing his finger distinctively at Kim, "I want my project back!"

The guards charged their electro-staffs and closed in on Kim, except two whom Jack grabbed and instructed them to move towards the HK-47…and to do so carefully. They looked at each other uneasily before nervously pacing towards the menacing, still figure, which continued to glare at them through its narrow red eyes, "Observation: I know you are afraid, and I know it is something I can never experience."

Before the guards could take another step forward, Ron intercepted them, leaping high and landing a few feet between them and HK-47, giving off loud shrieking war cries, "You heard him! This droid serves the master now!"

"Hey, we know you." Said one of the guards, he chuckled lightly, "you're that goofy sidekick fellow!"

"Ha, Yeah!" The second one joined, "Why should we take threats from you!"

They both raised their electro-staffs and moved against Ron, who then realized he was unarmed and vulnerable to pain, and so he turned and ran in the direction of HK-47. When Ron was inches away from him he slid under the assassin droid and watched as the two henchmen fell victim to Ron's accidental trap and they found themselves hand gripped by the necks and lifted off the ground.

"Clarification: One meatbag is the same as another, unintelligent and gullible in battle." He lifted them higher, and his grip tightened until their faces turned blue.

"Heich Kay, dude, put them down now!" Ron cried, but he did not respond, "Kim!"

Surrounded, and growing heavily weary, Kim immediately snapped to attention when Ron called, and witnessed to her horror what HK was doing. She dodged the incoming punch, lifted herself onto the shoulder of the one responsible and catapulted herself over him landing on the other side of the crowd, "Heich Key, put them down, that is an order!"

"Acknowledgment: Putting them down now, master." His grip instantly loosened, the two guards fell gasping for air and crawled away to safety, or so they hoped.

"Exclamation: That's right- flee meatbags!"

But, regardless of what just happened, the rest of the henchmen began to encircle the trio, Kim quickly glanced towards her Wrist Kimmunicator, "Wade where's that pick up?"

Wade appeared, gesturing his thumb upwards, "Look above you!"

Everyone suddenly awed at the sight of a large, dual propelled helicopter, its rear bay wide open with a rope ladder dangling from it. Kim and Ron leapt and began to climb, HK-47 confidently and rapidly gripped on one edge of the rope and was hauled upwards, "Commentary: I hate being pulled out of a fight. Ignorant, fragile, disorderly organic meatbags!"


"What happened back there, Heich Kay!" Kim snapped, "I told you to stand still!"

"Explanation: And I did, master. But I am an intelligent droid, you know. I see an opportunity, and I take it."

"But, you could've seriously hurt them!"

"Recollection: I was aware of that master, and I must say squeezing the throats of two inferior meatbags is far more pleasing then I at first anticipated!"

Kim sighed, "I should've known better."

Ron stepped beside her and placed a hand on her shoulder, "Well at least we know he's on the good side, I would hate to think what might happen if Hench Co duplicated Heich Kay into an army and sold them to villains worldwide!"

"Objection: If I ever discover cheap duplicate droids of my kind are scattered everywhere, then a meatbag will surely pay!"

Ron finally snapped, "Why do you keep calling us meatbags!"

"Answer: I cannot help it…you humans are made up of so many squish-able components and liquids, and all enclosed into one large spongy sack. It is revolting." HK-47 allowed Kim and Ron a moment to almost gag before he continued, "Continuing Statement: admittedly, splattering meatbag components onto the floor is quite enjoyable."


Jack stepped into the dark and ravaged room where HK-47 was once housed. Glass, metal, electronics and scientists were scattered everywhere. What exactly happened here is still a mystery to Hench, he couldn't understand how someone could've organized all this, even if it was Kim Possible. But he was not here to find answers, he was here for data.

If the scientists were doing what they were assigned to do they must've gathered some data on the project. Seeing it in action was incredible, it would be a terrible shame to have gotten nothing out of all the work and money they had put into it.

There is a lot of mystery behind HK-47. Its history, its origins, even its protocols are all questions marks that have not evidence nor clues to help answer. But that didn't matter. What Jack Hench wants is anything he can take from it, to be able to reproduce HK-47 as he had originally intended would make him richer beyond imagination and even more powerful.

"Power has been restored, sir." the voice of Shorty came over the communicator.

"Excellent," Jack muttered as he switched on the main console, which HK-47 once stood behind, a tiny monitor flickered to life as electronic blue prints of a certain assassination droid appeared, "excellent indeed!"



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