Konan. Pein. It's wonderful.

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- - -

Everyone, Konan thought, lived for tomorrow. If not directly tomorrow, it was some later day in life. Some people had more tomorrows than others, and that was life.

God alone dictated who would live to see tomorrow, and who would not. And Pein was God, and Konan was his angel.

She carried out the divine orders, dealing death where she was directed and never once failing.

But she could not say that she played the executioner, the angel of death, with a light heart; could not say that she had never faltered as she watched young, trusting eyes dull with the pain of betrayal; could not claim that she had never tried to wash all the blood off of her paper-white hands.

But for each successfully completed death, she was rewarded with another tomorrow of her own.

And each tomorrow brought with it the faint hope, the trembling wish, that he might turn around and see her.

The hope that he might love her.

He was her life, and so she continued taking tomorrows to wait, and hope, for his love.

Shinobi, civilians, women, children – none would see another day if God decreed it.

She stole their tomorrows and made them her own, praying – to whom? – and waiting.

Tomorrow he would love her. Tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow.

She knew that by the time her tomorrow came – if it came at all – her hands would be stained red and she would never be able to wash off the blood of the ones whose tomorrows she had taken.

And she closed her eyes and waited for tomorrow.

- - -

My thoughts on Konan's relationship with Pein. It's all my imagination, of course. Is she too OOC?