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A hundred happy years and I shouldn't have thought it would continue this way. We were back in Forks and although my human memories were faded I knew the significance of the town. I shouldn't have expected it to last any longer, but I didn't expect it to end like this…

I was coming back from the hunt with Edward when I smelled them. Three unrecognized vampire scents hit me like a wall. I slid into a crouch and approached the house cautiously. After a hundred years I knew most of the Cullens friends; it was possible they were friendly but then again it was possible they weren't.

What's going on? Who is it? I asked Edward through my mind. It was the only time he could hear my thoughts and, even now when I was practically screaming in my head, he admitted it was hazy.

He gave me my favorite crooked smile, laughed nervously and said, "Don't worry. They're friends." I wasn't really reassured by this. Edward seemed to be saying I think after the last words and his smile didn't reach his eyes. He seemed to trust whoever was in there though because he didn't bother to keep his voice down, maybe a human would have trouble hearing us but a vampire would have no problem.

He pulled me close by wrapping an arm around my waist. I breathed in his glorious scent as he kissed my hair. "Ugh," I said.

He looked at me quizzically, "What?"

"You always do that when you're trying to distract me." He laughed at my statement but didn't deny anything. He dragged me to the Cullens front door. He opened the door and I took everything in real fast.

There were three vampires in the main room. One was a little girl, no more than six years old, surrounded by Alice, Rosalie, and Esme. There were two others, two males at about the same age as the girl; they were talking quietly with Carlisle, Jasper, and Emmett. Everyone looked at us as we entered; I caught the little girl's eye, reveling at how young she was to be a vampire. Something flashed in her eyes, not like an emotion or something but as if they couldn't decide which color they wanted to be. I looked again but they were liquid gold like any other 'vegetarian' vampire, but for a second they were red, deep red like a vampire that devoured humans. I shuddered at the thought and pushed it aside.