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We were having a family hunting trip. One we haven't had in awhile but it wasn't quite right. Emmett wasn't there, and I missed his booming laugh and crude humor at times. He was comforting Rosalie, who I surprisingly missed also. She took the betrayal the hardest of all of the Cullens because of how she viewed them. Of course Timothy was still here which eased it a bit but it would be awhile before things were right again.

I looked over at Edward and panicked. His eyes were glazed over like those horrible days under the trance. I forced myself to calm down, it was normal.

Although it had been over a week since the death of the triplets there were still some side effects. Every now and then they would stop what they were doing and wait as if for instructions. Maria and her parasites had left a scar on my family and I didn't know if it would ever fade, even in time.

Edward looked at me curiously and asked, "Thinking about them again?"

I smiled, "I thought you couldn't read my mind?" I took a deep breath, "I see our family and I keep seeing side effects of those parasites. It makes me a little nervous."

He wrapped an arm around me, kissing my hair, "I promise that as long as I live I will try to make those days up to you."

"There is nothing to make up for." I said, as Carlisle and Esme walked over, joining in on the conversation.

"I've been thinking about that," started Carlisle, "When you linked the children to the virus, you were amazingly accurate. Its going to leave a mark on all of us, we may never be able to fully recover." He acted as if it was a disease.

Alice ran over to us, "Are you going to hunt already? I want to go shopping after this!"

I groaned while the others laughed. I dropped to a glare, "Sure, you guys can laugh, you won't be the ones dragged along with her."

They laughed more and I started to laugh with them. I looked at my family and vowed that as long as I live I would never let them be subjected to that torture again. Any one who was crazy enough to try would find my wrath.

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