What happens at the Yule Ball when James and Sirius bet that they can make it the most memorable one in history? It's going to be one Yule Ball Hogwarts will never forget.

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Lily Evans sighed as she brushed out her auburn long hair. Her friends had been hogging the bathroom for freaking ages.

"ALICE! SERENA! PLEASE HURRY UP!!! WE CAN ALL GET READY OUT HERE!" Lily was sitting down at their vanity, a small luxury the 5th year girls had. With a last look at her hair, now arranged in a bun, she finally stood up angrily.

"ALICE, SERENA, WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN THERE?!" She yelled as she went toward their bathroom. Lily heard Alice wail, "I look horrible!!" before opening the door.

Inside, she found her two roommates, Alice and Serena, one sobbing, the other trying to cheer the other up.

Seeing Alice in tears calmed Lily down. She went over to Alice comfortingly.

"Alice, what's the matter?"

"I hate my dress robes! I look so ugly in them…Frank will never like me this way!"

Lily sighed as she looked over Alice's robes. Alice had on robes of the palest pink, with sweeping sleeves and a golden border at the bottom. It outlined Alice's curves gracefully, coming to a stop with a small train at the back. It made Alice look like an angel, and Lily told her so.

"Alice, if Frank, or any boy for that matter, doesn't like you in your dress robes, they should be sent to a mental ward," Lily said, while pulling Alice to her feet.

Alice sniffed, drying her tears.

"Really Lily?"

"Would I lie to you?" Lily asked.

"…yeah, if you were in a bad mood."

"WhatEVER!" Lily said playfully as she pushed Alice out of the bathroom. "Go sit at the vanity, I'll do your hair and makeup."

With that, Lily turned to look at Serena. Lily gasped in wonder. It was no wonder her friend was voted the prettiest girl in 5th year. Serena had on lavender dress robes, which complimented her chocolate-colored hair. Her robes had sparkling sequins around the bodice, with lace surrounding the edges of the sleeves.


"Yeah Lily, I already know I look horrible, my mom made me get these…" Serena looked at her robes with disdain. Before Lily could object, Serena gave a loud gasp.

"Oh my gosh Lily, where on earth did you find your dress robes? I'm so buying my next set where you got yours…they're gorgeous, and you look sooooo pretty."

Lily studied herself in the full-length mirror. Her robes of emerald green matched the shade of her eyes exactly. She had already done her hair up in a messy bun, and put on the tiniest touch of makeup.

Serena sighed longingly.

"Lily, I wish I had your fashion sense…you always know what to wear with what…"

Lily laughed gently. "Serena, you know I always just throw stuff together…you on the other hand, could advise and be a model."

Before Serena could respond, Alice yelled, "HELLO? Isn't someone supposed to be helping me?"

With a laugh, the two 5th year girls ran out to help their friend. After 2 hours, they were finally all ready. Lily had tied Alice's long blonde hair into a low side ponytail, with a piece of pale pink ribbon tied neatly around it. After a lot of debating, Serena and Lily had agreed to only put a little mascara on Alice, as despite her protests, her best friends agreed she had so much natural beauty.

With Serena, Lily had French-braided her jet-black hair, adding some silver ribbon into the braid to make it glitter. Serena went for the "wow" factor, putting lots of lavender eyeshadow on, with heavy mascara and eyeliner. Lily sighed, and wiped half of it off.

"It's the Yule Ball, not a bar Serena…you look gorgeous already."

Serena finally agreed, as they were already running out of time. The girls put on their matching high heels, and went down the stairs leading to the common room.

"I can't believe you turned James Potter down 5 times Lily!" Serena exclaimed as they went toward the common room.

"Serena, you know I don't like show-offy-Quidditch jerks…besides, you can't talk, Sirius asked you like 10 times."

"True…well, at least Alice has her date. We'll fly solo together while Frank and Alice are off snogging," Serena said with a laugh. Alice blushed.

They reached the door to the common room, where they knew all the boys 4th-7th year had already gathered, waiting for their dates.

"Well, here goes…" Lily said as she pushed open the door, and they stepped out.

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