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Chapter 6

James remained crouched down, looking around carefully before finally emerging from his hasty hiding place. He adjusted the collar of his dark green dress robes before turning to Remus.

"Well mate, I think we should…"

Before James finished his sentence, he was pushed from behind by…something… into a group of girls, all wearing extremely short, frilly, and shiny dress robes, with faces covered in makeup. Naturally, Rhonda Vane was amongst them.

"JAMESIE-POO!" With a high squeal, Rhonda threw her arms around James' neck, messing up his dress robes, while also putting him in an awkward position. James tried to peel her off as subtlely as possible, while looking around frantically for an escape route. While looking around frantically, he caught a glimpse of something fluttering next to Remus (who was trying, but failing, to look concerned about James' current situation). James concluded that it was this thing that had pushed him…even though he wasn't sure what it was.

"Are you going to stay with us for the remainder of the Ball Jamesies?" Rhonda cooed sweetly at James, while simultaneously running one of her immaculately manicured fingernails over James's face.

"You really should, dahling…I am sure that we could find something of interest to do…" commented Rhonda's best friend, Camilia, who fluttered her eyelashes flirtingly at James, while placing the ever-so-slightest emphasis on something.

"Um, I think that...I really…need to…be somewhere else…anywhere else…" he added softly at the end.

Remus could hardly hold in the laughter at this point, and scurried off toward the door, to find a place where he could let out his laughter before he exploded.

"Great friend, that Remus…" James thought bitterly before slowly backing away. At once, he felt pressure on his back again, and went flying straight into the arms of Romilda and Camilia, who immediately squealed and started dragging him toward…who knows where.

As soon as James was out of sight, Remus came back, recovered.

"Great timing mate, great timing," squeaked…a flying mouse in a ballerina tutu.

"Sirius? I thought you changed back…"

"I did," Sirius said, walking out from behind a Christmas tree. "It's called ventriloquism…it's this Muggle thing, picked it up over the break."

"…why?" Remus inquired, since Sirius had never been one for Muggle tricks.

"I don't know. Do I really have an explanation for most of the stuff I do? Anyway, help me think of a prank man….I can't stand it if James wins this bet," replied Sirius, picking up the mouse and stroking it.

Remus held his hands up in the air in a surrender pose.

"Oh no. Not again. Sirius, do you recall what happened the last time I took sides between you and James?"

"Ahh yes…mate, I'm still sorry for the whole hospital wing thing…and the detentions…and…" Sirius attempted to hide his smirk.

"Precisely," Remus grimaced. "On the bright side, I'm sure you can come up with something…"

"You're no help."

Sirius stormed off, frustrated.

"Man. Seriously? Nothing at all running through this brilliant mind of mind. The only thing I wanna do right now is go bother my cou…hold on a second…"

Inspiration had struck. Sirius Black had an idea. Look out Hogwarts.

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