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(this is just the prologue, so it's short) n.n

Warnings: (hidden) yaoi (boyxboy love), OOC, OC in later chapters, different time period (1980s), and lemon in later chapters.

Now on with Take Me Home Tonight!

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"Hn. Dobe."

"Don't call me that fool!" Naruto Uzumaki shouted at the apathetic raven-haired boy standing in the doorway of his high school algebra class. Correction, Naruto shouted at the apathetic raven-haired, sexy, god-like, rich boy standing at the door.

"If you weren't a dobe, I wouldn't call you that." The boy at the door smirked at Naruto. In Sasuke Uchiha's mind, Naruto wasn't just a dobe, he was an adorable, arousing, hot dobe. He also was a dobe who was taken. By a woman. A beautiful woman to be exact. She had light green eyes that shone with beauty and soft pink hair cut short and bangs held back with a headband. There was no way a kid dating Sakura Haruno would dump her for a stoic boy who teases him.

"So what exactly are you doing here?" Naruto asked, fixing that position of his black, studded belt on the slim hips of his tight denim jeans. His black Converse were worn. His t-shirt had the Sex Pistols logo on it. Naruto was the definition of a 1980's skater punk.

"Extra credit if I help the teacher. Why are you here? I doubt you wanna help out." Sasuke commented. He readjusted his thick-rimmed, dorky glasses and dropped his many textbooks on an empty desk. The sleeves of this dressy white shirt were rolled up to his elbows and three pens were visible from his pocket protector. His checkered pants were annoyingly high, like his socks. A typical 1980's geek.

"Detention, what else?" Naruto remarked nonchalantly. "It sucks though because I really wanted to go skate and then practice my drums, but, I'm probably grounded." He sighed. Sasuke laughed at his trouble-making best friend.

"You don't need practice." Sasuke told him. "You sound fine to me." Naruto snorted.

"Ha. That's coming from the nerd who plays classical music on his acoustic. Switch to punk, please!" Naruto literally begged. Sasuke rolled his eyes.

"Hn. If I wanted to be brain-dead then I would."

"HEY!" Naruto yelled. Sasuke smirked.

"Ewww..." Naruto gasped. "Sasuke, I'm making you over. I'm tired of you trying to be 'cool' when you're a geek." Sasuke eyed him.

"I am cool."

"Ha! Yeah, and pigs fly!"

"Shut up Dobe!"

"Hehehe. Make me!"

"Fine! I'll let you make me over! AS LONG AS YOU SHUT UP!" Sasuke yelled. Naruto grinned deviously. He was going to have fun.

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