Chapter Twenty: The Kids Don't Stand a Chance

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Ah, the last chapter. It's kind of sad, but exciting at the same time. This one takes place a couple days after the last.
It's not as long as I would've hoped and... it feels really rushed, but I wanted to finish the story before I left on vacation (tomorrow!). I was thinking that I might do a sequel in March, but I'm not sure.
Hope you enjoy, and I'd just like to thank you all one last time for the support and reviews and everything.

Normally, he could sleep through everything. Storms, car alarms outside, sirens, but as he rolled over in the bed, the sound of Ashlee Simpson's voice playing on the stereos burned his ears. He was ashamed that his girlfriend would have such awful music on her iPod. It was stupid of them to even play music the night before, anyways. All they had been trying to do was create a 'mood' (Blair's idea) and ended up forgetting to shut it off before they fell asleep. It had been fine at first with OneRepublic, Coldplay, Lifehouse and even Daniel Powter, but then some of the more pop music played. He tried his best to ignore it, but hell, Ashlee Simpson was just so terrible that he couldn't sleep through it.

He lifted himself out of bed, groaning as he walked over to the iHome and turned it off. He wished he could've complained and said that he didn't have anywhere to be, so he should've been able to sleep in, but that would've been a lie. Today was the day of his father's bachelor party and oddly, he was excited. You couldn't go wrong with strippers, or as his father told Lily, 'Just some dancers to enhance the atmosphere.' If the atmosphere was a slutty strip club, then that would be true, but they were going to Victrola. It was actually quite classy, despite what Blair kept insisting from her own experiences and beliefs.

"Where are you going?" she questioned, lifting her head from the pillows to watch him.

He was picking his clothes up from the floor, shaking them out to rid them of any possible dust that could've gotten on them during the night. He doubted there was any, but better safe than sorry.

"Shower. I have plans today and I can't just hang around. Sorry," he said. He moved over to the bed and pressed a quick kiss to her forehead. "Go back to sleep."

"Your dad's party isn't until later. Can't you come back to bed for a bit?" she asked, putting one of her hands on his arm.

He wished that he could've just gotten back in to bed like she asked, but he decided that since his dad was getting married in two days, he should be respectful and follow through with his prior commitments. God, he was turning in to Blair more every day they were together.

"Nope. I'd get distracted, and then it'd end up being four o'clock, I'd still be on top of you before realizing that 'Oh shit, I need to get ready for the party'. So... sorry," he apologized, though he really had no reason to.

Like the true diva he was becoming, it took him over half an hour to shower. He exited Blair's bathroom wearing his clothes from the previous night. He was surprised to see Eleanor standing with Blair, looking over a few dresses.

"Charles," Eleanor breathed out, a disapproving look spread on her face as she looked over Chuck. He liked to believe that she was just jealous that she wasn't getting laid as much as her daughter. He knows he will be when the day comes that he has teenaged children.

He smirked, taking a few steps towards them and wrapping his arms around Blair's waist from behind. "Please, Mrs. Waldorf, I'm dating your daughter. Call me Chuck," he insisted, running his fingers over the silk of the robe that Blair was wearing.

Eleanor let out a low, disgusted sound that came from the bottom of her throat. Public displays of affection weren't acceptable for virginal little princesses, even when it wasn't in public and the little princess wasn't so virginal anymore.

"We're picking out dresses," Blair informed him, as she looked over the dresses that her mother had brought for her.

"As I can see," he said. "Aren't they a bit... long? I thought that skin was in."

Both Waldorf women were quick to shoot death glares at him. It was obvious that they didn't want fashion advice from someone who wore the same outfit two days in a row. He unwrapped his arms from around Blair, and stepped back a bit. He felt guilty ruining the only bonding that she could have with her mother.

He cleared his throat before speaking again. "Guess I better go. Bye," he said, thinking about kissing her but deciding against it. Eleanor didn't need another reason to bash him behind his back.

The club was filled with rich, stuffy business men letting loose as they watched the dancers on stage and drank away their problems. Some of the sons of the men were there as well, just no one younger than sixteen. Out of the corner of his eye, Chuck could see Nate chatting it up with Carter Baizen, who he wished hadn't been invited at all. He swirled his scotch around in the glass, eyes now fixed on the dancers. Sitting next to him was one of the more athletic guys at school who looked like Nate, but still had Chuck's attitude- or his old attitude, at least. Dating Blair didn't leave much room for being a man whore.

"How long do you think that the marriage will last?" Michael asked.

It was irritating to Chuck when people tried to start up conversations. If he wanted to talk, he would've done so already. Right now, all he wanted to do was drink and wait to go home.

"Not too long," he answered simply.

He hoped that the marriage would be done with soon. Lily was already getting on his nerves, and he assumed that she would become even more bossy and judgmental once she was officially his step-mother. His own mother was bad enough, the last thing he needed was a someone who was practically a clone.

Michael nodded, taking a sip of his drink. "Yeah, she filed for divorce five months after she married my dad," he sighed. "It was hell for the family, but fantastic for the newspapers. They took the story and ran with it."

"Ah, right," Chuck muttered before finishing his scotch. "I almost forgot that your father fell under Lily van der Woodsen's spell too." He looked over to the bar, where Nate was still seated. Since Chuck needed to get a drink anyways, he figured this would be a perfect excuse to speak to his old friend. "Excuse me. I need another drink," he told Michael.

He got up and made his way over to the bar, ordering a scotch before turning to look at Nate. He seemed disgusted and averted his gaze. Chuck wished the fight between them had been like the fights that were between Blair and Serena. They usually washed over in a couple of days, but this fight between Chuck and Nate didn't seem to be nearing an end any time soon. It was sad to throw away years of friendship just because of one girl. Bros before hoes, right?

He was more concerned about warning Nate about Blair's plan, though. She was determined to absolutely ruin Jenny, and she was dragging Chuck in to it by forcing him to scheme with her. If he had been Old Chuck, he would've loved it, but he was changing. He was now the loving boyfriend how found it scary how upset his girlfriend was that her ex was seeing someone else.

"I know that you don't want to talk to me, Nate..." he started, hopeful that he would actually listen and not just brush him off. "Blair wants to kill your girlfriend."

Nate jerked his head to the side when he heard Chuck's words. "What?" he asked, eyes wide in disbelief. "But... I'm not dating anyone."

"You're not dating Jenny? Then why was she at your place the other day?"

"It hasn't gotten as far as dating yet. Probably never will." Chuck could've sworn he saw sadness wash over Nate's face, but he dismissed it as the lights playing tricks on him. "I'm in to her, don't get me wrong, but I'm not ready for a relationship and she's not ready for fun."

Chuck let out a laugh as he accepted the scotch from the bartender. Never would he be able the imagine the day where Nate Archibald, the perfect man in every girl's eye no matter what age, would want nothing more than a fuck buddy. It sounded like such a... Chuck thing. Maybe they really were turning in to each other.

"Well, Blair is really pissed that Jenny is trying to take her old life, as she puts it. She's been bribing me to come up with a plan to ruin Jenny," Chuck explained.

"Bribing you with what?" he asked, before wrinkling his nose up in disgust and shaking his head after coming to realization by himself. "Nevermind, I don't want to know."

"I just thought I should warn you. I don't like little Humphrey and she won't listen to me, so you should be the one to warn her. I've been trying my hardest to hold back on a scandal, but it's just too hard. My name will be the next on the 'To Ruin' list if I don't come up with something."

Nate just nodded, finishing off his drink. It was nice to have a conversation between the two of them didn't involve insulting one another. If they were being civil, it meant they had a chance of becoming friends again, didn't it? A jerk Nate may be, but Chuck used to be one too and now he just missed his best friend.

There were certain things he couldn't talk about with Blair. She would never understand the importance of pot or scotch to him; she'd never realize why he refused to do his school work. She was the good girl with the hidden bitchy side that you only saw when she was in a bad mood or if she was being the protective Queen B. That was why he liked her. Her personality was the perfect blend between good and evil.

"Are we good now?" Chuck asked. "It's been a long time since the supposed betrayal. Me dating Blair shouldn't get in the way of our friendship."

The silence between them left Chuck hopeful for a few seconds, before Nate shook his head. "I can't. It's hard to see her with someone else after we dated for so long. I'm sorry, Chuck."

He rolled his eyes and stood up from his stool. He really felt like snapping something about how pathetic it was that Nate couldn't forgive him and move on, but he decided it would be better to just leave. If Nate wasn't ready to forgive him after breaking his nose and constantly insulting him, then he wasn't worthy of Chuck's time.

But hey, if he was going to be ruining Jenny anyways, he may as well get Nate involved so he could get rid of the frustration that was building up inside of him. How long could he hold a damn grudge?

"Excited for the wedding?" Blair asked Serena.

They were sitting in Serena's room at the Palace, looking through their old memories, mainly pictures from Lily's previous weddings. Obviously, in between flipping through photo albums they were taking sips out of drinks, causing them slowly to become drunk tipsy.

"Oh, completely," she replied sarcastically. "Bid Bag Bart Bass will be the best step-father ever. Woops, I messed that up, didn't I?" Blair erupted in to a fit of giggles, clutching her glass tighter. "Don't make fun of me. It's hard to say!" Serena whined, downing the rest of her own drink.

"I know. I was just thinking that Bart isn't the only big bad one in the Bass family," Blair managed to spit out in between giggles.

Serena slapped her on the arm and let out a chorus of 'ew's. Thinking of her new step-family in sexual ways was just disgusting. Actually, it would still be disgusting even if she wasn't going to be technically related to them in a small number of hours.

"That's disgusting," she complained, looking down at the photo albums that contained pictures from Lily's first wedding after the divorce from Serena's biological father.

"But it's so true," Blair replied. "You just don't want to admit that Chuck is a sex machine." She purposely dragged out the word 'sex', and then followed her sentence with another fit of giggles.

"Dee-scust-ing, Blair!"

The wedding was two days later. Chuck and Blair were seperated for the entire time, just because Bart was getting nervous, as was Serena. Blair was forced to listen to constant whining of 'She can't marry him. It's so wrong!'. Despite Serena's hopes, Lily and Bart did get married in a beautiful ceremony, followed by an equally beautiful reception. It was quite easy to see how the couple had gone all out for the occasion, since 'nothing is too expensive for a Bass', or so Chuck is reminded.

There are quite a few shockers of the day. One of them is that Misty attended, towing along her newest boyfriend who appeared to be nearly half her age. Another shocker? Mr. van der Woodsen himself made an appearence, briefly chatting with people before giving his children a quick hug and then leaving with promises that he'd see them the next day. How interesting. He hadn't seen his children in a couple of years, yet he chose to come see them on his ex-wife's wedding day? Sounded like a case of jealousy to Chuck, and he was almost always right when it came to these things since he had been experiencing lots of jealousy these days.

"Would you like to dance?"

Chuck snapped from his daze when he heard the voice of his old friend. For a moment he could have sworn Nate was asking him to do dance, before he realized the question was directed at the person sitting next to him. He clenched his jaw, watching Blair to wait for her response. She looked at Chuck with sympathetic eyes before nodding and taking Nate's hand.

His eyes followed them as they moved to the dance floor, getting too close for his own comfort. Blair laughed at something that Nate whispered in to her ear, and he was reminded of the cotillion.

'He just told her what he's going to do to her later.'

His own words were coming back to haunt him. He knew it couldn't be true. Blair would never cheat... or would she? He suddenly remembered how they got together after the cotillion. It was all her scheming, one of the many skills he taught her so well.

Well, at least he remembered what had worked so well for dear Nathaniel. It could work for Chuck too, and he had been wanting to do it for a while so it would be even more of a bonus to him. His father may not forgive him for making a 'scene' at the wedding, but honestly, when did Chuck ever give a fuck about what his father thought?

He stood from his chair and moved on to the dance floor as well, heading over to the once-happy couple. His hand gripped at Nate's shoulder and he pulled him from Blair.

"You're so pathetic," he muttered through gritted teeth before throwing a hard punch in to Nate's jaw.

"What the fuck?" Nate stammered as he tried to regain his balance.

"She's my girlfriend!" Chuck yelled, figuring it would be best to get one more punch in there.

This one left him sitting on the floor, frozen in shock. It took him a few moments before he spit out blood and groaned while he clutched his jaw. The stupid prick deserved it.

She sat at the opposite side of the limo, smoothing out her dress and staring out of the window. Bart insisted they leave once Lily expressed her concern that there might have been another scene made. Blair was purposely ignoring him, upset with his behavior.

"Talk to me already," he complained, sliding over the seat so he was next to her. He placed his hand on her thigh, running his thumb over the skin in soft circles. He really was glad she wore a shorter dress.

Sadly for him, she was quick to swat his hand away. "I can't believe you'd embarrass me like that."

He rolled his eyes at her. "Oh, right. Nate punches Carter and it's fucking heroic, but I punch Nate and I'm embarrassing you. Where's the logic in that?"

"You did it because Nate did?" she scoffed.

"Well, it worked for him, didn't it?" he snapped at her, cracking his knuckles while he stared at his hands.

They spent the rest of the ride in silence, until the arrived at the Palace. Chuck got out first, followed by Blair. Even if they were a bit upset with each other, it was unspoken and understood that they'd just go upstairs to resolve the problem before falling in to bed like always. They stepped on to the elevator, and Chuck watched as the floor numbers lit up.

"Hey, Blair?"


He sucked in a deep breath before letting out, "I love you." Ah, the words that had been eating at his insides for the past few weeks, causing all of the jealousy he suffered from now.

Blair raised an eyebrow at him and stayed silent. "You're such a girl," she laughed finally, a smile appearing on her face.

The elevator doors opened and they stepped off, moving down the hall way until they reached Chuck's suite. As he fumbled with the keys, she took in a big gasp of air as well.

"Hey, Chuck?"


"I love you too."

They exchanged smiles, and he gently pressed his lips to her's.

"Is that an 'I'm sorry', too?" he asked.

"And what exactly would I be sorry for?"

"You've been a bitch lately."

"You're a bitch too, and you love it when I'm being my true bad girl self!" she pointed out.

"Fine, I guess you're forgiven," he gave in with faux-frustration. "It appears we're a match made in hell, Waldorf."

SPOTTED: Drama at the van der Bass wedding. Could we expect any less? C got a nice punch in. Sadly, there was no broken nose for N. But still, in our dreams there will be a bloody UES solider clad in his tux tonight! B seemed sad. Don't be! Boys are fighting over you left and right. Be proud, Queen. Meanwhile, her loyal subject S was found outside the reception, floor-length bridesmaid gown hitched up high enough to see her panties as the older C put his rich-and-experienced-man moves on her. Seems like Lonelyboy will be lonely once again. All is right in the world, hopefully not for long. That wouldn't be fun, would it?

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