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Naruto, dobe, dropout, idiot, jinchuriki, hero

He climbed up to the top of the Hokage stone and walked over to sit down on the head of the most famous Hokage, the Yondaime also known as the yellow flash. Naruto always looked up to the yellow flash, the greatest shinobi ever in Konohagakure. The man that sacrificed himself to kill the demon fox Kyuubi. That was also the same day he was born.

As the young man sat there he couldn't stop asking why to himself. He sat there for hours asking why. Why did everyone hate him? Why did people call him a monster? Why did people think his life was such a disease to everyone? It doesn't matter how many time he asked himself these questions he never found a answer to any of them.

The next Day

In a giant classroom there stood 20 excited and nervous wannabe ninjas just waiting to take there final exam. After this exam they would be full fledge ninjas or have to go back to the academy. None of them were as excited then the energetic blond named Naruto.

"Yes Today I will come one step closer to be coming Hokage soon that old man will have to accept my greatness and step down." Naruto yelled while jumping up and down.

"Will you shut up Naruto you have to pass the exam first or are you just going to magically become Hokage after failing for a third time" a blond girl in purple screamed.

"Just let the dobe fail Ino" grunted the raven haired boy named Uchiha Sasuke the most talented ninja in the class, and the most stuck up.

" Oh Sasuke whatever you say' squeaked Ino as she jumped to hug him but he just took a step to the side avoiding her.

" Ino-pig stop trying to hug my Sasuke, he's to good to be rolling in the mud with a pig" a girl with bright pink hair named Sakura squeaked in the same tone as Ino just did moments ago.

The two girls went back and forth about who was better for Sasuke.

The whole time the two girls were bickering Naruto just gave Sasuke a bone chilling glare. That Bastard thinks I'm going to fail, screw him ill pass this exam with ease as long as it not a Bunshin no jutsu exam. After I prove that high all mighty asshole wrong ill just kick his ass and that will be the end of the great Uchiha. Then Sakura-chan will fall in love with me.

After a little while the great Uchiha notice Naruto's glare and grunted" Hey dobe what the hell are you looking at"

" Just staring at the person who's ass I'm going to kick" the young blond shouted

"Ha ha ha like you Uzumaki Naruto the dead last at everything could ever stand a chance against me. You won't even be able to scratch my forehead protector." the young man pronounced while oozing confidence everywhere.

Right after Sasuke statement Naruto was hit by two textbooks that were thrown like kunai. They bounced of the back of his head. " ouch that…" he was cut of by the two angry girls.

" Don't you dare threaten my Sasuke again or you wont be seeing your 13th birthday" both girls shouted in unison before turning back to argue with them selves.

After that the blond could only think of one thing. I don't care how much stronger Sasuke is then me right now. One day ill show him and everyone that I'm not a monster or just an idiot. Ill become the Hokage and get everyone to acknowledge me. I'll never quit because that's my nindo.

A man with a large scar on his face yelled "EVERY ONE SIT DOWN AND BE QUIET." Everyone ran to their seat and sat their quietly." Now that's better. Ok where going to start to final exam. This exam will test you on the Bunshin no jutsu. I hope Naruto can pass Bunshin no jutsu it is his worst technique.

SHIT Shit how am I going to do this that's my worst technique. I can do I can do this. I can't fail again. Naruto told himself that constantly but was still scared shit-less.( I'm just gonna skip this part and go strait to the woods you know what happens after this anyway)

The man named Iruka was searching desperately to find Naruto and the scroll of secrets. He knew if anyone got to him first they would just kill him. He had to find him. After about 5 hours of searching he finally saw the orange jumpsuit wearing blond.

"NARUTO" Iruka said in a voice that Naruto knew he was in trouble.

" Hey Iruka-sensei I did it I learned a technique out of the scroll so that means I can pass now right, that's what Mizuki told me." Naruto screamed in a proud tone.

All Iruka could think of was oh shit as he pushed Naruto out of the way and was hit by ten kunai .

"Ha Ha Ha Naruto give me the scroll" Mizuki said in a sickly tone that would even but a evil snake bastard to shame.

"Naruto, Don't give him the scroll he was only using you, you have to get out of here and keep the scroll away from him." Iruka shouted desperately.

"Naruto he doesn't care about you he just doesn't want a demon to have that scroll. Once he gets the scroll back from you he's just going to kill the demon that killed his parents." the white haired chuunin snickered

"W..what are you talking about " Naruto stuttered not knowing if he really wanted to know.

"NO MIZUKI" Iruka shouted.

" You are the container of the nine tailed fox that almost destroyed Konohagakure and killed the forth, you killed your own sensei's parent and your hero." the white haired man snorted

"NOOOOOO" Naruto screamed. All of a sudden all the questions that he's been asking him self since he was 2 was answered the blond Jinchuuriki just snapped.

"Die" Mizuki shouted as he took off and threw his fuuma shuriken at Naruto.

Naruto saw the shuriken coming at him but couldn't move. All he could think of was how everyone would be happier with him dead. So he just closed his eyes and awaited the pain. But the pain never came, when he open his eyes all he saw was Iruka with a shuriken in his back.

Iruka saw the confusion on the blonds face and started to cry." I'm so sorry Naruto I should've of been there for you. I should of done more. I should of told you this a long time ago. I will never saw you as a demon fox. I only saw what you truly are, a boy a consider a son, a hero. And the future Hokage. Naruto I believe in you.

As Naruto herd this he tried not to cry but he just couldn't hold back the tears. He finally found someone that acknowledged Him. He finally found someone that truly accepted him.

Mizuki started to clap. " Oh how touching, to bad you have to d…"

Before he could finish Naruto kneed him in the face." Don't you dare touch Iruka-sansei." As Naruto said those words something inside him awoke. All of a sudden he felt stronger than he has ever felt in his life.

Iruka was speechless. The young blond boys body had white lighting surrounded him. If that wasn't enough of a surprise for him, the next thing that happened surely was.

"Kage Bunshin no Jutsu" after that there were 200 Naruto's. They all screamed at Mizuki "IM going to kick your ass for hurting Iruka.

About 30 seconds later a big heap of pounded flesh that use to be Mizuki laid in front of Naruto.

Naruto gave Iruka the good guy pose and told him" I did it" that was the last thing he said before he passed out.

Iruka caught him. After that Iruka took off his headband and slid it onto Naruto's head and whispered to the exhausted blond" yes you did Naruto. You made me proud and you pass with flying colors. I'm completely positive you will become the greatest Hokage ever." Before Iruka picked up the young boy he noticed the boy was smiling the first real smile he has ever seen on the boy.

The next morning

Naruto woke up to the smell of ramen. Right when he woke up the memories of the night before rushed back to him. He still couldn't believe it. The demon fox was inside him. Finally all the question he's been asking himself were answered except one. Why him? After the smell of ramen reached his nose again all of his thoughts went away.

"Yea Ramen where's the ramen I need ramen" the blond Jinchuuriki screamed

"Oh Naruto your up. I made us some ramen for breakfast as a celebration of you graduating" Iruka announced

" Iruka I passed I'm a real ninja now." he told himself still not really believing it. "Yea yea yea I'm one step closer to being Hokage." Naruto screamed while jumping up and down and also flexing.

Iruka couldn't help but smile at the boys antics. He was truly glad to see the boy actually happy for once." Naruto stop jumping around an finish eating we have to go and talk to the Hokage before we go to the academy to see who's team you are on."

"Alright Iruka-nii-san, so do you know who my team is. Please tell me I'm not with Sasuke-teme"

Iruka smirked before replying to the blond "You'll Just have to wait and see. Now come on where going to see the Hokage now so get dressed."

"Hai" the blond shouted.

At the Hokage's office

The old man was just smoking his pipe thinking about his past and his past mistakes. He couldn't help but feel he failed the forth but most of all Naruto himself.

Arashi you would be ashamed of this village. I know you wanted them to see Naruto as a hero but there ignorance is blocking their view. All they can see is the demon fox not a 12 year old boy. I'm also sorry I should've done more to help the boy but the council wouldn't let me do anything, those fools. But the funny thing Arashi, is that when I look at that boy I see more than just a 12 year old kid. I don't know exactly what it is but when ever I look at him I see a Hokage who will surpass us all even you. But that's not the only feeling I get from that young boy. I also get and overwhelming felling of pride, to see such a young boy go through so much pain but still never giving in to that pain. He's even willing to sacrifice himself for this village that has done nothing for him but cause him pain. Arashi I see what you wanted the village to see. Naruto truly is a hero and he is truly your son.

As the old Hokage's thoughts began to overwhelm him he saw two people walking though the door.

" Hey Sarutobi-Jiji wuzup" the blonde shouted,

Iruka slapped Naruto on the back of the head " Baka be more respectful to the Hokage"

"Ouch alright Iruka-sensei" Naruto blurted out.

The old man couldn't help but smile as he watched the two argue with each other. It seem Naruto has finally found someone that cares about him beside me. "Alright you two, I have something I wanted to tell the both of you" he paused for a couple of second for the dramatic affect. "First off good job on defeating Mizuki and getting the scroll back" he pull out and envelope full of money and gave it to Iruka. "That is for the both of you. But forget that for now there something else I wanted to ask you. Iruka in your report you said that before Naruto used kage Bunshin no jutsu that there was some sort of white lightning that was wrapped around his body, is that correct?"

" Yes, it was amazing I've never seen anything like it before. The most outstanding thing was that the lightning was protecting Naruto not hurting him at all." Iruka proclaimed in a surprised tone.

" Oh, I see and Naruto when all this happened what did it feel like?" the old man asked

"I Don't remember exactly what happened but I do remember seeing Iruka-sensei hurt and I wanted to protect him with all my might and then I felt like something inside awoke and I felt stronger than I ever did before. That the only way I can describe it Jiji" Naruto answered.

" I see well isn't that interesting" the old man was talking to himself but everyone else herd.

"What's interesting Jiji' Naruto asked.

" Well my teacher the first Hokage told me a story about a clan from the country of the whirlpool. He told me that they had this elite clan that had a bloodline limit called the heavenly bodies. Their bloodline was that their body could awaken 4 different elemental bodies. Their body would become that element. But my teacher told me that for the people in that clan had to do something to earn each body before they could use the bodies. And that there were very few who could even awaken more then one." the Hokage said in lecture mode.

"Wow" Iruka and Naruto both yelled at the same time

" That not all. You would think that you would of heard of such a powerful clan but they were wiped out. One of the clan members was able to awaken all 4 bodies but this man was pure evil and his bodies changed into demonic bodies. With his demonic bodies he wound up awakening a 5th body that combined all the bodies together and destroyed the country of the whirlpool and his clan fearing that someone from their might find a way to defeat him. After that his powers scared all the hidden villages so the had all of their Kages go out and face this man. It took all 5 Kages from each nation to finally kill him. My teacher told me of the fight and told me if they lost that battle that man would of destroyed everything." the old man continued

" Wow Hokage that was a amazing and a unbelievable story but how does that relate to Naruto?" Iruka asked.

" From what I herd from the two of you I believe that Naruto is an ancestor of this clan and that the white lightning you saw was in fact him awakening his first body." Sarutobi told him in a completely serious tone.

"What I have a bloodline? Jiji is there anyone else left with it besides me?" Naruto asked

"I'm sorry Naruto you are the last of your clan." the Hokage said with sadness in his tone.

" It's alright Jiji thanks for telling me" Naruto said with a hint of sadness in his eyes.

" Now there's something I want to give you Naruto and there is also something I want to ask of you Iruka." the Hokage told them while puffing on his pipe.

"Yes Hokage-sama" Iruka said proudly

" Here you go Naruto consider this a graduating present" Sarutobi said as he pulled out two scrolls and a pair of katanas.

"Thank JiJi you have no idea what it mean to me to actually get a gift from someone" Naruto shouted while crying. Then he took the two katanas and looked at them. One of the katanas was pure black with a inscription on it in red that said "The will" and the other katana that was pure red that had a inscription on it in black saying " Of Fire". He just stared at the sword for a couple minutes before looking back up at the Hokage.

"Naruto I give you these swords because I believe you are a person, no a ninja who represents everything that "the will of fire" means." Sarutobi pronounced

After hearing that Naruto ran up and tackled the Hokage into a hug. Iruka couldn't help but smile at the seen. After a long hug with the Hokage Naruto looked at the scrolls. One was a scroll containing the taijutsu style Gouken Ryuu (the Iron Fist) and other one containing the techniques Rairyuu no Tatsumaki (Lightning Dragon Tornado) and the Kenjutsu style Mikadzuki no Mai (Dance of the Crescent Moon)

" I gave you these to help you on your way to be Hokage and to be able to retire sooner" as the old man said this everyone broke out laughing. But right after that the Hokage became serious again." Now Iruka I can tell by just looking at you to that you both care for each other deeply and I was hoping you could become Naruto's legal guarding since he has been alone for a long time a it hurts me deeply to see him by himself" the Hokage asked with sincerity.

Iruka was shocked by this question but answered right away anyway " I would love to I already think Naruto as a son."

Naruto looked at both the Hokage and Iruka and asked both of them " Do you guy really mean it"

They both said " yes with all my heart."

After that everyone woke up in the village hearing some Shouting "YES."

As they got up and left the old man he whispered to himself "take care Uzumaki Naruto."

20 minutes later

"hey Naruto hurry up I'm buying you some new clothes before we go to the academy to find out your team" the chuunin exclaimed

"Hey what wrong with my cloths now" Naruto asked

"they look like shit I mean honestly why orange" Iruka said

" That's mean and orange is a great color it's also the color of ramen" the blond Jinchuuriki shouted.

" Oh Kami you and ramen ha ha, come on Naruto just shut up where getting new clothes" Iruka proclaimed.

30 minutes later

Naruto walked into the academy wearing black cargo pants and a red shirt with a black whirlpool on the back and black flames on the side.

Right when everyone saw Naruto walked in everyone was shocked. Not just shocked because he passed but also the way he looked and the two katana's on his back.

When Ino saw him she thought wow is that really Naruto he actually looks kind of cute. Wait Naruto cute no way the only one who's cute is Sasuke. But even as she said this to herself she still slightly blushed at the sight of Naruto.

Naruto saw all the people staring at him. Damn I must look good. Definitely better then Sasuke.

As soon as he thought this Iruka walked in and yelled" Now ill be telling you guys your teams and sensei's First team 1(yea just gonna skip don't feel like making up fake names) team 7 Uchiha Sasuke, Inuzuka Kiba, and Haruno Sakura with sensei Hatake Kakashi."

Sakura yelled " yes I'm with Sasuke, true love conquers all"

Kiba growled " Oh Kami why do I have to be with the greatest emo of all and a emo pants obsessed fan girl."

All the guys laughed at that except emo pants and all the girls just glared at him."

Then Ino yelled " why Sakura on his team this is so not fair"

After every one quieted down Iruka went on until he reached team 10 "Alright team 10 Yamanaka Ino, Aburame Shino, and Uzumaki Naruto with Gekkou Hayate as there sensei."

Everyone herd Ino scream "NOOOOOO" she just couldn't believe her luck that Sakura was on Sasuke's team and she got him. The dobe, the dead last, she got Uzumaki Naruto.

After waiting for ten minutes their sensei arrived. "Yamanaka Ino,(cough) Aburame Shino, and(cough) Uzumaki Naruto meet me up at the roof.

On the roof

"So you guy are my team." Hmm these kid look like and interesting bunch. " I think it's best to introduce are selves and also tell each other are likes dislikes and dreams. I'll go first my name is Gekkou Hayate I like swords, I dislike medical shots, Iwa nins, and germs, my dream is to become recognized as a swordsman better then the 7 swordsman of the hidden mist and to find a doctor that can keep me from getting sick(cough) Now how about the lady go first."

"I'm Yamanaka Ino I like flowers and Sasuke-kun, I dislike Mrs. forehead Sakura and Uzumaki Naruto, my Dreams are to be come a Kunoichi greater then Tsunade."

Hayate just shook his head seems like she's more interested in boys then being a ninja. "Alright next up the quiet one"

"My name is Aburame Shino, I like learning my clans jutsu, I dislike bug spray, my dream is to make my clan known throughout the world" Shino said without even making any facial expression.

Hmm seems like this one only wants to make a name for his clan. " alright last up you blond." Oh isn't that the Jinchuuriki boy and he also got some nice swords on his back. Hmm I think I think I'm going to have fun with this one.

" My name is Uzumaki Naruto, I like ramen Iruka-sensei and ramen, I dislike saskue-teme people who hate other for something they can't control and the 3 minutes it takes to make instant ramen, and my dream is to become the greatest Hokage ever and have everyone acknowledge me."

It seems he grew up in a interesting way. " alright everyone meet me at training ground 10 at 6 am tomorrow for your genin test."

Ino asked "but sensei didn't we already take the genin test".

Hayate just shook his head" no that was just to teat if you were actually ready for this test. And just to tell you this test has a 66.7 chance of you failing. Alright see you guys tomorrow."

The three genin just looked at each other before screaming "OH SHIT"