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The House of Love

"Huh!?" Yumi was just not understanding the words.

"Come live with me, Yumi." Sachiko was doing her best to sound nonchalant. In reality her heart was galloping so hard she was afraid her chest would burst. She could feel her palms sweat and she was beginning to feel rather dizzy.

"Y-You want me to come live at the... Ogasawara... mansion?" Yumi was beginning to catch up. Even though her brain was screaming questions left and right.

"Yes..." Sachiko suddenly lost her cool. And Yumi saw Sachiko's fear of rejection written as plain as day on her face.

"Onee-sama..." Yumi stepped forward until just a hand span separated them. She looked down and took Sachiko's hands in her, laced her fingers with Sachiko's before raising her eyes to meet Sachiko's.

"Onee-sama, why? Why would you want me to live in your house all of a sudden?" Her voice was soft, as if trying to sooth some of Sachiko's anxiety.

"Be... Because I can't go on like this, Yumi... not having you close to me... stealing kisses in the dark. All this..." Her voice falters and she looks Yumi in the eyes, pools of mocha just a few inches from her own. "Live with me, Yumi?" She asks softly, raising a hand to cup Yumi's cheek.

For a moment the two lock gazes, before Yumi smoothly slides into Sachiko's embrace, burying her face in the crook of Sachiko's neck.

Yumi was slightly bewildered. But one thing was certain. If Onee-sama wanted her to live with her, she would. And feeling quite thrilled by the whole idea, she kissed Sachiko on the neck, and one more time, three times, and the earlobe a few times, and the arousal set in, moving on to Sachiko's cheek, noticing Sachiko's small moans, and raspy breathing she set course for Sachiko's mouth, kissing the corner of her mouth, got hold of the lower lip, giving a small playful bite.

"Kiss me..." Sachiko breathed heavily.

And Yumi did, and for a while nothing was heard but the sound of deep kisses and soft moans.

"Oh Sachiko, I..." Yumi began in between kisses.

"No... Don't... Yumi... ". Sachiko was trying to get Yumi to stop. "Don't..." She had taken hold of Yumi's ears and pushed her head out to a few inches from her own. Her voice suddenly stern when she said "That... That name is for them... them and that bastard". She said the last word as if she spat.

But her voice mellowed as she focused on Yumi's mocha brown eyes, she took her hand and cradled Yumi's cheek.

"Onee-sama is for just you. Only you can ever call me that... Only you have the right. That is why I treasure it so".

"...Onee-sama..." Yumi said the word as gentle as she could, as if trying to soothe the pain in Sachiko.

"Yes" Sachiko gave a warm smile "Just like that".

"Onee-sama..." Yumi repeated it as she leaned in. "I would love to come live with you.


"This will be your room Yumi-chan" Sayako said, sliding the door aside.

Yumi gawked. The room was stunning. Elegantly decorated, with traditional Japanese art on the walls.

In one corner was a beautiful old beauty desk, with three mirrors, folded slightly, so as to give the person sitting there, the best possible view of one self. It was richly carved and the detail was just stunning, featuring a setting with cranes throughout. On the desk were jars with lotions, creams and small vials with expensive perfumes. And array of hair brushes were lined up on the desk.

The corner opposite held a similarly hand carved writing desk, with lots of small drawers where one could sit and do homework or write letters. The carvings showing varied scenes with the kingfisher bird in exquisite detail.

On one wall, a two door closet, with a large carving of the landscape around Mount Fuji, with the mountain as the central figure. The carving so exquisite it would make you look at detail upon detail for hours on end.

But the most stunning thing in the room was the four-posted king-size canopy bed, angled a bit, almost in the middle of the room. The posts, each a thin cherry tree, the canopy of the bed, being the canopies of the four trees intertwining, carved so beautiful in detail with branches and leaves, so as one could be certain to lie in bed, cherry blossoms gently falling and rustling you to sleep.

Everything from floor to ceiling was oozing gentle elegance, and Yumi was sure she had never seen a room quite like this in her life before.

"No!" She turned towards Sayako with desperation in her eyes. "Please Sayako-sama; don't you have a room with a closet and a bed? I couldn't possibly live here! It's too beautiful!" She had unconsciously taken one of Sayako's hands and had an almost desperate plea written all over her.

Sayako smiled at this, raised her other hand and gently stroked Yumi's cheek.

"Well, I'm pleased to hear that my choices met your taste Yumi-chan." She smiled softly.

"But..." Yumi began.

"Yumi-chan, listen carefully." Sayako let her hand rest on Yumi's shoulder. "You are the chosen petite soeur. In essence a sister of my child, and therefore a child of this house. That means that you are entitled to the same kind of respect, courtesy and way of living as the rest of this family. Her eyes serious, as if wanting to imprint on the girl, that this was the one and only time she was going to say this.

Yumi looked rather lost for a second, and tried to get help from Sachiko, who only smiled back and raised her shoulders noncommittally.

"But..." Yumi said one more time as she turned around and took a timid step into the room.

Sachiko placed a hand on her lower back and gave a forceful push. Making Yumi stumble into the middle of the room, turning around with a blush.


Sachiko laughed and grinned back.

A display that made Sayako look at her daughter with a, surprised, quizzical look. She was interrupted in her reverie though, by a little timid "ehrem" from behind, as if someone was doing a little clearing of her throat.

Sayako turned and saw the headmistress of the staff and a young maid behind her.

"Ah. Good Yokina. You can leave the girl here."

"Very well, Madam." She said, and left with no emotions showing if she cared or not.

"You are Tsuma?" Sayako asked the young girl, looking her up and down, as if appraising cattle.

"Yes, madam Sayako-sama" She replied with a little blush, as if this was the first time in her five years in the house, Sayako had notices her, let alone said her name. And it probably was too.

"Good, good. Come forward" And she held the girl in her prim maid uniform, out in front of her, gently by the shoulders.

"Meet Yumi-chan, she will be your new Miss Yumi-sama from now on."

Yumi hadn't really paid much attention to what she thought was an exchange between Sayako and the staff. So it wasn't until she heard her name that she turned and saw Sayako holding a young girl, maybe a few years younger than she, in front of her, as if she was a present.

"Huh?" Yumi said with big eyes, not comprehending.

"Yumi-chan, this Is Tsuma, and she will be your maid from now on. I'm sure the two of you will get along just smashing." She smiled, as if suspecting the outburst erupting in Yumi.

"Maid!?" Yumi's tone went up in something akin to falsetto.

"But off cause Yumi-chan. You can't expect to live as an Ogasawara without having a personal maid?"

"Sayako-obsama... You are having all too much of a good time teasing me."

Sayako only smiled back and crossed her arms.

"My name is Tsuma Mikazawa, please be a good Miss to me." Tsuma took a small step bowed deep for a second, before raising her head, showing no hint of mirth. Just a friendly face, with a slight blush.

Yumi looked as if she was at a loss for words. Somehow though, her brain went on routine. It wasn't as if she could just stand there, gawking at the girl, who had just introduced herself.

"Eh... My name is Yumi Fukuzawa... I will try my best..." Yumi's slight bow and big round eyes showed all too clear, that she had no idea how to tackle the current situation.

"Good good, it's settled then, you two can get acquainted later, right now, let's get you a little tour of the house, what do you say Yumi-chan?"


"Yumi?" It was only a whisper. But Yumi, being wide awake in her new surroundings, heard it.


The door slid open, revealing Sachiko in her kimono sitting outside the door.

"Onee-sama!? Yumi's surprise in her eyes speaks volumes.

"Shh!!" Sachiko put a finger on her lips and was smiling mischievously. She crawled in, slid the door shut, stood and walked quickly across the room to the bed. Here she dropped the kimono in a heap, revealing her stunning figure dressed in an equally stunning crème colored silk negligee.

Yumi blushed. Every time she saw Sachiko, she was amazed at how beautiful she was. But seeing her in only bare skin draped in thin silk, made the vision quite breathtaking, and very alluring.

"Scoot over a little bit". Sachiko said as she climbed into bed.

Yumi, doing as she was told, had a racing heart and a few hundred question on her mind.


Sachiko, now snuggling into Yumi, leaned over and gave her a warm, gentle kiss, surprising Yumi whose eyes went big as teacups, until they mellowed, and slowly closed in the pleasure of the act.

"Ahh, I longed to do that all night". Sachiko said with a little wistful smile, when she pulled out of the kiss. She looked Yumi in the eyes and raised her hand to caress Yumi's cheek.

Yumi's cheeks suddenly flared in embarrassment.


"Oh don't be so timid Yumi. It's okay to say that you wanted to kiss me too". Sachiko smiled.

Yumi looked down, a little bashful, but gathering a little courage from Sachiko's hand caressing her cheek. She looked Sachiko in her sapphire gaze saying "Yes, I wanted very much to kiss you too". And seeing her words not being chastised she continued couragesly, softly "I wanted it sooo bad I could hardly concentrate doing dinner".

"My!... I better inform mother that her well planned welcoming dinner wasn't appreciated" And Sachiko made as if to leave the bed.

"Huh!" Yumi made a start, and her eyes went big and freightfull, she reached out for Sachiko. "W-Wait, Onee-s..."

But Sachiko turned quickly and drew Yumi into yet another long soft kiss.

When she let go, Yumi looked at her with accusing eyes, having understood the ruse quite clearly.

"Onee-sama! That wasn't very funny!"

Sachiko made a little chuckle. "On the contrary, my sweet petite soeur, it was very funny" And she leaned in for yet another long kiss.

Yumi pulls back, sighs in content and plops down on her pillow. "I couldn't believe it when I saw you in the door". She looks at Sachiko with a beaming smile.

"I had planed to come all night" Sachiko smiled gently back and snuggles down next to Yumi. "How could I sleep, knowing you were so close to me?" She whispers so low as to almost be a whisper.

"Onee-sama..." Yumi feels her cheek burn. And as if gathering courage from Sachiko's words, she takes her hand and weaves her fingers with Sachiko.

A little comfortable silence falls over the couple as they lay there, letting their fingers intertwine and just enjoying the closeness of one another.

"You look so beautiful in your negligee" Yumi whispers, blushing again.

"My!" Sachiko moves up a bit, so as to rest on one elbow, looking down on Yumi.

"The thing about Yumi-chan is, that you have no idea how wonderful and beautiful you are..." Sachiko was using her hand, removing a few strands of hair from Yumi's face, and then caressing her cheek until she ends with stroking the contours of Yumi's lips, as if mesmerized by the softness of Yumi's skin on her lips.

"Onee-sama..." Yumi, who wasn't used to this much attention, was having a galloping heart, and she felt her cheeks burn.

"You are so very dear to me Yumi... ". Sachiko looked Yumi lovingly in the eye while caressing her cheek. "Please don't ever leave me". Her voice broke and her eyes twinkled as if tears were pushing for freedom.

"Onee-sama!" Yumi made a little gasp. "Onee-sama, I wouldn't! I couldn't! Ever!" She grasped Sachiko's hand and pressed it against her cheek. "I would never" She kissed the palm, and then the fingers. She opened her eyes and looked at Sachiko. "How could I possibly? I love you, Onee-sama".

Sachiko had tears in her eyes, and her lips were trembling... "Oh Yumi". And she leaned down, and kissed Yumi a hard kiss, as if branding the words to her lips. The kiss was so hard as to be almost painful. But soon the kisses became softer, gentler, hungrier and more passionate.

Sachiko gave Yumi one long kiss, then a little playful bite on her lower lip, and moved to nibble at Yumi's earlobe, and following the edge of Yumi's ear, she stopped long enough only to whisper "I love you Yumi Fukuzawa" softly in Yumi's ear before following a line from ear, to neck, to throat to her chest to the line of the silk negligee. Her mouth felt as small pools of blazing heat every time lips connected with skin.

Yumi's head was swimming. Both because of the pleasure Sachiko was lavishing onto her body, but also because of the love statement Sachiko had whispered in her ear.

And now Yumi felt Sachiko's warm breath on her breast through the thin silk, and couldn't help but feel a little embarrassed at the telltale sign of her obvious desire, as her breasts hardened and her nipples stood up. She couldn't help but catch a quick breath and let out a small moan as Sachiko teasingly blew on her right nipple.

"Sensitive?" She smiled at her petite soeur's blush and blew again.

"Onee-sama!" Yumi said in fained anger.

Sachiko let out a little laugh, leaned up and kissed Yumi long and hard on the lips again. Seconds later, she was back, teasing the cause of the small moans from Yumi.

Sachiko smiled at the sensitivity of Yumi's breasts. She gently cupped Yumi's breasts with her hands, and clearly seeing the contours through the fine silk layer, she took Yumi's right areola in her mouth and suckled gently through the thin fabric.

Yumi gasped and threw her head back. Unable to breathe.

"O-Onee-sa..." The word stuck in Yumi's throat as she went positively livid inside. Her vision went blank and for a second all there was, was the feel of Sachiko suckling her breast.

Sachiko was a bit unsure if she should stop. If this was perhaps crossing Yumi's boundaries. But the moans and sounds from Yumi, the smell of Yumi, the simple closeness of Yumi. It was all too much, and Sachiko wasn't sure she could stop even if she wanted to. And she didn't, so she didn't.

And when Yumi felt Sachiko's hands on her hips, pulling up in the silk, Yumi didn't resist, but rather raised her hips, and then arched her back.

When Sachiko had the fabric up Yumi's chest, Yumi helped her get the negligee up over her head. And the wonderful negligee, that was such a wonderful gift, was now just a piece of cloth thrown in the corner or her bed.

"Oh Yumi..." The words, a mere whisper from Sachiko. "How beautiful you are..."

Yumi blushed, more than a little self-conscious as she lay there fully exposed under Sachiko gaze.

Sachiko traced Yumi's collarbone to her breast, following the contours of her breast before squeezing Yumi's left beast gently.

Yumi made a quick intake before releasing a whimper.


And then Sachiko had Yumi's left nipple in her mouth, biting down on it slightly.

"A..." Yumi was struggling for air. And she thrust her hand onto Sachiko's head, burying fingers deep in Sachiko's raven dark tresses. She knew that the smell of musk was noticeable. She was also sure that there was no way on earth she could do anything about it. She was simply too aroused. And now this... Yumi found air, somewhere, and took a few shallow breaths.

Yumi looked down and saw Sachiko kissing, nibbling, suckling and biting her breasts, and closed her eyes, riding the wave of pleasure. She was quite unsure, if this was really real.

Sachiko was loving the sweet taste and texture of Yumi's breast in her mouth while tentatively tracing the small fine white hairs around Yumi's belly button with her hand; she was making small excursions further and further south, as she kept kissing Yumi's breasts. And by the sounds of Yumi's moans and small whimpers, she wasn't unwelcome.

Sachiko spread her long, slender fingers over Yumi's belly button, as if a flower blooming, until her hand was pressed flat on Yumi's abdomen, turning it so that the tips of her fingers were pointed south.

Gathering a measure of courage, Sachiko let her hand slide downwards, slowly unto Yumi's small white panties. Tracing the vulva and the contours of Yumi's outer lips. She cupped Yumi's vulva completely and pressed slightly inwards with her middle finger

A deep guttural sound came from Yumi, as she threw her head back, and thrust her pelvis up.

For a moment Sachiko thought that she had, now, indeed gone too far, she snapped her hand back, turned red and began to apologize.

"I'm sor..."

"No!..." Yumi looked at Sachiko with flushed cheeks and twinkling eyes. Eyes that were pleading.

Reaching out for Sachiko's hand, and guiding it back, Yumi made sure that Sachiko understood and shouldn't feel discouraged.

Yumi couldn't help herself. This was past the point of reason. All there was now, was hunger, and passion, and need. And it wasn't long before Yumi raised her legs, letting Sachiko pull her small white panties up over her ankles, and off completely. She timidly spread her legs slightly, as if to invite Sachiko room between her legs.

And for a time, the room was quiet, except for soft moans, ragged breathing and gentle words of teasing and desperate pleading.

And when Yumi arched her back and screamed. Sachiko quickly threw her free hand over Yumi's mouth, making Yumi bite down hard on Sachiko's middle finger. Sachiko cringed a little at the unexpected pain, but then smiled at her petite soeur's pleasure.

"MmMmm..." The sound was muffled by Sachiko's hand. Yumi's eyes rolled back in her head as she felt synapses pop left and right. It was as if fireworks went off in her head as wave after wave hit her. Her back was arched, rigid, and her hands, clenched, knuckles white.

Sachiko was still working Yumi's clit with her thumb, now moving slowly. Index and middle finger, moving in and out, reaching for Yumi's G'spot time after time. As if to make sure, that Yumi's peak would last as long as possible. A little rush of Yumi's juices came, as if the body itself was intent on telling Sachiko, that her girlfriend had indeed reached climax.

Yumi relaxed in small jerks. She was panting and gasping for air, as she slowly let her back come down to rest on the madras. Her abdomen heaving as she was trying to gain control of her breath.

Sachiko smiled and slowly let her fingers rest. She leaned down and kissed Yumi's clit, her lips, and moving slowly upwards in small kisses along the way, Sachiko eventually reached Yumi's mouth, and for a time soft, gentle kisses was all that was heard.

"I never knew" was the first thing Yumi said, cheeks still flushed. "Had I known, I would have begged you sooner."

Sachiko laughed.

"Don't laugh" Yumi said teasingly "You are next".

"My!" And both girls giggled.


Two rooms further along the corridor, in an otherwise empty room... Sayako stood up from her position on the floor, where she had been sitting on her heals and knees. She stood for a second, closed her eyes and made a small sigh. "Oh Sachiko" she whispered sadly. She turned and went to the door where she knelt, slid the door open, crawled outside and silently closed the door again, she stood up and left this wing of the mansion with no trace of her having been there at all.


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