"I try not to think too much about it... But mostly I hope our lives will continue much as it is now." Sachiko was standing chest deep, in the deep end, resting her head on her arms, which were crossed on the beautiful tiled floor that surrounded the pool in the big room.

Yumi and her were in the pool in the Ogasawara Mansion. It was just after midnight, and they were sure to be alone.

The room had a warm mist, a light fog, dancing on the surface, caressing the water. And they had turned down the lights slightly, not much, just enough to make the room seem... friendly.

"You mean living there with you, instead of here. Yumi was a few step away out in the pool, which easily housed fifty if need be. She had her knees bent, so as only to let her head bop in the warm water.

"Well, something like that. Don't you want to?" Sachiko said, raising her head and looking over her shoulder at Yumi.

"It doesn't matter what I want. I will do whatever you find best, as long as we are together." Yumi said. She took a little water in her mouth and bending her neck slightly and making a pout with her lips, she squeezed the water out in a little fountain from her lips.

Her words had been sincere, without hesitation.

Sachiko smiled and put her head back to rest. The pang of concern she had felt with the question, was more a concern of being left alone in that world with Kashiwara... She had no concerns about Yumi leaving her, she would never. It was more a concern if Yumi was prepared to live like that inside Kashiwagi's place, with her, for life.

"What do you think Kashiwara will think?" Yumi had made up her mind long ago. She didn't care how they lived. For all she cared, they could be living on the moon.

"Who cares what he thinks... He will probably keep to his wing with his male friends and we can stay in our wing. We'll meet at social gatherings and smile prettily, and that will be it" Sachiko smiled dryly, but it did make her think...

"It sounds simple enough." Yumi leaned back and let her body float on the warm water. Leaving only her small breasts, her hips, and tips of her toes to break the surface. The warm water made her fell as if she was floating on air. She absolutely loved this pool.

"Yes... probably too simple. I don't know. It will be at least a year and a half. I don't think they will marry me before my education at Lillian Uni is finished. She sighed deeply.

Yumi turned her head slightly, looking at Sachiko.

"You make it sound as if you are a piece of meat they toy with." Her voice was soft and caring.

"Well, do you see it any other way?" Sachiko spoke the words resigned and low.

Well, you can always just sa...

"... Yumi..." The word had been sharp. Prompt.

"...yes, I-I'm sorry... I...". Yumi hit herself in the head. Why did she do that again? She knew it would just make both of them sad. The question had been a sore eye early in their relationship, until Sachiko told her flat, that if she wouldn't accept...

Yumi put her legs down, stood up and placed herself behind Sachiko, pressing her body into Sachiko's. She ran her arms around Sachiko's body and grasps her breasts, squeezing gently, while digging into Sachiko's neck with her mouth, brandishing hot pools of kisses.

It was a matter of seconds before Sachiko sighs and twists in her arms, making them stand face to face, desperately seeking Yumi's mouth.

"I'm sorry." Yumi got the word out one syllable at a time in-between passionate kisses.

Sachiko pulled Yumi's head back, enough for her to cup Yumi's cheek. She was a little breathless.

"Don't be." Sachiko held her tight, looking her gently in the eyes. "Dont be." She said again. and she moved a few strands of Yumis golden wet hair from her face.

"All that matters is that we love each other." And with that she leaned in, and kissed her softly on the mouth, and then continued along her cheek, until she had her earlobe, and the words "I love you" was spoken gently in her ear, not more than a whisper.

The little whimper from Yumi was all the incentive Sachiko needed to slowly work her way from neck to shoulder and down to Yumi's breast. The kisses warm as fire, slow, and tender.

Yumi arched her back, leaning way back in Sachiko's arms, letting her fine tresses float in the water, and breast and breasts be free to Sachiko's caresses and lips.


"Perhaps I should come back later?..." The words, full of mirth, came from an approaching Sayako

"M-Mother!?" Sachiko states the obvious.

"Last I checked, yes." Sayako had a friendly smile that encompassed her eyes. And she was showing no offence in the love displayed by the two girls.

Sachiko got Yumi upright, and they stumbled from each other in the pool, trying to find equilibrium again.

"W-What are you doing here so late!?"

"Well it is my house child. I can more or less do as I please." She gave a wink.

"I was just feeling restless, and thought a little warm bath might help take some of that away."

Sachiko looked at her mother ruefully. As far as she knew, her mother didn't get 'restless'.

Sayako sat delicately on the edge of the pool letting one leg gently slide down in, as she bent the other on the edge so she could rest her head on the knee. She let the towel around her slide down to the tiled floor as she made some motions back and forth with the foot in the warm weather. She let out a little content sigh.

The hot misty fog in the room made her look almost serene and divine.

She was beautiful and Yumi could help but steal a peek or two. If genes had any play in it, and Sachiko would look like that when she was forty, Yumi definitely wouldn't mind.

Yumi, who suddenly realised, that she was still standing from the shock before, showing Sayako her naked form, lowered her body as fast as she could, without causing a stir.

Sachiko was taken from her thoughts by the motion, and with a little smile slowly did the same, she let her head fall down leaving her beautiful tresses float in a raven halo around her. She used a little offset push with her foot, to send herself floating into Yumi.

Yumi smiled and held her up by the shoulders, and she stood up a little to kiss her in an upside down kiss, feeling Sachiko's chin graze her nose.

"Let me ask you girls." Sayako suddenly said in a friendly tone. She was making a little pause before she continued, as if making sure she had the girls attention.

"I might as well just ask the two of you together. As I understand, there is no chance on Earth that you two will live apart. Am I correct?"

"Yes" Yumi said, unguarded, right away, beaming a smile.

"Yes, that's correct" Sayako raised her head. She said it in a neutral tone, but her eyes had a cautious look.

"So if you could have a free choice. I mean, completely free. Where, and how, would you live?"

"I'm not sure I follow, mother"

"I want to live with Onee-sama!" The exclamation from Yumi made both Sayako and Sachiko turn and look at her. She blushed deeply.

"Yes... I can understand as much Yumi. I'm not sure I ever, in my lifetime, have seen anything remotely comparable to the love you have for my daughter. For that I owe you thanks."

"What I mean Yumi is. How would you like to spend your life? What would you like to do? In just a few short years your schooling for adulthood will be over. Then what"

"Mother... Are you trying to tell us something?..."

"No... I'm just curious, and the water is nice and warm. It was just a topic for relaxed conversation."

"I want to teach history, maybe English." Yumi blurts out "I-I want to live with Onee-sama and teach." Her cheeks flare bright red.

"My!" Sayako can't help but smile at the young girl.

"An admirable profession indeed Yumi... And where would you like to live?"

"I-It doesn't matter where. Anywhere with Onee-sama..." Her voice trail... As things are right now, she knows where that will be.

"Thank you Yumi. I believe your answers are as honest as ever." She smiles lovingly, and bows her head slightly at the girl, making her blush deeply.

"And you?" Sayako shift gaze, locking it with Sachiko

"It doesn't matter what I want mother. You know that." Sachiko's tone is fuld of defiance.

"Oh just humour an old lady. What's the harm?"

"Fine. If you must know. I would like us to live on our own, preferably as a professor in Japanese arts somewhere. I would very much like that place to be Lillian"

"My! A professor?" Sayako's eyes went wide in surprise. She would never have imagined, that her daughter would even dream of a future outside her marriage to Kashiwaga. And now discovering, that her ambition level was that high.

"Yes. It will be a further six years of study after Lillian Uni" Sachiko stated, leaving no doubt, that she had done her homework in reading up on the subject.

"I see. And in those six years?"

"We would be living here, but together, openly. If that was forbidden, then probably in a small flat, somewhere."

"I see..."

"Mother, you never ask questions needlessly. You haven't done so in my lifetime. I have a hard time believing you would start doing it now."

"You did not quite put an end to my curiosity dear. What about Kashiwagi?"

The silence in the room is suddenly palpable. Yumi hardly dared breathe.

"Truth be told mother. I do not think you want an answer to that question."

"I see..." Sayako stood up. "Now then. I think I'll retire until breakfast. "You will be joining me wont you?" A little plea evident in her voice. Most mornings Sachiko and Yumi makes do without breakfast. Being too exhausted from the nights late hours, they will take every minute of sleep in the morning they can get.

"And tomorrow evening," Sayako went on. "we are having lobster. They will be fresh from the harbour, I'll personally have the staff pick up some this morning. Doesn't that sound wonderful?" She smiled gently at the girls. As if the previous conversation was already forgotten.

Sachiko's father, Sayako's husband, was at his mistress' house the next couple of days, leaving the Osagawara Mansion to the ladies. Often times that meant leaving Sayako alone. A fact that was a constant thorn in Sachiko. How someone could leave her mother, was simply beyond her.

"Yes mother, of cause" She smiled, bending her head in defeat. She knew when not to press her mother for answers she had no intention of giving. The line of questioning did make her think though.

Sayako left the big room with words of 'good night' trailing after her. And the hot misty fog and the comfortable water, was yet again left to Sachiko and Yumi.

Sachiko turned around slowly, still lost in thought, only to be jumped by Yumi.

"Now then, professor, where were we?"

On the other side of the screen, on the way to get dressed. Sayako stood still for a moment, thoughroughly enjoying the happy squeals and shrieks from the playful girls. She was paying especially attention to Sachiko... She closed her eyes for just a little while and marvelled at the sound of her girl laughing. Without even noticing, she was letting a tear run freely down her cheek.

"Thank you, Yumi... Thank you..." The whispers so barely perceptible, as to be non existent.


"Please close the door." Tooru's voice was low, barely controlling his anger. He had surprisingly come home from work, even though this was supposed to be a night at his mistress. He was standing behind his desk, looking out the window at the finely manicured Japanese garden just outside. His side was turned towards Sayako and he didn't turn.

Sayako stood for a few split seconds, trying to gauge her husband. She noticed the tension in Tooru, as if a spring ready to go off. The tone of his voice, his stern facial expression. She made a little pout, turned and nodded to her maid before steeping fully into his office. She heard her maid slide the doors to the office shut behind her.

"What have you done?" The words ominous, full of barely concealed rage.

Sayako knew instantly what this was about. But what was the result of her meeting with Kashiwagi. Had she judged the situation right when she had called for him yesterday?

"What have you done!?" He turned and shouted at her full force.

Well, anything that had Tooru in such a knot has something to do with his father. She thought. If he was this mad, it was because his father had been mad at him. And if her action yesterday had reached Tooru's father… It had to be because Kashiwagi had gone to his own father, and that could only mean one thing.

"Why won't you answer me!?" He had raised his hand, pointing at her accusingly, as if there could be any doubt, as to who of the two in the room he was talking to.

"You know what I did husband. Why ask when you know?" Her voice was even, friendly. But her face was one of neutrality.

"Do you know what he did? Do you? Do you know what that boy did!?" The wind in his voice suddenly left him, and with the last trails of his question, he turned back. As if looking at her gave him a headache. He raised a hand too massage his brow, as if the deep furrow there had been strained and overworked all day.

"I can guess..." She took small cautious steps towards him, not really sure if her assessment of the situation in the room was correct. But in the end she reached him, and she put her hands around his elbow, and turned a little to look out at the garden with him.

"Why?" His voice fatigued, low.

"Why would you do that?"

"I had two weighty reasons, reasons that I thought would outweigh the consequences of not doing anything." She looked up at him. Serious, but with eyes alive with emotion.

"I did not want for my daughter to live in misery. I did not want for her to live with a husband who doesn't love her" The last syllables got stuck in her throat, and had to fight their way out.


She just shook her head. As if that discussion was one for another time.

"And the other reason?"

"Sometimes you can be so blind to the obvious, that I don't know whether to laugh or feel pity." She reaches up and strokes his cheek, then takes a few steps away before turning and facing him again.

"Have you not seen the change in her? The life in her? Have you not seen her smile and heard her laugh? Can you not see the joy in her walk?"

He blinks a few times, as if trying to understand where she's going with this.

"Tooru, can you not see the love in her eyes?"

"Yes... Well. Yes of cause I noticed, I... She's... well, happy... And?" He now turns fully towards her.

"So?... Why do you think that is? What do you think brought about this change in her?"

"I... I thought that... she is getting older... I... Maybe she was getting exited about the wedding...?"

"Ha!" Sayako scoffs. "That's a good one. Getting excited about being married to a man she never chose, a man that not only would never love her, but is incapable of even loving woman. Don't be foolish husband."

"Well... then..."

"... You really are hopeless." Sayako says with love and gives him and fond smile.

"When did you notice this change in your daughter?" She asks quietly.

"It was... I think I... well, maybe I noticed some change in her in autumn a few years ago. Around the time she chose Yumi to be her petite soeur?

"Yes... Yumi."

"I'm not..."

Sachiko goes to him, stops before him and caresses his cheek.

"Are you that blind husband?..." She speaks softly, gently.

Tooru looks at her with a deep cress in his already furrowed brow. He looks from his wife to the garden, sighs deeply and raises his hand to massage his sore brow yet again. Then, after a few seconds. he all of a sudden lifts his head and with a bewildered look seeks Sayako's eyes with a desperate question branded in his brain.

"Ah... Yes... There it is. You do see after all." She gives his cheek a little final pat. Before smiling gently at his frozen features.

"Now, why don't I call the girls, and you can tell them what Kashiwara did? I'm sure the two of them will be quite thrilled."


"Are you happy?" Sachiko whispers gently.

It's late and the mansion is asleep. Yumi has made an ecstatically happy Tsuma not draw shut the curtains tonight. The moon is full and the weather fair, making it a beautiful night.

They are lying in Yumi's bed, bathed only in moonlight, making both girls seem almost fairylike. They are lying on their sides in a spooning embrace, Yumi with her back to Sachiko.


"Y-Yes, I was just... It's just, today seems so unreal... somehow."


"It's like we got this free card from prison... or a hammer to break down a wall... or something... I-I'm not too good at explaining it, I'm sorry.

"It's okay, I understand perfectly." Sachiko smiled a bit. And she did understand, she understood perfectly.

Yumi turns in the embrace, facing Sachiko. She cups Sachiko cheek, and then moves a strand of hair.

"To me you are wonderful, Onee-sama. Always know that. Having you love me is much more than I could possibly dream." Yumi's eyes are big and tender, and brimming with love.

"And today... And t..." But Yumi's emotions get the best of her, and a few tears drops from her eyes.

"Yumi?" Sachiko's voice is tender and caring, as she tries to wipe Yumi's tears away.

Yumi shakes her head a bit, not letting her do so.

"No... no. I" And she sniffs a few time, wiping her eyes furiously.

"It's just that today is a day, that I have not dared dream of." She smiles a little shyly.

"Sometimes the words 'I love you' just don't seem to be enough. And then I can be a little frustrated because I can't tell you exactly how I feel... I'm sorry Onee-sama."

"Don't be. That is how I feel almost all the time Yumi." Sachiko gives a little van smile.

"I think maybe that's part of being in love... That part of you that desperately seeks to tell, that you are the moon and the sun and the stars to me. But lacking the words to do so."

Sachiko raises her hand and gently caresses Yumi's cheek and earlobe.

"Love is such a wonderful force, Yumi. But one that is barely contained within us. We all have it, some more than others. Slumbering, waiting, searching for that someone. "Sachiko's voice is slow, and soft, and dreamy.

And when it does find that someone, other than yourself, to call upon. Nothing in this world will stop it... Nothing at all... No walls or prisons, no distance or time.

Yumi had closed her eyes, as if utterly content by the feel of Sachiko hand, and the sound of her voice.

"It is the driving force between us and exploration, and discovery. Of creativity, and arts, and music too. It is the one power in the world that is all good."

"So I understand, Yumi, when you get a little frustrated because you can't find the right words, to tell me that the love inside you has called upon me."

"But know this Yumi..." her voice is suddenly a little shaky. "That the love in me has also called upon you."

Yumi curled up in Sachiko's embrace, and Sachiko took her in, as if protecting that which was most precious to her. And just before Yumi dosed of, Sachiko heard her mumble

"Yes... I'm happy."

The End


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