Doing Just Fine
Epilogue Future Plans
Author Devylish
Fandom Veronica Mars
Pairing: Veronica Lamb DoVe
Words 395
Rating PG
Spoilers Season 1
Warning None
Disclaimer I own NOTHING…. And making me repeat this fact continually…, it's just CRUEL! :D

A/N: Unbeta'd
A/N2 I received a lot of requests for a 'continuation' of DJF, I thought I was done… but popular demand?? Lol… really, this is just a little 'added' epilogue.

DoVe DoVe DoVe DoVe DoVe

Veronica settled in against Lamb's shoulder in the front of the tow truck.

They were twenty miles from Neptune and Bubba – yes Bubba – the tow truck driver had country music blasting through the cab of his truck—a cigar 'politely' pointed out of the open window as they sped their way toward 'home'.

Glancing up at Lamb Veronica spoke just loudly enough for him to hear her. "You do realize that you more or less asked me to marry you… right?"

He looked down into her blues and smiled, his hand snaking tighter around her waist. "You do realize we were both butt-naked and in bed when I said that… right?"

She lifted her hand and punched him in the thigh. "Yeah well, we weren't in the 'throes' of passion, so, I'm holding you to it."

"Are you now?" He held her closer yet.

"I'm thinking three year engagement, then small, elegant wedding, maybe in Napa?"

"Three years?"

"Mmm hmm. Three years ought to give me enough time to decide if you're worth the walk down the aisle."

Bubba smirked but kept his eyes on the road and his fingers never lost their rhythmic tapping to Big and Rich's 'Save a Horse (Ride a Cowboy)'.

"See, Bubba agrees." Veronica smiled in Bubba's direction.

"Bubba, don't forget, I'm the one paying your bill here," Don raised his voice to be heard over the music. He then lowered his tone and mumbled against the top of Veronica's head, "As for you Mars," he caressed the exposed skin at her waist, "I will definitely make the walk down the aisle worth your while."

Veronica held up her hand and wiggled three fingers. "Three years Lamb."

Veronica didn't want to rush into anything; well nothing more than a marriage proposal and unexpected night of passion with her nemesis…. Who knows, maybe there had been a carbon monoxide build up in the cabin from the old fireplace/wooden stove; and maybe their revelations/realizations were due to a restriction of oxygen.

So, yeah…, better to put the light of day and some time between the events of the magical cabin and a 'marriage'.

Lamb nuzzled her ear, "It already feels like I've waited a lifetime for you… growing up… hating… forgiving… three years may kill me."

He couldn't see Veronica's smile, but he heard her words, "Okay, two years and nine months."