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"Gigi!" I yelled.

I remembered, I did!

After many minutes of yelling, I finally lost my voice. I wondered how it would feel to die right now. To truly die. I fell deeper and deeper into myself as I experienced the blonde angel fighting the red-headed one. Who would win?

Emmett POV

I couldn't…breathe. Honestly, I could but I didn't need to. I lay there on the shattered and skinned sofa, panting and inhaling unneeded air. I could hear my roughly cut fingernails softly scratching the cotton-like stuffing beneath my left hand. It was only a small and almost undetectable movement, but I could somehow hear it. I cautiously squeezed my other hand into a fist, and sat up quickly, pushing hard. I noticed and experienced several things in an entirety of an incredibly long second. One: I did not have any recollection of this oddly green room. Two: I felt my bottom hit the carpeted floor, echoing loudly. It seems my body had broken through the wooden framework that held up the sofa. Three: I captured a beautiful pale hand lying on the broken sofa.

My eyes trailed up an even paler, toned arm, my eyes moving on a mind of their own. I unconsciously slipped over distinctly female shoulders, and stopped at a pair of firm, rounded, and large breasts.

"Holy crow…" I muttered oh so softly.

Now my hands seemed to work by themselves, and I reached forward to touch one. Not had I ever seen such, beautiful..well, boobs. My hand stopped as I noticed how pale I was. Had I always been this pale? Hold it, how was I to know what I had been like before? I felt my face contort into a grimace, pondering. Who the hell was I? All I could remember was a blonde angel, and…someone else was there. But I couldn't remember. I couldn't remember anything.

I was snapped out of my thoughts by a sharp intake of breath. The chest in front of me heaved making me want to swoon. I squeezed my eyes closed, swallowing. I was trying to build up the courage to look away from those melons. My throat burned when I swallowed, and I winced. It was now or never.

I opened my eyes, expecting to have to raise my head. But no. I forced my eyes opened, intending to coax my gaze away from this woman's chest, and let out a short yell. There in front of my eyes were a pair of beautiful golden eyes, and in them, I saw my perplexed impression. I noticed how strong I looked, how buff! The angel blinked, and when she opened her eyes again, I could not help but fall into her endless golden eyes. I did not even want to break the silence, as I remembered that this was the angel from my dream.

"Emmett," she whispered.

I nodded, assuming that was my name. How was I going to admit that I didn't remember anything about her except how beautiful she was, and how she had saved me from something? I knew that much, but didn't have any idea from what…this would be a problem.

"How are you feeling?" she continued, continuing to whisper.

"Why are you whispering?" I blurted unconsciously.

My voice resounded in the room, shocking me. I saw a lean bronze figure enter through a door on the other side of the room. He chuckled in what seemed like a smug tone, murmuring, "He doesn't remember your name, Rosalie," he sneered. I felt my chest puff out as I heard this boy talk. I didn't like the way he was talking to Rosalie. I felt something swell in my chest, but it certainly was not my heart. I could not hear a beating in my drums. That was it! I had to be dead to be blessed with Rosalie. But if I was dead, I must be in purgatory if whatever-his-name-is is here. He was irking me.

Rosalie rolled her eyes and muttered in reply to my question, "That annoyance is why I'm whispering."

"Rosalie. Rosalie. Rosalie. Is that all you seem to entertain myself with?? You honestly force me to want to eat a raw apple, and believe me, that is sincerely the worst thing you can do as a heartless vampire…" he continued.

I would have blushed if I could. Instead I focused my gaze to Rosalie, wondering what she would think. Would she believe me insane or would she…like it? Why did I have such a remarkable attraction towards someone that has only starred in the only dream that I seem to remember? Another thing also caught my attention. Did he just say vampire? I may not remember who I am, but I remember what everything is…and I am sincerely confused.

"Edward I will literally use my ruined blood," my nose flared when that word slipped from her lips," red toenails and claw out your eyes," Rosalie spoke in a normal tone.

Why did I react so oddly at the mention of blood? As I mentioned it in my mind, my throat clenched uncomfortably. Edward snorted.

"At least he isn't the dense imbecile I'd thought him to be…looking beyond how 'enchanted' he is by your… physique," his tone faltered at the end, as if he was almost uncomfortable talking about Rosalie.

"Oh for god's sake. Not that I believe in a god…but do you mind?" he continued, disgusted.

I shrugged unknowingly. I had no inkling to what I was doing that could irk him so much. I hadn't even murmured a word. Rosalie rolled her eyes and searched mine reassuringly. She sighed impatiently when Edward's fingers began to drum lightly against the door frame.

"Don't blame me, Rosalie," Edward answered some sort of invisible question, "but Carlisle specifically entitled me to keep watch over Emmett… not that I want to. All I'm hear to do is annoy you to no end. That is a reward in itself."

Rosalie's gaze left my befuddled eyes and glared daggers into Edward's smug ones.

"If you would refrain from being so rude to our guest? As much as it is tempting to take up my own offer and claw out your eyes, that would frighten Emmett," she continued, her voice perfectly pronouncing my name.

"I'd like to see you try and do so. Unfortunately, that would do no harm except to this one's," he indicated towards me," mental state. You can be quite…frightening when you want to be. That King creature got quite the fill of that, didn't he?" Edward spoke menacingly, his eyes glinting, almost as if he was daring Rosalie to say something in reply.

She stiffened, but answered in reply, "Ah, Edward. Quite the clever one you believe yourself to be, don't you? I think I have decided to not only claw out your eyes, but pry off those fingers you value so much, your piano playing fingers?"

The menace in his eyes turned to anger, "I will be left unscathed after all that overreaction, and at least I will look better than Emmett, especially with those scars all over him. Ones that you caused. You've damned him to this life, and at least you can suffer together."

Rosalie was silenced, as her eyes filled with deep regret. She didn't want to seem to want to catch my eye. She stood and turned, and whispered, "Emmett, would you like to come with me? I need to introduce you to Carlisle. He'll know what to do next."

I crawled warily out of the mess of what was left of the sofa and followed the blonde through the same door way where Edward stood. I was frightened. Edward honestly did not seem to like me, but when I passed by him I could have sworn his stance softened.

I hope we can be friends, whoever you are, Edward. I thought cautiously, stepping around him. I would never be able to speak those words to his face, and so he would not know until I told him to his face. His pale hand suddenly grasped by right shoulder.

"I don't know you either, and although you seem to be infatuated with my..." he struggled to find the word, "sister, I hope we can be friends too."

I was shocked. Was it just coincidence that he happened to answer my thoughts? He grinned, and let me by. I looked around for Rosalie, and I saw her blonde hair whip around the corner to a heavy- looking wooden door. She was waiting for me, and I rushed to not keep her waiting any longer.

I didn't know what happened then, because suddenly I broke through the door and caught a bewildered blonde vampire in the middle of his novel. The shock dissolved quickly, and he also flashed me a knowing grin. I was getting frustrated. How does everyone around here seem to know more than me?

"I believe I can assume you don't know your strength," the man said.

There was no inquiry to his voice, he knew. Rosalie walked past me and stood by Carlisle. I started mumbling apologies about the door. My eyes quickly raked the ground, noticing splinters allover the floor. Carlisle cleared his throat, and I unwillingly look at the space between his eyes.

"Don't worry about the door. I believe Edward took down a whole wall after he was changed," Carlisle murmured kindly. I could detect nothing but compassion in his voice. What a nice man.

"Emmett, Carlisle knows who you are, but I don't believe you remember him?" Rosalie questioned, her tone muted with some emotion I couldn't decipher.

I shook my head, and took out my hand to shake Carlisle's offered hand. We shook.

"Nice grip for the newborn, Emmett," Carlisle said, amused.

The questions were written on my face.

"Newborn is the term given to newly changed vampires," he said.

I didn't know what to say, and gulped, the burn intensifying. Carlisle and Emmett were waiting for some verbal answer.

"Perhaps the change caused him to become a mute?" I recognized Edward's voice from behind, detecting his sarcasm.

Anger suddenly flared in me, for some weird reason. I swiveled, and was careful to slowly approach him. I crossed my arms, and I saw fear flicker in his eyes before being concealed. Edward crossed his own arms.

"I'd prefer if you didn't act like such an ass," I articulated neatly, and hid my own surprise at how odd my voice sounded. Demure, quite the lure if I put it to use.

Edward seemed shocked, and I wondered if I'd be kicked out. I felt faint regret, especially if these people had saved me from something that I had yet to discover. There was static in the air as I instinctively took another step closer to Edward, and he cringed slightly, not yet recovered from my insult.

Rosalie suddenly burst out laughing, the sound music to my ears. I had never heard such a beautiful sound. She couldn't stop laughing, and I grinned sheepishly.

Edward murmured, shaken, "So what are we going to do next, Carlisle?" He made a failed attempt to change the subject.

Carlisle obliged, sparing Edward.

"I believe we should venture out, all of us, except Esme, she is the other one that dwells here with us in our home," he added for my benefit, "to have you hunt. No doubt you feel that burning in the back of your throat."

Rosalie interrupted, "Is that safe, Carlisle? I don't want any harm to come to…him," she whispered the last word, "But! Can't we just bring something here?"

Carlisle replied, "Esme would have my head, my dear. Besides, Emmett should begin to learn the ropes around here. I am here to tell you, Emmett, that I am sure that you have so many questions, some that you cannot even begin to formulate words to. And for that we have Edward…" he broke off suddenly, interrupted again by a strangled cough coming from Edward.

"Leave it to you to break my fun, Carlisle. Now he'll really monitor his thoughts now that he knows that I can hear them…"

"What?" I blurted, "How can you hear my thoughts?" My head spun with how he'd obviously heard my not so innocent fantasies about Rosalie. Everything clicked. How he seemed to make repeated comments about me "stopping", when he was just asking me to stop thinking what I was thinking. And then that moment in the hall where he answered a question that I had posed in my mind. I was embarrassed. Who knew if Edward would use that against me later? My little snide comment didn't seem so daring anymore. I felt nervous.

"Yes, Emmett. And thank you for providing me with blackmail," Edward chuckled, a dark edge to his voice.

"As I was saying, there will be plenty of time for questions, which we do not need to answer at this moment. All I can tell you without frightening you is that my name is Dr. Carlisle Cullen, and I live here with my wife Esme, and my adopted children Edward Cullen and Rosalie Hale. We are a coven of vampires that dwell among humans, and feed on animals to help ourselves act more human, to illusion ourselves. We ask you to sincerely consider to following our lifestyle, and in return we can offer you a home with us. But there are several rules we all follow. One: we do not let other humans know our true nature. Two: we do not go out in the sun, for reasons that I'll have one of us, most likely Rosalie," he cast a glance toward her as she smiled at whatever thought that was going through her mind, "demonstrate for you the next time the sun is out. We move around every few years, because there are humans that are suspicious of us at times, and we choose areas where the sun does not often shine. And three: Wherever we go, we always assume the identities as a doctor and wife who have adopted children."

I nodded my head vigorously, trying to understand everything he had just told me. It seemed unreal, almost like a dream, especially if Rosalie was here. Oh shoot! Emmett! Not when Edward is around!!

"Now I know this is a lot to absorb," Carlisle continued, his eyes compassionate, "but I only need one answer from you at this point, and that is what you would like to be called. If you choose to become part of our family, then you would have to assume the last name either Cullen or Hale…"

"Cullen," Rosalie blurted, and then looked down. Edward burst into a fit of laughter, trying to control the sounds ripping out of his chest.

"Edward," Rosalie said, her tone firm and serious, "not…a…word."

Carlisle looked just as confused as I was, but continued, "Emmett?"

"Cullen," I said, still trying to figure out what was so funny.

"Alright then," he nodded his head, and then spoke again, "like I mentioned earlier, you are experiences the throat aching, yes?" He waited for my nod before continuing, "That is your thirst for blood. That is what I meant by hunting. We need to travel away from here to go hunting. Specifically we travel to areas where there are over populations of animals. But we need to go soon. We live several miles away from the nearest town, but hikers are everywhere around these woods, and honestly, I don't think…" he faltered.

"…we'd be able to restrain you. You are quite the broad one, my new brother. If you caught the smell of a human we wouldn't be able to stop you from killing them and sucking them dry," Edward finished bluntly.

"Oh, okay," I said, and shrugged.

Rosalie stared at me like I was insane. Maybe shrugging wasn't the best reaction.

"Alright. Let's get going then. I can introduce you to Esme before we leave, and then we are off," Carlisle stood from his desk and strolled out the door –or rather door- less opening- that we had come through, Edward following him. Rosalie shyly took my hand and led me through the winding hallway and into a yellow room, where another beautiful mahogany haired woman sat reading a novel as well. She looked up, and smiled with some much sweetness that I couldn't help but smile back.

"Esme," his voice filled with love, "this is Emmett. Emmett, Esme, my wife."

"So nice to meet you, and so nice to see you finally smiling," she said, somewhat timid, but so kind.

"As to you ma'am," I said politely. Although I did not remember who had taught me, I certainly had well learnt manners.

She winked at me before Rosalie pulled out of the room, through the hallway, past the room with the wrecked sofa, and out the door. The day was murky gray, but with Rosalie as its centerpiece I couldn't help but to think this was the prettiest place I had ever seen.

"Come on," she winked, "let me show you what we and now you can do."

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