SUMMARY: Naoe makes the foolish decision to spend a night with his old lover, but it all takes an unexpected turn when Kagetora has a vision of them together in their moment of passion.

PAIRING: Yahiro Masashi x Naoe, Kagetora x Naoe, Yuzuru x Chiaki, Haruie x Shintaro.

RATING: M For mature and explicit content.

SETTING: After the ova, " rebels of the rivers edge"

DISCLAIMER: I do not own mirage of blaze or its characters.

thoughts, flashbacks.


"If you can beat me Naoe ,"his eyes glowed yellow as he looked at him and continued, "then that will be the day , the day you can have me." he looked up at the falling snowflakes, gave a wistful sigh and walked away leaving Naoe staring at him with his heart in his eyes. It was a look that contained a pure combination of intense hatred , love, desire and despair. A look perfected over the last four hundred years. Such conflicting emotions all directed at on man lord Kagetora Uesugi.

-end flashback-

12:35 am...Two nights later...

Nabutsuna Naoestaredout into the night, he was sitting at his bedroom window contemplating his existence. It was raining outside, lightening ever so often illuminating the otherwise total darkness every few minutes. " Four hundred years," he thought, "four hundred years of suffering. If only the rain could wash away the stains on my soul. If only it could rid me of this painful obsession that controls my life," but deep down he knows that is not what he wants. He wants to be free and to be kept in bondage in equal measures. He is a man conflicted. "If only I could release these chains around my heart," he thought. "If you can beat me Naoe , then that will be the day, the day you can have me." Those words created a resounding echo in his soul.For the first time in four hundred years Kagetora-sama has stopped being evasive and had given him an ultimatum, or a chance if you will, to finally obtain his hearts' desire. It was almost as if he, Kagetora-sama, was tiring of the game they had been playing with each other for the last four hundred years. He sighed wondering how he would attain his goals. "Kagetora-sama," he thought and felt the familiar stirring in his groin as he remembered the night that he had dragged Kagetora into his hotel room. He remembered the feel of Kagetora's skin under his fingers, the taste of his skin when he had licked his neck, the smell of his skin, the shudder that ran through his body when he pressed his arousal up against him. But most of all he remembered the feel of Kagetoras' hard cock pulsing in his hand, hardening at his touch. He remembered Kagetoras' gasp when he felt his hand on his arousal, when he rubbed his nipples, the feel of kagetoras' body writhing under him, his body begging for his touch even as he begged him to stop, he quickly broke of train of thought. By now he was painfully erect, he sighed and closed his eyes , willing his erection to go down, but unfortunately his thoughts kept returning to the smell of Kagetora, of his taste. Finally he couldn't take it anymore, he got up and grabbed the keys to his car. He knew that he wouldn't get any relief until he took care of his little problem.

He went out the door and got in his car heedless of the rain and drove off down the road a few miles. Finally he reached his destination. He got out of his car, locked it and walked in the rain up the driveway to the frontdoor of the house. He rang the doorbell and waited calmly for a response, the door opened and a unusually handsome man looked at him and smiled in welcome. "Tachibana,"said the man as he stepped aside and allowed Naoe to enter before locking the door behind him. He turned to look at Naoe, who had already started to undress and spoke, "it's been a while Tachibana," he smiled and continued to look at the now naked Naoe before he spoke again, "what could have gotten you so worked up for you to be in this state," he stated. Naoe didn't respond he just turned and walked towards the bedroom. Yahiro Masashi sighed and followed him, he could tell by Tachibanas' unresponsiveness that until he was satisfied he would not be receiving any answers. He ran his hand through his light brown hair and started to undress as he walked, it wouldn't do to keep Tachibana waiting when he was in this mood. In spite of everything he was looking forward to it, his blue eyes held a sparkle of anticipation as he thought of the pleasure awaiting him, Tachibana was without doubt an extraordinary lover. He licked his lips and walked into his room.

Meanwhile on the other side of town...

Kagetora 's room

He laid there in the dark, remembering what had almost happened between him and Naoe in the hotel room and sighed. He wanted and resisted in equal measures, his mind kept drifting back to the feel of Naoes' hands on him, on Naoes' tongue licking the erotic zone on his neck, the feel of his strong hands stroking his cock to full arousal. If only Naoe knew how close he had come to giving in at that moment. "No!"he chastised himself," you hated it, he almost raped you and he brought back those terrible memories!" he tried to convince himself. But deep down he knew he had loved it, Had loved it when Naoe had overpowered him in the elevator, even when his eyes were flashing defiance in shades of yellow. He had loved it when Naoe became aggressive and flung him on the bed, when Naoe had leaned over hip to strip him of his jacket, he really had wanted Naoe to remove his pants and briefs instead, and thrust his cock into his hot , tight waiting heat. He could lie to everyone else but he couldn't lie to himself, he had wanted Naoe with a passion that was like a living flame inside him. He loved and hated Naoe in equal measures, or so he thought, but it seemed as if his love was beginning to outgrow his hate.

And that was why he had given Naoe a chance to win his trust back and with his trust , his heart, everything that he was. He thought of the words he had spoken to Naoe that day, " if you can beat me Naoe then that will be the day, the day you can have me." He sighed Naoe was right about one thing, he did have an arrogant mouth. He sighed again and tried to settle himself enough to sleep. Finally he was relaxed enough to sleep despite being slightly aroused. He drifted off into sleep and that was when it happened. In his dream he saw Naoe enter the home of a handsome brown haired, blue eyed man and began to undress before proceeding down the hall to what he assumed was the bedroom. He saw the man follow him undressing as he went and that was when it all got interesting.

Yahiro Masashi and Naoe...

At Yahiros' house...

The minute Masashi walked into the bedroom Naoe grabbed him, pushed him up against the wall and began kissing him. Masashi tried to reach for Naoe but Naoe grabbed both his hands with one of his and pinned them above his head. He pinned Masashi aggressively to the wall with his body and deepened the kiss thrusting his tongue in his mouth , mimicking what he would be doing to his body later on. Masashi moaned from the pleasure and submitted willingly. Naoe feeling his surrender released his hold on his hands and ran his hand down Masashi's body before cupping his arousal. Masashi's whole body jerked at the contact but kept his hands above his head where Naoe had left them Naoekissed the side of his neck and sucked the niche that joined his collarbone to his neck and Masashi moaned. He leaned down to pull one of his nipples in his mouth, sucking and biting as he alternated between the two of them. Masashi moaned at the sensations flooding through his body by this and he shuddered as Naoe began jerking him off while he did this. A shudder ran through his body. Naoe stopped for a moment and grabbed the scented oil from the bureau near him and poured a generous amount in his hand. He massaged the oil into his erection then went down on his knees in front of Masashi and took his arousal in his mouth. He then gently pushed two oil slicked fingers pass Masashis' sphincter and into his orifice. He began thrusting his fingers inside him as he sucked on his cock and Masashi shuddered and moaned. He sucked on him in a strong steady vacuum and after a few minutes added another finger. He began pulling his cock all the way in until it hit the back of his throat. Masashi screamed from the pleasure and came in Naoes' waiting mouth. His whole body shuddered as he pumped the last of his semen into Naoes' mouth. He leaned heavily against the wall so as not to fall from his now weakened knees. Naoe got up and licked his lips silently. He paused for a moment and looked at the mans' pleasure filled countenance before turning him around to face the wall. He gently reached down and parted Masashis' folds and positioned the head of his now throbbing cock at the other mans entrance, gently he pushed into the oil slicked heat and moaned from the pleasurable sensations flooding his body from the contact. He gently started thrusting slowly , giving the other man a chance to adjust to his size. Masashi leaned forward so he could take in all of him comfortably and moaned. Naoe started to thrust a little faster making sure to hit his prostate with every thrust. Masashi began to moan with every thrust until he screamed out , "harder Naoe, fuck me harder and faster!" he demanded as he began to undulate his hips backwards to take as much as he could. He was by now completely aroused again and was dripping precum. "Touch me Naoe," he begged and Naoe leaned forward to stroke him in time with his thrusts. He began contracting his inner walls around Naoe , knowing this would drive him crazy and it had the desired effect. Naoe began thrusting himself into him as hard as he could and masashi had to use his hand to brace himself against the wall in order to stay upright from Naoes' hard thrusts. He pushed his hips back to meet each violent thrust and by now was screaming with pleasure. He came hard all over Naoes' hands and in two more thrust Naoe followed. As Naoe came he pictured a dark haired man in his mind, " Kagetora," he thought and thought was his last coherent thought for a while.

Naoe and his lover staggered over to the bed and lay down. The waves of there orgasm was still gently flowing through them. When they could finally breathe again without effort Masashi leaned over Naoe and on impulse bit him in the same spot that Naoe had bit him earlier and his own neck. He sucked on the bruise then reached up and kissed Naoe gently, "thank you for that ," he said and settled down to sleep. Naoe looked down at his now exhausted occasional lover and said quietly, "no, thank you." He sighed, his last thought were of Kagetora before he too fell asleep.

Meanwhile in Kagetoras' room...

Kagetora awoke with a start. He had just had the most strangest dream of Naoe making love to some blue-eyed bishonen. It had seemed so real, almost as if he was in the room with them , watching them. "It was just a dream," he told himself, " that could never happen, Naoe wouldn't do something so foolish after the chance I just gave him, especially after what had happened with Minako." he settled back into a comfortable position on the bed. But deep in his mind he wondered. He tried to fall asleep but couldn't. "Alright," he told himself, " since it obviously bothers me so much I will call a meeting tomorrow and sort it all out, after it is a Saturday tomorrow so I wont have to worry about school or anything." With that resolution firmly seated in his mind he finally fell asleep.


authors note: takaya ougi and uesugi kagetora are the same person. nabutsuna naoe aka tachibana yoshiaki, chiaki shuhei aka yasuda nagahide and kadowaki ayako aka kukizaki haruie. for those who didnt know.