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-*- Two Days Later -*-

Everything was peaceful and the way it's supposed to be. Hinote, now leader of the Niiro pack once more, watched over his old friend Suki as she tries to stand for the first time in 2 days. Suki slipped but was caught by Hinote's body. "Woah there. Careful."

Suki smiled at him. "Thanks Hinote." She slowly placed her paws straight on the rock ground and she lifted herself up with the help of Hinote.

"There you go." He told her as he slowly backed away from her.

Suki giggled as she slowly stepped forward. She slipped once more and fell flat on her stomach. "Oops…"

Hinote chuckled softly. "Let's just take this one baby step at a time ok?"

Suki chuckled as well. "Agreed."

"I see that you can stand Suki." Grandfather said as he limped in, Ayame behind him.

"Yes, but I can't walk yet."

"Of course not Suki." Ayame told her. "You just stood; you're not going to walk for a while."

"But you'll get there." Hinote assured her. "As I said before, you just need to take it slowly."

Kouga walked into the cave at that moment. "Hey everyone, hello Grandfather."

"Hello Kouga." Everyone greeted.

"So Grandfather, Suki, how are you two?"

"Fine." They both said at the same time.

"Problem is," Ayame added, "that Grandfather is still limping and Suki is just now starting to stand. I really didn't think that both of them would have been as injured as they are now."

Kouga shrugged. "Well I can't be helped. That Elect was a nuisance."

"I'm glad he's gone." Grandfather said. "He was too dangerous to be kept alive."

Kouga nodded. "Well, Naito and Nikita already left to go back to their lands."

"Did you congratulate them?" Ayame asked him.

"Congratulate them? For what?"

Suki smiled. "Nikita decided to become Naito's mate. Their lands will soon become one."

"Wow! Amazing." Kouga groaned then. "Do I have to go to another ceremony because I swear to Kami that if I have to I will—"

"Calm yourself Kouga." Hinote interrupted. "Just relax. I can't leave until I make sure all the damage from Elect is fixed."

"You're leaving?" Suki, Ayame and Kouga asked all at the same time.

"Sadly but yes." Hinote replied. "I have to go back to my lands and fix that up as well." He looked to Suki. "But I wish I could stay."

Suki nodded slowly. "Just come back as soon as possible ok?"

Hinote nodded as well and nudged her with his muzzle. "Get better."


Hinote walked to the others. "Take care you guys. Goodbye Grandfather, Ayame, Kouga. I hope that I see you again soon." He received some goodbyes and then walked out of the cave.

Kouga looked at Ayame. "Ayame. Can I talk to you alone?"

Ayame looked at him with a shocked expression. She then recomposed herself. "Yes Kouga you may."

Together the two walked out of the cave and made their way down the mountain without making a single noise except for the sound of their feet hitting the ground. Once they reached the bottom of the river's edge they stopped and looked at each other.

"What did you want to talk to me about Kouga?" Ayame asked.

"Well Ayame, I don't want to make it seem like I am just doing this because of what just happened two days ago so I'll say it this way."

Ayame got confused. What is he talking about? "Uh, Kouga, wha—"

"I'm sorry." He took both of her hands into both of his. "I'm sorry that I didn't keep that promise to you all those years ago. I'm sorry that I even told you that promise to you when you were littler. I'm sorry that it took me all this time and Elect to happen before realizing that I really do want to be with you. I'm sorry that your life had to go through hell for me to finally see you for something much more. I'm sorry, so very sorry." Kouga pulled her into his arms and hugged her. Giving her head a kiss he told her the final part of his speech, the part Kouga hoped would change his life. "I love you Ayame. I really do love you."

As Kouga held her Ayame started to cry. It started off as a growing warmth inside to sniffles to full blown out tears. She placed her arms around his neck and pulled him closer to her. She then started her own speech but this one was shorter and more to the point. "I forgive you Kouga. I forgive you because I love you and it doesn't matter what I went through because Kami knows you went through it too. All I can say is that I love you too Kouga. I always have."

They broke apart and shared their first kiss near the river. It was deep and passionate and everything that Elect was not and never could have been or given to Ayame. It was now for the start of something anew. Time to change their lives for the better and time to say 'I do'. By a week's time Kouga and Ayame were pronounced as man and mate.

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