The Crime Scene:

Devenia's House:

All six CSI's with Sophia, Eckley & Brass drove up to Devenia Smith's house & turned their cars off. The place was as quiet as a ghost town & nobody was in sight. The CSI's grabbed their kits and went inside the house, noticing the blood on the floor next to the door. They started working while Eckley, Sophia & Brass started questioning the neighbors. Nick & Sarah took the perimeter of the house, Warrick & Greg took the upstairs, and Catherine & Grissom took the downstairs. It was Greg that noticed my room first. He called to Warrick and they searched my room, looking for any sign the kidnappers left behind. Warrick came upon the first clue, a fingerprint on the mirror, in blood. He photographed the fingerprint, then took a couple more pictures of the room, while Greg flipped through a couple books on the bookshelf.


"Looks like she has more then one diary. Or these could just be poems & songs written by two girls."

"Bag 'em Greg. We'll go through them back at the lab. I've got a bloody fingerprint on the mirror, like something was ripped off. There also seems to be an address book right next to her radio. I wonder who she knows that might be a potential harm to her." Warrick said & bagged the address book.

"By the way, did you ever give Devenia your phone number by any chance?"

"When I noticed the bruises I gave her my number. Maybe her parents found out she was hanging around a bunch of cops & CSI's. That could be the reason for the robbery and kidnap."

"Huh, take that up with Grissom. But right now, let's focus on the other rooms."

They moved to the parent's room, looking for any signs of caring about what happened to their daughter. Instead they found what they didn't want to find. A whole closet full of belts and whatever could be used for beating someone. They took pictures of the belts that had blood on them & anything else that had blood on it, then collected the evidence. Greg took pictures of a locked truck that would have to be taken in to be looked at. They took enough pictures of the parent's room & then moved on to the game room & looked for any sign of life. The only thing they found was a sleeping cat with a collar that read Liana. Warrick took a picture of the cat then picked it up and put it in a carrier he found in the closet. With everything done upstairs, Warrick took the cat downstairs first, then went back upstairs to help Greg bring the trunk down.


Catherine & Grissom collected a sample of the blood next to the front door and took pictures of it. Then they moved to the other rooms on the first floor. Catherine was in the bathroom when she heard a noise from the next room. Grissom came out of the garage when he heard the sound. Warrick & Greg had come down the stairs and were loading their evidence into the cars. Catherine took her gun from her holster & Grissom did the same. On the count of three, Grissom opened the laundry room door & both entered cautiously. They were both knocked down when a mountain lion ran out. They went after the lion to see where it was going. The lion headed outside & they followed.


Warrick, Greg, Sophia, Eckley, Nick, Sarah & Brass all saw the lion run out of the house and head for the stables. The cat that Warrick had put in the carrier was trying to get out. Warrick took the cat out, put a small rope around its neck & let it guide them into the stables, where the lion was hiding out. Liana, the cat, guided them into the stables, where they came in view of four other animals including the lion. Two were fully grown grizzly bears & the others: a wolf & a bald eagle.

"Someone get animal control!" Eckley shouted.

"Wait, look at the cat. It's like she knows them. And it looks like they all have collars on." Sarah noted.

"So we get animal control to keep them until we find Devenia."

"I have a better idea. James said he took Levi to his ranch. If they were near Levi, I don't think they would harm anyone. And it looks like Levi has been around these animals there whole lives. Why not let Devenia know that she still has some animal friends in her life when we find her. Let James take care of the animals for now. And Animal Control can check up on them every now & then." Nick stated.

"Nick's got a point. If Levi can co-exist with wild animals, then they should go live at the ranch with her. Let them stay alive & we'll worry about the permits for these animals when we find Devenia." Sophia said.

"Fine, but once we find her and we know that she's okay, we're having a serious talk with that girl about them."

"Were you able to collect all the evidence you need?" Brass asked.

"Almost, we were almost done with the downstairs when the lion got loose. And it looks like Nick & Sarah could use some help with collecting their evidence since Warrick & Greg are done upstairs." Grissom stated.

"Okay, it's settled. Warrick & Greg will help Sarah & Nick. Then when everyone is done, we'll call animal control or James and have him help us get the animals to his ranch." Sophia said.

Everyone went back to their original duties. Once all the evidence was collected and packed up in the cars, Animal Control was called & James brought over his pick-up truck & trailer and helped load the animals up. It was agreed that the animals could stay on the Ranch until Devenia was found & then the permits would be talked about. Brass put an APB out on Devenia's parents' car just in case they were still in the state & then everyone left for the lab.