A Time Unknown

Disclaimer: I do not own Stargate or the characters. This is purely an outlet for the imagination and I hope that you will enjoy it.

Summary: Sequel to It's Too Soon to Tell (The Future Not Foretold). You should read It's Too Soon to Tell before you read this story or it really won't make much sense and you may want to read the prequel, The Future Not Foretold as well but that one is not required reading :) . But I promise you TFNF is a good mystery if I do say so myself, and there is S/J in a rather unexpected way.

So if you've caught up with this story line…

This is the story of Danni O'Neill that directly follows It's Too Soon to Tell, and it covers the years of her life on Atlantis.


"This is nuts. Crazy. Insane…Unfathomable…Three fries short of…Holy crap I'm turning into my father." Danni threw her hands up and clasped her face. This was not something she had envisioned. This was not a place she had ever felt the need to be. This wasn't her life. Well, at least once upon a time it wasn't.

She took another glance at the set of doors that had just sealed in front of her, her parents on the other side. Well, sort of her parents. It was the 'sort of' that added to the impossibility of her situation. Turning around she examined the room. She knew it, yes. It was a place she had inhabited for the better part of five months or more, but nonetheless it was different now. Now that she knew who she was. Now that Lizzie was gone.

Captain Grace Danielle O'Neill: former member of SG-1, expert flight skills, two doctorates, a family tree that would one day go down in history (if it was ever made public), and holder of the genetic lottery if there ever was one. There was only one problem. She couldn't be that person anymore. She had given it all up. For the next twenty plus years, if she lived that long, she was going to have to keep the majority of that information to herself.

At least she had her family. For another week.

Sam Carter and Jack O'Neill were on their way home to start their new life. With their daughter to be, still well protected within her mother. Danni bit her lip at the image. How she could be jealous of herself she didn't know. But somehow that baby growing in Sam made her feel a bitter resentment towards her own youth. She had never taken anything for granted, that was something you learned in Jack's house. But now, looking back on it all, she wished she had just held her tongue once more, or smiled a little longer, or given that extra hug. Images flashed in her mind. The unborn child's future. Her past. And now here she was, living in a time when she shouldn't exist because she had already lived in it a million light years away on Earth. Never knowing. Never the wiser. Two Danni O'Neill's, one time line, one messed up way to restart one's life.

But that's what she needed. Danni needed a new beginning. After the past two years, that she was doing a good job of repressing at the moment, she needed a change. She knew the moment that she remembered it, there was no going back from the things she had seen, and worse, the things she had done. All for the sake of the future that she may never see anew.

The enormity of her thoughts consumed her and Danni let out a loud breath, lips fluttering on the end. She wandered around the room, filled with a few crates. More would be beamed in as soon as the Apollo returned. The young woman smiled as she remembered the shopping trip with her mother and Vala. Their first with her. Her last with them. Things seemed normal that day, except when Danni remembered why they were there. They were replacing her life, as far as physical possessions were concerned.

The only truly familiar object in her room was the box that held her own private memories. It sat atop her dresser and she walked towards it, rubbing her fingertips gently over it. Opening it now would only make things worse. She tore the top drawer open and threw it in angrily; slamming the drawer shut for good measure.

"That's not my life." She growled, and then glanced back up to the reflection in the mirror that sat on the squat dresser. "This is your life now. You chose it." She let out a pathetic solitary laugh. "And what have you got to show for it?"

In some odd way she received a reply. A knock at the door.

"Who in the…" She pinched her cheeks for good measure and sauntered to the door. Perhaps her parents had forgotten to tell her something.

She ran her hand over the controls and was shocked at what she found when she peered back to the entrance. Not one, but to familiar male faces.

"Rodney? John?" Her eyes gave a small glimmer at the sight of the second man and a bit of her foul mood lifted. So much so that a curious smile grew on her face. "What are you guys doing here this late?"

"Well…We're uh…" Rodney's big goofy grin only mad her own smile widen as he twirled his hands in the air to gather his thoughts. McKay excitment was always a thing of amusement.

"We've been waiting for your parents to leave so you could sneak out." John interrupted.

"Sneak out for what?"

"A house warming, welcome home, welcome the neighborhood kind of party." He continued.

Danni sucked in some air as she thought it over. "So…you realize I'm twenty-si…four, and that I can go out if I want, right?" She mocked them both as her fists found her hips. They were up to something, she could tell. Her parents were probably in on it too, but still.

"Well yeah…but." Rodney started. "I mean…there'll be…" He stuttered for a moment.


"Well yeah…"

"Thank God!" Danni pushed out her door and past the two men all in one large step. "So where's the party?" She clapped her hands and smiled.

Both men looked completely bemused as she continued to give them a wry smile and hook her arms around each of their elbows. Rodney finally pointed the direction they were to head in.

"Shall we?" She giggled.

And with that they were off. Things were brighter for Danni when she was with them. All of them. But she knew that the light would grow dimmer over the time. She knew that one day she wouldn't be able to hide her unknown past anymore. But for tonight, she was going to push the bad aside, she was going to live.