Triple trouble! (Wow 3 updates in a day…I should write drabbles more often!)


Santa's so pretty, thought Ryuichi. Too pretty to take a nappy on the floor. So Ryuichi picked Santa up, (surprisingly light; Santa must be on a diet.) and set him down on the chair he had been sitting on.

Bored, Ryuichi began stare at the jolly man. Santa was quite the bishie…


Tatsuha began to stir. What's this? He thought. Another hallucination?

But then he glanced at Ryuichi's eyes and remembered.


"Santa you're awake!" Ryuichi joyously shouted. Tatsuha blushed. He looked so cute when he was happ- the monk was interrupted mid-thought by a certain Sakuma sitting rather forcefully on his lap.

"Yowza! Santa, there's a candy cane in your pocket." pointed out Ryuichi.

"That's not a candy cane..."


"Never mind." Tatsuha struggled to keep down his inner yelps of joy. "What do you want for Christmas, little boy- err, man?"

A billion wishes rushed through Ryuichi's head. A motorcycle! A magical microphone! Another Kumagoro! A pimp jacket just like Tohma's!

But then he stared at his dearest Santa.

"All I want for Christmas erm," stuttered Ryuichi, nervous for the first time in his life. "You."

"...Come again?" Tatsuha thought he had heard him say "You" but that was simply ridiculous.

"I want you, Santa. I want you to come to my concerts, and play with me back stage, help me prank Tohma-kun, carry me when I'm sleepy...I want to be with you forever, Santa."

"Oh no..." Tatsuha sighed, his eyes full of sadness. "Ryuichi-"

"You know my name?!"

"Umm...Santa knows everyone's names. The point is Ryuichi...I'm not really Santa. I'm just a juvenile delinquent who was caught stealing and was forced to dress up as Santa." Tatsuha winced, waiting for Ryuichi to burst into woeful tears.

But instead, Ryuichi giggled. "Silly Santa, I already know you're not the real Santa! The real Santa's too famous to leave the North Pole, 'else the paparazzi will get him! You're just one of his workers!" The green-haired male grinned sweetly. "Santa's so cute. What's your real name, Santa?"

"It's Tatsuha. Tatsuha Uesugi."

The rock star gasped. "Uesugi? No way! You're related to MikaMika! And ShuShu's boyfriend! Now that I think about it..." at this, he turned his head to one side. "From here, you look sorta like him. Not really're cuter than him."

Still nervous around his favourite celebrity, Tatsuha tentatively laughed. "That's sweet of you."

"So Tats-chan, can I please have you? I'll treat you real good!"

"I guess...if you're a good boy, m'kay?"

Ryuichi looked adoringly at his new-found idol. "Okie dokie!" Suddenly, his head drooped. "I guess this means my turn is over..."

"Yeah. sorry. Wait," Tatsuha fumbled around his pockets. "Here it is! Have a candy cane."

"No thanks Santa. I'd much rather have a..." Shy, he whispered his wish into Tatsuha's ear.

Santa's eyes widened in surprise. Then a deep blush took over his face. He took a deep breath...

...and gave the boy a butterfly kiss.

"It tickles!" exclaimed Ryuichi. "Your turn now!"


In the end, the kids in line gave up waiting and went home.

Mika went back without Ryuichi to whine at her husband that she was now banned from the mall.

And as for Ryuichi and Tatsuha?

They stayed after hours at the mall, giving each other butterfly kisses. When the guards found them, they ran as fast their legs could take them. And I can tell you truthfully, that's not very far. The guards caught them, and Tatsuha was once again punished. This time though, he was punished with Ryuichi.

As they were driven home by a police man and his pet patting monkey, Tatsuha told Ryuichi that he was really sorry for getting him in trouble. I'd rather be naughty with you, then nice with anyone else, replied Ryuichi.

"Hey Tatsuha? Your candy cane's poking me again."

"...That's not a candy cane."


"Never mind. Merry Christmas Ryu-chan."

"Merry Christmas Tats-chan! Wait, you're a Buddhist. Erm...Merry Karma-mas!"

"...Thanks koi."

And from then on, the only thing they freakin' worshipped was each other.




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