A/N: This story picks up immediately after Fury. You probably should read that one if you haven't already. I was gonna re hash it through nightmares and such, but this close to Christmas I really didn't want to hurt the guys any more.I've done the hurting, now comes the healing and more hurting of course! Like I said before, I don't own them I just torture them and break their spirits. I can return them to Kripke for counseling. Hope you all like it and please review.



Chapter 1

Bobby returned with breakfast for himself, Sam and Dean shortly after ditching the state plow truck he'd stolen to make it through. Sam was sleeping, the combination of pain killers, sedatives and emotional stress taking a toll on his already beaten down body. Staying awake with no painkillers through surgery done on a snow-covered motel room floor didn't help either.

"How's he doin'?" The older hunter asked as he knocked snow off his boots before coming in the room. Dean replaced the table beneath the doorknob to keep it closed after he came through.

Dean snorted. "Exhausted, in pain, mad at himself. How is Sammy usually doing after he gets the hell beaten outta him?"

"True. How 'bout you?" Bobby said as he sat two bags of food down on the table in the corner of the room.

"Honestly Bobby, not much better than Sammy."

Bobby looked Dean in the eyes. Dean met his gaze for a brief moment before allowing his green eyes to slide away under the older hunter's scrutiny. "Dean, how bad did he hurt you?"

Dean's head snapped back up at that. "He didn't hurt me. That Fury bitch was responsible for all of it."

"You know that's not what I meant."

"Yeah, I know Bobby. I'm sorry. I'm just so tired. Tired of all of this. Why can't Sammy and I just catch a break?"

"Kid, I wish I knew."

"Hey, can you do me a favor?"


"Help me take care of my ribs, Bobby. I don't want Sammy to see. I don't think he remembers doin' it. I managed to hide it from him so far but they hurt like a bitch."

"Your ribs?"

"Yeah. At least one is broken. I've been poppin' Tylenol like tic-tacs every time Sammy closes his eyes. I know I can't keep that up, though."

"Eat somethin' to keep your strength up and then I'll take a look. Dean, you shoulda told me sooner."

Dean shook his head. "Sammy."

"I know. Eat."

Dean ate, surprised he was actually hungry. Then Bobby helped him bandage his broken ribs. He moved back to Sam's side and sat on the edge of the bed. "Hey, Sam?" Sam remained unresponsive. Dean shook him gently, careful not to jar his wounds too much. "Sammy?"

Sam startled awake. "Huh? What's wrong Dean?"

Dean breathed. "Nothin'. Just couldn't wake you for a minute. Can you eat something?"

Sam let Dean ease him upright on the bed a little further. "I don't know. The pills kinda have my stomach upset."

"That's why you need to eat something, Sam. I just brought you back some light soup and a pack of crackers." Bobby said, joining Dean at the bedside.

Sam looked at Dean and smiled a little at the look of pleading in Dean's eyes. He was worried. Sam nodded. "I'll try." Dean looked relieved and Sam felt better for easing his tension. Sam ate most of his soup and nibbled at a few crackers feeling his stomach settle just a bit. Dean watched his closely for signs of tiring, ready to take over feeding him if necessary. Other than a shaky hand, Sam managed to eat half of his food. Better than nothing, Dean mused.

Bobby took the bowl away from Sam when his eyes started to droop. "Get some rest kid." The older hunter admonished. Sam, comfortably supported by pillows after Dean had gone to the front desk to ask for two more, nodded and closed his eyes, asleep in minutes. Dean moved to where Bobby was now seated at the table in the corner and sat opposite.

"You think it's too soon to move him, Bobby?"

"Shouldn't be. There's been no complications. Why you so anxious to leave?"

"I don't know. Bad memories I guess." Dean said softly.

"Dean, what happened between you two?"

Dean stared at the table and cleared his throat. "I'll ask Sammy if he's up to moving when he wakes up."