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Title: 'Binding Circles'

Rating: Teen+ (for now)

Warings: This stories main pairing is yaoi! If you dont like Puzzleshipping, then this story might not be enjoyable to you.

Notes: This story was inspired by a fic that I read on titled 'Caught in Hunters Hold'

Summary: (I'm extremely bad at writing summaries so bear with me) On his deathbed, Yuugi's Granpa tells him that 'The Ocean will call him home.' Yuugi interprets this as a referance to his love for diving. However, he is proved wrong when an ocean's child claims him as his mate. Yuugi is then kiddnapped by the creature and just when he starts to adjust, he is kiddnapped again! What will he do when a change is made that shocks him down to his very core?!


Yuugi loved diving, exploring the ocean's floor and occasional reef. The diverse amount of life beneath the surface always fascinated him and he always jumped at the chance to escape to a beach, spending hours scanning the seabed. It helped that he was currently living in a small beachside cottage next to a hidden cove that was perfect for diving.

His love for diving had been spawned by living with his Grandfather for most of his life. His Grandfather was a kind fisherman, a type of friendly loner that had been a member of the small town before it had become a minor tourist attraction. He hadn't been one for the use of technology in fishing, saying that it didn't give the fish a chance to get away, and had been a silent protestor of trophy fishing.

On his tenth birthday, Yuugi had received a small diving kit from his Grandfather and had been hooked on it ever since. It had been the only thing he received for his birthday that year, his Grandpa being poor and no one knew where his parents were, but he couldn't have been happier. He spent the next two years exploring a few feet below the surface and saving up whatever money he earned to buy an additional set of gear as his Grandpa watched him with proud eyes.

It turned out that his Grandpa had also been saying up his extra earnings for Yuugi's sixteenth birthday. Yuugi had woken up that day to a smiling Grandpa and a birthday card. The card had been handmade, as all his cards were, and had the regular 'Happy Birthday, Yuugi!' written in the familiar shaky sprawl. A riddle and map was included in the card to Yuugi's delight, he had always loved games, and he ran around the house with childish glee, following the teasing directions left in the card.

Imagine his surprise when he found the diving gear set he had been wishing for wrapped up in a green bow. It had everything he needed for the deeper diving he had wanted to do. Once the shock of receiving such a gift wore off, he had been concerned on it had affected them financially. His Grandpa had shaken off Yuugi's worries, saying that they had plenty of money left over and he had been right. Just the thought of how long it took his Grandpa to save up for the gift and how many luxuries he had put off made the sentimental value skyrocket.

It was also the last gift he would receive from his Grandfather.

Only a few months after his birthday, his Grandpa had died of a heart attack. He had been in the house when it happened and the ambulance had arrived quickly, but in the end it still wasn't enough. His Grandpa had went peacefully and had told Yuugi in that familiar tone that he was very proud of him and to never give up his dreams no matter what.

When Yuugi asked him where he would go now, his grandpa had answered in the riddled teasing tone that he had used when he knew something Yuugi didn't. He said, "The Ocean will call you home."

That was a year and six months ago and Yuugi still had no idea what his Grandfather meant. He was still living in the little cottage he grew up in, and his fondness for diving had, if anything increased tenfold. He was determined to honor his Grandfather's memory and to continue working his dream. The local fishermen and townspeople supported him as much as he would let them and he furthered his knowledge on good diving spots. Fishermen gained good advice on where fish grouped and which spots would be bad for a boat; and the locals were able to establish a small tourist attraction for snorkeling and diving.

This was the reason why he was on a crowed tour boat filled with whinny, wanabe divers.

'Deep breath, Yuugi. You offered to do this remember? And you need the money…' Yuugi thought to himself. It was true though; he had offered to help with the tour I exchange for a little bit of money. One of the head divers had come down with a cold yesterday and they were hard-pressed to find a replacement. Luckily, for them anyway, Yuugi had come by to borrow a small boat and they struck a deal.

'Well,' Yuugi sighed. 'At least I get free use of the boats for two weeks, and I only have to show them how to use the equipment.'

"Mr. Mouto? What are you doing over there?!" Yuugi jumped slightly at the voice, almost unbalancing himself from his perch. He was sitting atop the railing on the furthermost point on the bow; his feet hooked around two supporting poles to prevent him from falling. Twisting his back so that he could see behind him, he noticed that the speaker was the main instructor that had called to him.

"Just enjoying the view, Mr. Wakamo." He reassured with a calm smile. No lie there, he had been admiring how the waves and sunlight danced with each other.

"…Alright, but we're about to start going over the instructions, your should probably get ready." The man replied, running a hand through his short, blond hair. Hazel eyes showed just how much the owner was looking forward to instructing a bunch of rambunctious tourists.

Yuugi nodded his head in agreement, telling the elder that he would be right down. The blond instructor left to organize the group of tourists and Yuugi was alone again.

He sighed dejectedly as he got down from his perch, resigning to his fate of noisy people who had no idea what they were doing.

The ocean water was cool as he swam away from the boat, leaving the annoying group of tourists behind. He had finished demonstrating on what signals to use and when and how to use the mask only a few minutes ago and had taken the first opportunity to escape the crowd.

His snorkeling mask dangled around his neck and rubber fins donned his feet. He had changed from his hoodie and sweatpants into a black and purple wetsuit. It was short-sleeved and cut off about mid thigh, providing just enough protection for snorkeling.

Once he had reached a tolerable amount of distance from the boat, Yuugi fixed his mask, took a deep breath, and dove beneath the surface. Light blue tinted the watery world he had submerged into and random splashes of vibrant color played across the small reed he had found. Multiple types of fish swam to and fro, skirting away when he got too close.

Yuugi could easily lose himself in the serenity of underwater life and was disappointed when he had to return to the surface for some air. He rose above the surface with a gasp, allowing his body to float as he checked his position with the boat. The watercraft still wasn't too far off so he glided over the small reef; his back still on the surface and his snorkeling tube granting him prolonged time under the water.

Diving back beneath the surface, Yuugi swam among the reef. He spotted a strange looking sponge lying closer to the bottom of the shallow reef and moved to investigate. Colorful spirals curled from the base and a crystalline texture covered the surface area. He had never seen such a sponge in any of his previous dives.

As Yuugi drifted towards the oddity, a feeling that something wasn't right invaded him. He paused only a few feet away when he realized what was giving the feeling; the spirals of the sponge were swaying slightly in the current and they were drifting…closer towards him.

Yuugi began to back up, large eyes searching for the cause of the abnormal movement. He new the dangers of the reef's predators and anything that felt courageous enough to go for something as large as a human would mean that the predator wasn't just any fish. He was about to turn and swim away as fast as he could, when the unthinkable happened.

Large, black tentacles formed out of the sponge and struck out for him. The boneless mass of muscle moved with an almost lazy motion and attempted to wrap around its target.

Yuugi freaked out, kicking away the groping tentacles as he tried to put more distance between him and the octopus. The hulking mass of the black octopus stayed hidden in-between a human sized crevice in the reef and more tentacles reached out to him. Yuugi's heart stopped when one black tentacle encircled his left leg, the strange rubbery skin finding purchase easily.

He kicked futilely as the tentacle pulled him back towards the reef, its comrades reaching up to join in the capture of the chosen prey. They curled their way up his thigh and around his waist, still pulling him to that large crevice where the mouth must lay.

Yuugi knew what would happen if he got dragged into that reef, he had seen documentaries on how octopi consume their prey and he was not looking forward to the experience. Air soon became an issue, as he was kept under the water for longer that he could stand and black spots crowed upon his vision. He didn't notice it when the body of the octopus emerged from the crevice and if he had he would have though he was hallucinating. A human body, with hair eerily similar to his and eyes the color of blood, was attached to the squirming mass of tentacles that encircled Yuugi.

The mythical creature looked at Yuugi curiously, like it hadn't ever had a human as prey before, and proceeded to drag the teen closer to it. Yuugi, on the other hand, had managed to release his right leg from the deadly tentacles and in a desperate attempt to free himself, kicked out as hard as he could.

He was surprised when his foot connected with something solid and the tentacles released him with an unearthly shriek. Yuugi wasted no time to swim away from the danger, heading straight for the surface. He reached it with a gasp and frantically searched for a place above the water. An octopus's strength lasted in its element so Yuugi should hold some kind of advantage on land.

It seemed that some higher entity was looking out for him as he spotted and outcropping just a few yards away. He sped towards it with frightening anticipation of when those tentacles would drag him back under water.

Minutes passed in tense silence as Yuugi tried to calm his nerves. The octopus creature had probably left in search of easier prey by now so the water was probably safe now. In spite of this logic, Yuugi still called the boat over to him instead of swimming towards it like he normally would. When he was asked what had happened he simple said, "I was attacked." Thankfully they didn't push the matter any further and Yuugi was left to his own devises.

He definitely wasn't going to dive over there again.

to be continued...

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