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The Fannie Awards – Commercial Break

Kim crawled through the ventilation shaft, intent on her goal. She glanced over her shoulder and smiled as she saw Ron right behind her, smiling brightly. "Enjoying the view back there?" She wiggled her backside with extra emphasis when she said that.

Ron's smile broadened at the sight. "You know it KP."

Kim gave him a smirk. "Just remember to keep your mind on the mission when we get in there" Kim turned back to head down the shaft when she paused. "And maybe I'll let you go through first next time so I can enjoy the view myself."

Ron's eyes widened at that statement as Kim crawled through the shaft again. "Man, am I ever the luckiest guy in the world."

Ron scrambled to catch up to Kim, who had paused again, near a large grate. He sidled up beside her so that he could look out as well. Glancing out over the lair, he could see Shego lounging under a sunlamp, looking almost asleep as she relaxed under the bright light in only a small, two piece bikini. Ron tore his gaze away from her before Kim could catch him staring, and saw Drakken in the back near a make-shift lab, his flower petals prominent even in the darkened area of which he was standing. Beside him stood another figure, bent over the table in the semi-darkness, leaving him unable to determine who was there with the mad scientist.

Kim was also confused by the extra figure. "Can you tell who that is Ron? He's too big to be Dementor, and too small to be Motor Ed."

Ron squinted as he tried to get a better look. "Hank Perkins maybe? He and Drakken seem to be hooking up a bit more lately."

Kim shook her head quickly. "No, this guy has more muscle, he's stockier. Maybe Gemini?"

"Maybe? Got the right build anyways. Ladies first?"

Kim gave him a quick kiss. "Always the gentleman." Kim swung her legs around and kicked out the grate with her feet before throwing herself out of the vent and landing on her feet. "Alright Drakken, just what are you up to this time?"

Drakken spun on his heels, completely startled. "KIM POSSIBLE?"

Ron launched himself out of the vent as well, though his landing was no where near the level of Kim's entrance, as the teen found himself landing on his backside. He sprang to his feet and assumed a defensive stance. "And don't forget her bondiggity boyfriend Ron Stoppable."

Kim cast a glance back to her boyfriend before returning her attention to Drakken. "We're hear to stop whatever plot you have going."

Drakken just looked to the teens in confusion. "Plot? What plot?"

Ron took a step forward threateningly. "Come on, we've caught you red handed, you and your partner in crime."

"Partner in crime?" Drakken started laughing at that and couldn't stop.

Kim and Ron shared a glance before turning back to the laughing villain. "All right, what's so funny?"

Drakken finally settled down enough to answer. "Partner in crime? Oh, that's priceless. Obviously you didn't get a good look at just who my 'partner' is."

All three turned their attention to the figure trying his best to stay shrouded in darkness. With a resigned sigh, he withdrew from the darkness until a very familiar figure emerged. Both teens let out a startled gasp.

"Jason Jones?"

Jason gave a sheepish wave, cringing slightly. "Umm… hey guys."

Kim glanced between Drakken and Jason in confusion. "Okay, what's the sitch here? How are you tied in with Drakken's plot?"

Jason rubbed the back of his neck. "Well… I wouldn't call this a plot per say. I mean, he's just helping me set up the special effects for the upcoming Fannie Awards."

Ron raised a questioning eyebrow. "You mean you're having Drakken here help you with something like that?"

Jason bit his bottom lip. "Umm… more like he is blackmailing me so that he can help."

Kim turned to glare at Drakken. "That's low, even for you. That's probably why you had Shego steal all those parts."

Now it was Drakken and Jason who looked up in surprise. Jason looked questioningly to Kim. "What do you mean stolen. I gave Shego plenty of money for…" Jason trailed off, turning quickly to the lounging Shego, who had yet to move, despite all the activity. "What happened to the money I gave you for those parts?"

Shego turned her head slightly, raising her sunglasses so that her eyes were visible. "I needed money for a new dress. I have a date with GhostWhiter, and I need to look my best." Shego's eyes narrowed dangerously as she eyed the frightened fanfic writer. "That's not a problem, is it?"

Jason raised his hands quickly, defensively. "No, of course not. Not a problem at all." When Shego settled back down, Jason let out a sigh of relief before turning back to Kim. "I'm really sorry about all this." Jason reached into his back pocket and pulled out his wallet. "Here, let me give you the money, to cover that."

While Jason was dealing with that, Drakken took the opportunity to move over to Shego, looking uncertainly down at her. "Umm… Shego… I thought we… you and I… would be going to the Fannie Awards together."

Shego just shrugged. "Hey, you should have asked me first. You snooze, you lose."

Drakken spun quickly on his heels, grumbling loudly as he left the room. "We'll see who loses when I get through with this… this GhostWhiter."

But Jason was hardly paying attention as he was focused on Kim and Ron. "I hope this clears everything up, I didn't mean to cause all these problems."

"No big, I understand how it is when it comes to dealing with Shego." Kim cast a withering glare at her arch foe, who didn't even seem to notice. "Come on Ron, let's go home. We might still have time to catch that movie."

Ron though wasn't quite done yet. "So dude… what the heck is he blackmailing you with anyways?"

Jason glanced around sharply before leaning in to whisper to Ron. "He has my music playlist off my computer, but I swear, it was my old roommate's list."

Ron looked on disbelievingly. "You're letting DRAKKEN help you with special effects because of a playlist. Come on."

Jason looked around again before whispering even more quietly to Ron. When he heard what Jason said, his eyes shot open in shock. "MAN!"

Jason nodded sharply. "Now you understand why I can't let him release that? I mean, it's not mine, but if he says it was on my computer…"

Ron nodded quickly in understanding. "Don't worry, your secret is safe with me. You umm… you did delete it, right?"


"Ron?" Kim stuck her head back into the room, a soft smile on her face. "If we hurry, I might even show you the dress I picked out for the Fannie Awards."

Ron perked up greatly at that. "Sorry dude, hate to leave you and all that, but duty calls."

Ron was out the door in a flash, leaving Jason to stand by himself in the middle of the room. "I wish I had duty like that." A loud explosion sounded off in the room next door, followed by muttered cursings from Drakken. "Ughh… hopefully I get to the awards with both my eyebrows." With a resigned slink, Jason headed off to find out what Drakken had done now.

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