Joe Hardy:

Joe didn't know why Frank was so bent out of shape with Keenya Cain. He personally liked the girl. Callie was always saying positive things about her, being in the same Choir class together. Even Iola was hooked to this new girl. Joe was fascinated that she was an Army BRAT & everyone at school wanted to know more about her adventures. But Frank seemed to hate her, and that was definitely not him. He never hated anyone, especially the new kids. He always made them feel at home. But Keenya was different then most new kids. Most new kids needed at least a month to get settled. It took Keenya only three days. I guess she was used to it by now.

There had been no new cases coming there way from there father so they'd been free to do what they wanted. Chet Morten had a Barn Party every weekend. And when Keenya was invited to every party, Frank got even more pissed & jealous. He refused to go to the last Party because Keenya was going to be there. Unfortunately Keenya never made it. Joe went home & told him Keenya never showed up.