He slammed her against the counter as he kissed her wildly. She moaned into his mouth as his hands reached under her skirt to her moist lacy thong. Her breathing picked up as his hand slowly and tantalizingly massaged her womanhood. She groaned as he stopped kissing her and unbuttoned her shirt with his unoccupied hand while kissing the flesh that was being revealed to him. With his one hand he pushed her shirt open roughly. Her red lace bra could only match the panties he had already done away with.

"What if your wife comes home early?" she asked him.

"She won't," he replied.

"But what if she does?"

"Then we'll do a three-some or something."

She felt herself coming closer to the edge as she lost the will to hold herself up with her legs that were growing slowly weaker. Sensing this, he dropped down on his knees and pushed her onto the counter. In this position, his head came up to her sex perfectly. He pulled her panties all the way down and, smiling wickedly, leant his head forward.

She gasped and groaned as he thrust his tongue into her pussy. One of his hands was at her back, holding her to him, and the other was rubbing her clit in slow circles. Moaning happily she came into his mouth. He lapped up all her juices as she throbbed around his tongue. After waiting while she rode out her orgasm, he picked her up and walked out of the bathroom. He only set her down when he got to his bedroom.

As this was weekly routine, she knew what to do. As he undressed himself, she took off everything she had on. As he pulled off his pants he sat down in the leather armchair by the fire. She walked over and pulled off his red snitch boxers. His throbbing member sprang out and to attention instantaneously. Just like she knew he wanted her to, she straddled him and slid down his shaft until he was entirely sheathed in her warmth.

He groaned and grabbed her hips. He buried his face in her bosom and she groaned with him. He started thrusting and she matched his pace expertly.

"god, how do you stay so fucking tight?" he asked her.

"You tell me," she gasped back. She let out a loud guttural moan as he fucked into her.

"Oh god, Harry!" she screamed as he pounded into her.

"Yes?" he responded in ragged breaths. Their motions were making the chair rock like crazy. With an alarming crash the chair fell over backwards. She giggled as he rolled them over so he was on top. After that it took both of them mere moments to reach their peaks.

"Oh god!" Cho screamed as she came.

Harry simply groaned loudly and continually.

As they lay panting and exhausted on the bedroom floor, a dropped glass made them both look around.

Ginny looked bewildered. "What's going on?"