Full Summary:

Everybody is up on the mountain. Paul doesn't tell them Dukeman is on the mountain. What happens when Dukeman is found dead & Cory is found tied up in the basement, hurt? Will they put two & two together?

At The Mountain First:

Dukeman had been at the mountain for three weeks. When Paul had called Cory & the rest of Third Watch that the cabin wasn't being rented, Dukeman had a gun to his head so he hadn't been able to tell Cory that Dukeman was there as well. Cory left with the dogs, sleds, gas, grocery lists, and enough money to get the groceries and still have money left over to get what ever was needed once everyone was at the cabin.

Once at the cabin, Cory unloaded everything, put her bag in the room, which Maria, Mario, Quan and her would be sharing. She unloaded the dogs, fed them, gave them water and settled them in the kitchen. She unloaded the dog sleds & put them in the garage. She put the gas for the snowmobiles, quads, dirt bikes and lamps in the garage in the cabinets meant for gas only.

Once everything was put away and she had eaten, she grabbed her snowboard and got on the lift. She went to the top and boarded down the mountain twice before she noticed that someone was staying in the cabin next to hers. After the last run, she put her snowboard away; pet the dogs, gave them more water, and changed out of her boarding gear.

Going next door she saw no car or truck and figured it was in the garage. She knocked on the door and heard someone get up from the couch. She had turned around to see if anyone was coming up the road towards the cabin. She heard the door open and before she could say hi, her eyes settled on Dukeman's face. She gasped, but before she was able to leap off the porch and run, he grabbed her, stabbed her in the stomach, and pulled her inside.

She passed out from the pain and knew no more until she woke up in the basement. She could hear people next door unloading gear and realized that they had brought not only the people from Third Watch, but also some Detectives from the SVU along with their medical examiner. She was always saying she needed a vacation.

This was about to turn into a struggle to liveā€¦