Full Summary:

They had just moved to Ft. Marshal. Her husband was in the Army & he wasn't to deploy until his wife got back from Mozambique. What happens when she gets caught in the middle of a genocide? Will he go after her & try to get her back? Will he have to tell their kids their mother isn't coming home? Or will she be on the next flight out with every orphan, including her six children, which she was able to get out? And will they let them stay on the Base?

Talking is in italics.

Fort Marshal, Virginia:

Being in the Army was always a plus when you had your family with you on the Base. But since moving to Fort Marshal, his wife hadn't been there, only his kids had. His Superior Officer wanted to deploy him at the end of the month. When he tried to get a hold of his wife on her Satellite cell phone she always had on her, he got a No Signal. He'd been in the Gymnasium helping with care packages. His kids were there as well.

"What's wrong dad?" his oldest daughter asked.

"Your mom isn't picking up."

"Well maybe she's in a part of jungle that doesn't get reception. You know mom, she'll call when she can. When is she supposed to be coming home?"

"She was supposed to be home two days ago. But then again, there is major Genocide going on in the country your mother is in. Screw it, I'm going after her."

"Dad, you can't. Mum said none of us was to go after her, especially any Army personnel. The last conversation I had with mum was that they'd already killed ten American soldiers and they weren't afraid to kill more soldiers. She doesn't want you to get killed because of her job."
"ALLISON!" he yelled. The gymnasium went quiet. "Your mother could already be dead and we wouldn't even know it. It doesn't matter what your mom said, I'm going to Mozambique to get her back. And you aren't going to stop me. We haven't heard from your mom in about two months. You & I both know something is wrong."

Pamela came up with Roxy, Claudia Joy, Denise & Roland. They looked a little sorry for the father who wanted to go after his wife.

"So why don't you just ask the Army to help find your wife?" Roxy asked.

"Because Militia will just kill any American soldier that goes in to get anyone out. Besides this isn't the first time she's been in a country where genocide is going on. She was in Rwanda when they were killing the Tutsi's."

"So that means your going by yourself?" Roland asked.

"Yes, I'll be back in a couple weeks, maybe. I'll be bringing my wife home." With that he left the gymnasium and his kids with the five people that came to talk to him.

"So, what does your mom do?" Claudia Joy asked.

"She's in the Peace Corps. They evacuated the PCV's months ago, but mum never left. She doesn't want to leave. Mum usually does work in Africa since we used to live in Mozambique. In fact that was where I was born. Look we better get home."

"How old are you Allison?" Denise asked.

"I'll be sixteen in a couple weeks. And yes I do take care of my siblings a lot. My father won't only be bringing back our mother. We left our other six siblings in Mozambique when we fled. Bye." They left and went back home. There father was already gone, asking for leave.