Full Summary:

They thought it was a tattoo. On her forehead? Yeah right. Now what happens when people from a different world seek her help? Will she help them?

Learning Who I Am:

Life was going fine until I woke up on my sixteenth birthday with this new tattoo looking thing on my forehead. It was purple and pink. And I found out that I could heal whatever I touched. I could rebuild whatever was broken. I could destroy whatever was built. I could fly without a broom. I could stay afloat for many seconds or hours if needed. My new abilities would make me even more of a freak at Hogwarts. When I went downstairs for breakfast, my father didn't seem surprised to see me with the strange tattoo on my forehead. But what he said surprised me. He also handed me some sort of hat thing.

"You're going to need to wear this at all times if you don't want to be known as a freak."

"I interrupted him. "I'm already a freak at Hogwarts. This'll just make me look even more freakish. Some birthday present."

My father continued as if he didn't even hear me.

"And your new wardrobe is in a trunk in the attic. Your mother, Feabie, asked me to give it to you when you turned sixteen. She'll meet you at Hogwarts this year and you'll begin your Sigil training. If you are to save us all one day as the prophecy claims, you need to know about your people. Because Zouka, we are not from this world. We are from Vyland of Eltryskia. We are not the only Sigil Bearers, but we are the most powerful. If your peers were to find out what you were, they could turn us over to Cadador of Demetria, someone we don't want to mess with. Their Minister is Ilan. He is the worst Minister to live in our Galaxy. We are on of the only ones who can defeat him. With the help of Minister Sephie of Meridian, we will prevail. Do you understand?"

"Yes father, I understand what you are saying. I will try my best with my studies. But how is it that mother knows where Hogwarts is? She's never been there before."
"She's followed you on numerous occasions. You've just never seen her. She was flying above the train at al times. She was able to follow you until you got off the train. Dumbledore is allowing her to train you. I'll come around Christmas time to help with your training. You are more special then you think. Go get ready for school. You don't want to miss your train. I'll get the clothes out of the attic."

"Yes father. This is one hell of a birthday present!"