Full Summary:

Maddy has a cousin who comes to live with her. What happens when she comes to the Tipton and somebody recognizes her? Will she have to go back into hiding? Will someone try to kill her for what she did?

Best Cousins Forever:

Chyia Patgien had been in hiding since she testified against a murderer. But she can't stay hidden forever. She wants to go back to school. She wants to see her cousin, Maddy. She has no place to live except where she's been hiding for the past four years. So she calls up her cousin and Maddy's parents allow her to live with them. Maddy says it'll be good to see her again and Chyia agrees. She left hiding a couple days ago and she eels as if everyone is watching her. Maddy meets her at the buss station and drives her to her new home. They are talking the whole way, glad to be in each other's company again, just like they had when they were kids.

Once at the apartment, Maddy & Chyia unpack the boxes and suitcase that arrived only a day ago. Her stereo is set up and Maddy puts all her CD's and DVD's on the bookshelf along with all her books. Chyia takes out the TV and sets it on the dresser. Her diaries are all there. She has kept a diary of every month she was in hiding. The guy she testified against may have killed her parents, but she knew they would have wanted her to live with the Fitz-Patricks.

Maddy takes the bus everyday to work and she tells Chyia that she can come with her tomorrow to see if she can get a job at the Tipton. Chyia agrees and they head downstairs for dinner.