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"They missed you or Something, I didn't care"

Toph Beifong had said this to Sokka after he had returned from being gone for a week or so. He didn't want to admit it, but when she had said this, it sent a slight pang to his stomach. He felt the grin that was on his face forcefully form itself into a frown.

"Why thank you, that really warms my heart," he said sarcastically...


It was night, and he was waiting by the fire for the meteorite to be hot enough for molding. For some reason, Sokka couldn't help but think of what Toph had said earlier. Why did it bother him so much? It was Toph; she says things like that to people...so why should he care? He sighed and rubbed his forehead wearily. It was late, but he wasn't going to sleep yet.

He stared at the remains of meteorite that was scattered on the floor next to him. He was surprised that he, Aang and Katara were able to push the heavy thing uphill; but they also had Toph there to help. Toph was very handy to have around; her earthbending had helped them out more times than he could remember. She was also quite a scammer; he remembered how she scammed that ferry woman to getting tickets to Ba Sing Se. He also had teamed up with Toph quite a bit in the past whether it was fighting, escaping, or recently for things like figuring out the "Painted Lady" mystery.

It wasn't until a few weeks ago did he realize how valuable her company was to him. Truth was; Sokka missed her. She was fun to talk to, and they were always together since Katara and Aang were always off waterbending. It was a big gap missing in his life not seeing all of them to begin with, but Toph's absence hit him the hardest. She was his best friend, after all.

When he was heading back to meet the guys after his departure he couldn't help but be happy to reunite with them. Part of him was hoping they missed him as much as he missed them, and the other part couldn't wait to talk about his training, and how he felt about learning swordsmanship. He was glad when he saw how excited the three were when he reached the hill, and how they all ran up to hug him. He was happy to hear Katara say that they missed him very much, he couldn't help but be amused when Aang demanded to hear one of his jokes, but when he turned to see Toph again; he couldn't help but smile. He really did miss her most, and he was eager to hear her speak again.

"What's their doing?" Sokka asked, hoping to hear one of her sarcastic comments towards Aang and Katara.

Instead, all he heard was about how she didn't care about his absence one bit... "Not once did she even miss me? Not even a little bit?" He couldn't help but think this… "When if she was lying?" Was another thought running through his head…but nonetheless, it wasn't a very nice thing to lie about. He felt annoyed, like we wasn't fully appreciated, and it hurt. "Did she know that?" a bit of him hoped she did…

Still, he did like seeing all three of them again, so he thanked her sarcastically and decided to push the comment away from himself and ignore it at the time. He needed their help, and that was the important thing.

But now, just sitting there in silence; the thought just kept coming back into his mind. He was trying to think if he's ever did or say anything to her previously before his departure that caused her not to care. He's been nice as far as he can remember, not to her, but to everyone…did she just not like him as much as he thought she did?

"Why can't I just drop it? Why do I even care?" he said to himself. He was sure, if the others had said this, he would be just as disappointed. When if it was the other way around? He tried to picture it: Toph, running towards him, greeting him warmly and saying how much she missed him, and trying to get a joke out of him…then the other two saying they didn't care…

As he played the scenario out in his head, he realized something that struck him odd: Yeah, Aang and Katara not missing him would have hurt, but picturing Toph, running to him, giving him a hug, and gleefully welcoming him back had made him feel strangely happy.

Wait, what? Sokka shook his head and sat there rather blankly. He just created an awkward moment upon himself (like that was possible to ever do), and he wasn't sure of what to think. As much as what she said earlier annoyed him, a happy, welcoming Toph was way out of her character. He gave an airy laugh "Toph? Welcoming? Funny." If he knew Toph, this was probably her way of being welcoming. What did he have to worry about? Why was he so worried to begin with?

His laughing died down as the thought he had about Cheerful Toph earlier crept back into his head and it questioned him… it never occurred to him until then that the last time he had felt that happy was when he reunited with Suki a couple months back, and before that it was with Yue.

"No…it couldn't be…"

That feeling when Yue kissed him; that same feeling when he kissed Suki, existed inside him now. And it was just from a mere thought…

"Do I?"

He didn't even see the next thought come to his mind, it just did. He pictured that same moment, except when Toph hugged him, she came closer to his face and planted one right on his cheek, and he has smiled and kissed her back but on the lips. He only saw the two of them, no Aang and Katara; just them on the hill, together.

"Whoa! Wait a minute!"

Sokka's eyes opened up in alert and broke out of his trance. "She's Toph! What the hell am I thinking????"

He couldn't help but feel slightly disturbed. For one, she was three years younger than him, he felt like a creep. Two, he was with Suki, he shouldn't be dreaming about another girl, especially his best friend! He sighed and looked up at the sky….it must have been very late into the night.

"I'm just tired, that's all…" He thought convincingly.

He didn't realize he had drifted into a slight sleep until Master Piando's butler woke him up with a nudge the next morning. Shameful for falling asleep, he stood up and went back to work, pouring the hot liquid into the mold. After a moment they went to cool it. Sokka has a strong feeling his sword was going to look very cool being made from meteor. His Master did say it'd make a sword like no other, and he was very anxious to see how it would turn out.

Remembering that had giving him a thought…if the sword made from meteor would be powerful, then how about the space earth itself? It was a curious thought…He turned his head and stared at the remains once more.

"I wonder if Toph would like some Space Earth." Remembering his previous "dream" from last night, he quickly added "A gift from a friend, that's all…nothing more…" He smirked as he tucked the rock away, he had a feeling something cool was to come from that rock.


"Sweet!" Toph said excitedly and grabbed the rock from his hands "Check this out!"

She had bended the meteor into all sorts of interesting shapes. Her happiness from that rock seemed to have lightened everyone's mood; it was very amusing to watch after all. Sokka couldn't help but smile, he was happy she liked it. What she said to him yesterday didn't seem to matter much anymore; he knew from her reaction that she did appreciate him, even if she didn't want to act like it. Why she would act that way was a mystery to him, but he respected it.

She bended the "Space Earth" The entire time they walked' it was until they reached Appa was when she was forced to put it away so she could hold onto the saddle. Sokka couldn't help but notice that when she had to do this she frowned. Toph then tried to find a place to put it. She then smiled with some realization, grabbed her left arm and formed the meteor into a band, almost like a bracelet, and jumped onto Appa.

"She just made jewelry out of my gift…."

"Huh," he said to himself.

"Sokka, come on!" He heard Katara shout.

He snapped back into reality and stared at Katara, who was wearing a know-it-all smirk on her face. Was he staring at Toph that long? It was bad enough she noticed, but he couldn't help but wonder what he looked like while he was. He hoped very much it wasn't along the lines of looking like he was romantically interested in her…

"Why would I look at her that way??" he thought, attempting to reassure himself.

"Unless I do think of her that way…"

His battling thoughts continued as they started to fly, and he stared at the girl holding onto the saddle one last time before flying up higher. The air blew the long bangs away from her pale face and her pale green eyes became a little more noticeable. He realized he was staring at her again, and before Katara could catch him again, he turned his head quickly away from Toph's direction…

"Do I, really?"

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