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It was a mildly cloudy and quiet afternoon for a small town in the coast of England. This town, just like many others of its kind was poor and simple. Kings of the time were not well known for sharing their wealth with the citizens of a kingdom. This was the reason the people kept quiet about their poor situation, but they scrapped by on a daily basis. If this town had anything of a soul, it was found in its port. It symbolized trade and commerce, as well as opportunity for a more exciting life then one on land. The most exciting thing to be found on a port: large sailing ships.

On this particular day, a mother and her young child were on said port. The mother, Kushina Uzumaki, was a red headed woman whom many called beautiful. Her son, Naruto, in contrast had bright blond hair. Both stood out in a crowed easily to say the least. They had gone on that day to the town's port in search of a ship, in which Kushina had booked passage for herself and her young son Naruto. He easily stood out for his trademark foxy grin. Life for both of them was difficult to say the least. She was a proud and tough woman who had a singular smile that could captivate many but she had fallen in her younger days for a certain type of man whom she considered a kindred spirit, a pirate. His name was Minato Namekaze, a young man with bright blond hair just like his son. He was a successful, yet unknown pirate among many. As with all pirates, their true calling was the sea, so soon after Naruto had been born, Minato had left to return to the sea. The reason he had given was that he wished his son to grow up away from such a lifestyle where sacrifice and danger where normal.

Before her son was born, Kushina's life was not stable or normal either. She had grown up on the streets of a nearby village where she had learned survival the hard way. This was the reason for the tough woman she had grown up to be. As well as Minato, she wanted a better life for her son, and she knew that here was not where that life could be found.

The still new American continent offered much promise to many, this was the reason she had decided to go with her son to this new world in search of a better life. Upon finding their target ship, Kushina and Naruto boarded, ready to search out their new life. This was a large wooden vessel. The sails where white with hints of decay, as some spots looked more like yellow. Everyone on board was busy moving or talking to someone else. The crew all worked with the ship itself, while the passengers just made small talk, all expressing their excitement.

Naruto's blue eyes appeared as gems with the sunlight reflecting off them. He had not fully understood the reason for this trip but he loved his mother very much and shared no love for this land which had dealt them both a hard hand. How could one love a place where they were forced to fight to survive on a daily basis? He was carefully inspecting his new surroundings. The ship was and old cargo ship, or so he guess. It had a particular smell which caught Naruto off guard. You could tell it was pretty bad from all the funny faces Naruto was making. Kushina simply reacted with light chuckles which turned into a small laugh. At first Naruto made a small grunt but broke into his same old smile the more he stared at his mother's face. Finally he spoke out to her after being quiet for all this time.

"So what is our new home going to look like mom? The young boy asked.

"Well, it just looks kind of like where we are now, but there's much more to it than that." Kushina answered after giving the matter slight thought.

"Ummm, I don't understand mom." Naruto scratched the back of his head and he sat beside his mom, waiting for her answer.

"People there are nicer for one. There's no King to take all the gold for himself." Kushina calmly answered.

"That sounds nice." The blond boy commented.

"Don't worry Naruto, I'm sure we'll both love it. The feel of it, the people, the opportunities will all be new."

"How do you know if you've never been there?" Naruto was now looking a little unsure, as he scratched his chin, trying to look as smart as a seven year old boy could.

'That's easy…I know because I am your mother!" Kushina proudly answered.

Naruto looked at his mom now with a funny face, which turned into a grouchy one, as he stuck out his tongue. Amused by her son's antics, she placed her hand on top of his blond hair and messed it up, while she also stuck out her tongue at Naruto getting some teasing and laughter from her son in return.

Soon it was time to depart. Kushina knew this as she saw the sailors getting ready to set sail. However she laid her eyes on something that made her extremely nervous. Close to the boarding ramp of the ship, several men armed with swords and knives where searching for something. They were not the friendly kind. The all wore some kind of uniform, though not one of them had it on correctly. They all lacked some much needed time in a bath. On top of that not one of them had a calm face, it was just the opposite. They were all looking pissed and ready to strike out at whoever bothered them. They moved from ship to ship, and shop to shop looking for someone. That someone was Kushina Uzumaki.

A week earlier she had been out searching for money to buy clothes for Naruto and her. She ran into a thug that more or less seemed to have enough money. He was pretty well dressed and his belly suggested he was well fed so Kushina didn't think about it too much and chose this man as her target for the day. After stalking him for a block or two till they were alone in the outside of the town she struck him in the back of the head with a roundhouse kick. The man fell to his knees but wasn't out cold. Quickly he pulled out a knife and looked at the woman in front of her.

"Like to play rough huh, you don't know who you messed with!" was this man's simple yet loud threat.

Kushina didn't look impressed. The man clumsily put all his weight behind one forward thrust of his knife. Kushina sidestepped the man and tripped up his feet, before landing a heal kick, again of the back of his head, followed by a kick to the ribs. This man was now more or less out cold. Giving herself a pat on the back, she took about half of his gold and left to find her son. As she later learned, that was no common man. He was one of the assistants of this land's governor. Now this man had brought half a dozen bodyguards with him and wanted to find this daring woman so he could make an example of her to persuade others never to try such a foolish stunt. In a moments thought, she weighed all her options. At first she wanted to go hide with her son and hope for the best, but that option went away the moment she saw these men headed to search their ship next. It was at that moment she had to make the most difficult decision of her life. She took her son aside and placed around his neck a necklace she had worn from her days with Minato. It was an old medallion, round and about the size of a large coin. It was bronzed by the dirt and mud over the years. There was nothing of value about it, except the memories it symbolized.

"Mom, why are you giving me this all of a sudden?" Naruto's eyes expressed slight confusion as he asked.

"This is no time to ask Naruto. Stay quiet and listen. I will not be able to go with you." She looked out to the deck as she spoke, keeping a lookout.

"There are some dangerous men right now looking for me, and they aren't the type to play around with." Kushina spoke with a nervous tone.

"Where are they?! We'll take them on together!" Already he had a determined look in his eye as he spoke.

"No! I could never forgive myself if they hurt you just to get to me. Naruto I am your mother and it's my desire t see you grow up to a healthy man. Even if you don't agree with me, some day you will." Kushina was now looking directly at her son.

"But mom…" Naruto was about to complain again when he was cut off.

"No buts! Please son, obey me this one time. I need you to be a man for me from now on, strong just like me and your father before you. Now go hide and promise me to grow up charming and nice and live a good life."

At this point, a few tears escaped both mother and son.

Naruto had once or twice been told a similar speech by her mother about her wish for him to live a better life. Living on the street meant they both had to fend for themselves, but they worked as a team which kept each one strong.. Naruto mostly handled food. His smile and carefree attitude caught shop owners off guard while he hid what he and his mom needed. Kushina had always handled other more difficult tasks, like obtaining money and clothes. Kushina's youth had taught her to fight, and showed her that it was a very useful skill to have so she had taught Naruto as well who was a fast learner, at least when fighting was concerned.

"Will I get to see you at all someday?" was said by Naruto barely above a whisper.

"It's my fondest wish." Kushina whispered as well and then she planted a simple kiss on her son's forehead.

In a truly daring fashion, Kushina took hold of a rope that hung close to her. Getting up on the ledge of the ship she leaped off with grace and swung down to port. She yelled at the men, especially at the fat one, who looked to be the angriest off them when he found her target.

"You never learn do you fatso?"

"How dare you?! Now you'll get what is coming to you!!" the man yelled towards Kushina.

"We'll see!" was Kushina's answer. Fighting off her deep sadness she took on last look at her son and blew him a kiss before running away from the stampede of men with swords looking to kill someone today. Kushina ran into a crowed hoping it would be enough to lose them, but one of them was lucky enough to spot her red hair. Cursing her natural hair color she jumped on top of a cart and from there to a large wooden shack. Not yet far away she gathered her strength and made a leap to the neighboring roof. Her followers, desperate to trap her tried to follow her, which eventually lead them all away from the port.

Naruto watched the action from the ship, almost unable to hold back all the tears that were trying to break through as he watched his mother as she lead those men away. He leaned against the ledge, hoping to see his mother return at the last second and join him, but that moment never came. Moments later, the ship set sail in the afternoon with one less passenger. Almost unable to remain still anymore he started to run to the plank, but it had now been raised. He looked at a rope, ready to swing on it like his mother. Suddenly he felt a thump on his chest. He put his hand under his shirt and pulled out the medallion. Immediately his promise to his mother returned to his mind, and defeated he let his body fall back against a barrel, helping him remain in a sitting position. Naruto sat quietly, as he held and observed the medallion which his mother had given to him earlier.

"I promise to grow up strong mom, believe it." he thought as the ship headed off deeper into the horizon.

Cast Commentary: Team 7

Sakura: Greetings. This is Konoha's number one kunoichi, Sakura Haruno, along with...

Sasuke: ...Sasuke Uchiha...

Naruto: ...And the furute Hokage, Naruto Uzumaki!

Sakura: Right well, we're here discusing the past scene from the story. What did you guys think of it?

Naruto: Woohoo!! That was awsome!! I have such a cool mom!

Sakura: (glares at Naruto) Either way, that was a very good chapter, lays down the ground work pretty good I'd say. dont you think so Sasuke-kun?

Sasuke: Itachi...

Sakura: ...

Naruto: ...Okay!! Well I agree with Sakura-chan. Nice to hear SOMETHING about my mom!

Sasuke: She's nice...

Naruto: (glares at Sasuke) Are you saying my mom's hawt or some wierd stuff like that?? Cause I'll bop you right now!

Sasuke: No, I'm saying she's cool, unlike her dobe son!

Naruto and Sasuke glare at each other.

Sakura: Guys...?

Naruto and Sasuke rip off their head sets and start fighting in the studio.

Sakura: Right! Well... (nervous laugh) That was a lovely start to the story. We all hope you enjoy what's next to come.

Naruto and Sakuke destroy a wall.

Sakura: Oh boy...