A dark sound studio room, closed off for year, covered in thick layers of dust receives its first rays of light in years, but what no doubt has felt like eternity. The light becomes stronger every passing moment as a door opens up fully, reviling a person standing at the doorway, eyeing the desolate and sad scene before him. The unknown figure took a step into the room and fumbled for a bit on the wall with his arm, looking for the light switch. Slowly, the neon lights react and begin to light, revealing the face of the sixteen year old Naruto Uzumaki.

Naruto: "Man, this place is in bad shape! No question about it!"

Naruto walked into the room and began checking out the old headsets and microphones that had been abandoned for years now. Beside them stood old yellow musty pages with the never completed script of Piracy in the Caribbean. The blonde ninja picked up the pages with a look of nostalgia and skimmed through some, only to have a wave of dust assault his eyes.

He coughed loudly as he sat the page down, and then turned to address someone outside.

Naruto: "How long has it been again?"

A new figure appeared, entering through the doorway; it was the figure of Sakura Haruno.

Sakura: "I don't know Naruto; maybe three years? Could be four…"

Naruto: "Really? Feels longer to me, and it definitely looks longer, judging the state of the ol' booth."

Sakura joined Naruto by the microphones and rummaged through the old Piracy script. She couldn't help but make faces as she tried to read.

Sakura: "Where did we stop last time we did this?"

Naruto: "Um, I dunno. Travelling to Tortuga with Sasuke maybe?"

With a faint smile, Sakura put the script down, while focused on happier thoughts. Sasuke had since reappeared and was once again on their side.

Sakura: "I missed him. I know you did too right?"

Naruto: "Yeah. Till he started going all nuts and talking about being Hokage! That's my thing!"

Frowning as he crossed his arms, Naruto hit a fist in the shoulder for his troubles from Sakura, who had Sasuke on her mind. Just then, another voice, growing stronger came from the outside corridor.

Kakashi: "...the pauper of the surf. The jester of Tortuga..."

Kakashi Hatake entered the room with his Make Out Tactics book in hand and slightly bobbing his head to a tune stuck in his head.

Kakashi: "That Michael Bolton song..."

He stopped mid sentence however when his spotted his two former students sulking in the dust –filled room. He sighed and put the book away as he stepped up to them and placed a hand on each one's shoulder to snap them out of it.

Kakashi: "Well well, I see you guys are repeating old material. Are we that desperate these days?"

Naruto: "Got that right sensei! We should be taking a cue from the current story. You know…ninjas in space!"

Sakura, quick to react, wasted no time in bopping Naruto in the back of the head.

Sakura: "No way Naruto! We aren't doing that crazy shark-jumping here! Let's try not to rip off other franchises okay?."

Slipping his book into a back pocket, Kakashi moved beside Naruto and Sakura and eyed the old Piracy in the Caribbean script.

Kakashi: "Why did we stop doing this again?"

Sakura: "Training?"

Naruto: "Konoha's destruction?"

Sakura: "A more convoluted and sometimes increasingly crazy story in our own Manga?"

Naruto: "The second and third Pirate movies didn't deliver the same satisfaction as the first?"

Sakura: "Wasn't there a forth one too come to think of it…?"

Kakashi: "I think I'll agree with Sakura's reasons on this one. But that's par for the course. The point is we're here again."

Kakashi smiled as he extended his arms slightly; referring to the room they were now in, where they always taped commentary after each chapter of the story. The rundown state of the room, with spider webs and actual spiders hanging from the roof didn't exactly fill his former students with the same confidence Kakashi seemed to have.

Sakura: "So what, we're going to do this again? Finish the story I mean."

As if on cue, Naruto's eyes burned bright with fire and his fist shot up in the air, now full of conviction.

Naruto: "Heck yeah! We owe it to all those fans!"

Kakashi: "...who probably hated us at one point and have since gone through all the stages of loss, including moving on, and regarding this project with complete indifference."

Sakura: "Just like filler..."

As she spoke, she crossed her arms and nodded, aware of how true her statement was.

Kakashi: "Speaking of which, I am hungry. I think I will go for some..."

Naruto: "Ramen?!"

Kakashi: "No, some Curry of Life."

Sakura: "Okay! That's enough sensei."

Sensing where this was going, Sakura was quick to stop the conversation right there. She then turned her attention back to the equipment in front of her. It was covered in dust, and unused in years, but had visibly nothing wrong. She took a seat in her old chair and powered up the equipment. She was pleasantly surprised to find everything in working order, as the lights came on to indicate the electricity flow. Flashing a large grin, Naruto was quick to join her at his own seat.

Kakashi: "Hold on now. What are you two thinking?"

Naruto: "Continuing the story?"

Kakashi: "Well have you two given this ample thought? Things aren't like they used to be three years ago."

Sakura: "Three years ago..."

Kakashi: 'My point being, time has passed. We have a ninja war now. Plus the anime's doing some filler, based on me! As a cute but serious kid! It's the bee's knees I say"

Sakura: "That too. And please please please don't ever say that again…."

Kakashi: "Fine…"

Same as earlier, Naruto got that determined look in his eye and stood up, fist raised in the air.

Naruto: "None of that matters. I can't just give up on this. It's not my ninja way, not if I ever want to be the Hokage! I say we clean this place up, refresh our spirits and do play by play for each chapter and finish the story! Believe it!"

Kakashi: 'Don't start saying 'believe it' again..."

Naruto: "Just keeping up with the old material routine, but you get what I mean."

Sakura softly smiled with Naruto's honest and passionate outburst. As clueless or ridiculous as he might be, Sakura couldn't deny herself the feelings he managed to stir in her sometimes. She had no choice but to smile and nod towards Naruto.

Sakura: "We have to try, if nothing else for our own sake!"

Kakashi: "I still don't know...Do either of you even remember where this stories headed?"

Suddenly both Sakura and Naruto sheepishly sat back down and rubbed the back of their heads.

Naruto: "We just follow the movie?"

Kakashi: "That'll go over well..."

Naruto: "Okay fine, so maybe it's not quite as easy as we thought, but still I say we have to do nothing since we're back here!"

Sakura: "Naruto's right. I mean, what was the point of coming back here?"

Kakahsi: "Closure?"

Sakura: "It doesn't feel right..."

Naruto: "Well what about this?"

Naruto fumbled around the desk next to him, looking for something. He grabbed the first pen he laid his hands on and wrote on a piece of paper the word INTERMISSION. Smiling wide, he then showed it to Sakura and Kakashi. Both looked at Naruto's idea and thought long and hard about it. Taking their silence as no objections, Naruto took the Piracy in the Caribbean script and placed the 'Intermission' page as the latest page in the uncompleted script.

Kakashi: "A three year intermission. What will people say?"

Sakura: "More like four years Kakashi sensei."

Kakashi: "Whatever..."