Title: Diadem and the Olympians
Author: Ayaia of the Moon
Pairing: Score/Helaine
Fandom: Diadem: Worlds of Magic
Theme: #3: jolt!
Disclaimer: I own Diadem! Really! Am I lying? Yes! But I wish I weren't…


Helaine was in bad temper, Score observed wryly, holding back a laugh as she took a defensive stance against the automated drinking fountain – the one that squirted water at whoever walked close enough to the sensor. She reached toward her left leg, where the dagger she'd insisted on bringing was strapped under her jeans. He gently took the hand in his own, walking away from the drinking fountain amidst her sputters of protest.

"It's fine, Helaine," he murmured into her ear, grinning as she pouted, not answering. He planted a quick peck on her cheek, and when she turned toward him in fury, he planted another kiss on her lips. At least he knew how to abate her anger. When he pulled away, she was blushing, and she was no longer trying to pull her hand out of his.

She never seemed to enjoy these excursions to Earth as much as he did, though he had to admit that a large part of his enjoyment was at Helaine's expense. When he said so, though, she hit him, so he kept his thoughts to himself for the most part.

As long as Score vowed to let Helaine choose the mode of transportation and the activities, and as long as Score picked good food to eat, Helaine deemed Earth an appropriate place for one of their dates. They'd only had a few so far, though, and strange things always seemed to interrupt them, and Helaine was thusly none to pleased to repeat the attempt.

Score tried to tell her that these things were coincidences – that normally, Earth was a normal, fun place—but she would only insist otherwise and point out the many strange things that had occurred; his near-death experience with Destiny the first time she'd come with him to Earth, as well as the near-death experience they'd had dealing with Pixel and Nantor, not to mention the strange creature they'd come across in the Queens Tunnel about an hour ago.

The police had a handle on it now, but it had made Helaine extra-jumpy, and Score had to keep a closer eye on her than normal; at this rate, she'd chop someone in half for saying, "Hello," if he let her.

He'd dragged her over the better part of Manhattan today, sure to hit up nice, touristy places so that she could see the fun side of this world. They had just circled around the Reservoir, heading back toward Central Park when Helaine stopped, narrowing her eyes.

Score felt her hand stiffen in his, and she caught his gaze. "Trouble," she muttered, looking in the direction of the East River.

He tried to think of a discreet spell he could use that wouldn't attract too much attention, but before he'd so much as conjured a force-field, he was plowed to the ground, courtesy of a boy in a bright orange tee-shirt, who was clutching a sword with a golden blade.

Score gasped, not surprised when Helaine pounced, tackling the stranger to the ground, knife point to his throat as he gaped at her. His sword was gone, and Score put a hand around his wrist, having been certain it would be injured – the blade had sliced clean through his arm, he was certain – but it was just his imagination, it seemed, because he was fine.

"Who are you, and why did you attack us?" Helaine demanded, pressing her knife into the boy's throat.

He swallowed nervously, eyeing the knife. "Woah," he managed. "Annabeth, I could definitely use a little help."

"Who are you speaking to?" Helaine asked firmly, shooting a look at Score, who whirled around, trying to see if he had a friend concealed nearby. He didn't see anyone, and his hand went to his pocket, ready to double-check with his Jasper – when he saw Helaine's face register a warning out of the corner of his eye – he turned to assist her, and was suddenly decked in the jaw by some invisible force; he landed in an awkward sprawl on the ground, hearing Helaine give a yelp of surprise.

Score looked up, ignoring the smart pain in his face – this was nothing; he'd had worse – eyes widening as he took in the scene before him: the boy's golden sword was back, though he held it with a certain laxness to the side, watching the battle – Score wondered what it was exactly that Helaine was fighting; her dagger made telling clanging sounds, and her face looked fiercely happy. These were sure signs that someone was fighting her, but Score saw no one.

He concentrated on his Jasper, willing himself to see what was happening, and he only caught a glimpse – the magic was so weak here – he saw the shadow of a girl, fighting Helaine's knife with her own, wearing a blue Yankees cap.

Score glanced at the boy beside him furtively, trying to size him up while he was distracted. He couldn't be older than Score himself, with intense, sea-green eyes, and black hair. He looked like he'd be at home in flip-flops and swimming trunks.

He turned at that moment, raising his sword menacingly at Score. "Annabeth, we don't have time for this. Wrap it up," he called, eyes drifting to where Helaine was still fighting her invisible foe.

Score grinned. If he thought his little invisible friend could 'wrap up' Helaine so quickly, he obviously didn't know who he was dealing with. Helaine lived for this stuff – it was plain to see she was loving every moment – and the invisible girl was smart enough to see it, too; she removed the hat, becoming instantly visible.

"And I thought the patrons of your planet didn't wield my kind of weapons, Score," Helaine called, still grinning as she caught sight of her opponent's wicked blade – only an inch or so longer than her own.

"Why did you attack Percy?" the girl challenged. She wore an orange shirt identical to the boy, and her curly blonde hair was pulled away from her face.

Score glanced at the boy beside him, who still held his arms outstretched, the golden metal flashing in the sun.

"He's the one who started it," Score muttered. He wondered how strong a fireball would be, and how quickly he could conjure it. He started chanting the words in his head, grinning when he felt the heat building in his palm.

Helaine shot a glance at him, nodding curtly, and he attacked, throwing the fire quickly toward the boy, Percy, as he jumped back – Score used the opportunity of his distraction to form another fireball, launching it at the girl, who looked more surprised than scared.

The water fountain beside them erupted. A small tidal wave launched itself at Score, and he fumbled in his pocket for his Chrysolite, dissolving the formidable wall of water into mist. He panted from the effort, and he was still soaked, but grateful he'd been able to stop the water before it hit him. He noticed that Helaine looked winded, too, and deduced that she must have lent him some magic.

"That…that's impossible…" the boy stammered. He motioned with his hands, and the water-vapor surged to life, attacking Score like so many annoying grains of sand. He concentrated harder on his Chrysolite, feeling Helaine's power helping him, and it evaporated completely.

"Gods," the girl breathed. "What kind of mortals are you?"

Score jumped in surprise as the boy was suddenly in his face, snapping his fingers. "You don't remember any of this. You had no battle."

Helaine looked on in confusion, and Score blinked. Then he laughed. "Seriously? The Jedi mind trick? You can't honestly think that works?"

"They're immune to the mist?" The boy exchanged bewildered looks with the girl, and she shrugged.

Score was completely confused, and looking at Helaine, it was clear that she was in the same boat. Before he could address the bizarreness of their situation, however, the boy glanced toward the Queens Tunnel, across the street, motioning toward it with his head.

The two took off, and the boy shouted a warning over his shoulder. "Don't follow us, and forget you saw anything if you know what's good for you!" They turned toward Thirty-First Street, disappearing behind a line of cabs.

Score opened his mouth to say something to Helaine, who was speechlessly gesturing toward the retreating pair, when he was bowled over from behind. The culprit was a skinny redheaded boy with a scruffy beard, a black knit cap on his head, an orange shirt, and a coke can in hand, which had a large chunk bitten out of it.

"Perrrrrcy! Wait up! I hate griffins!" The boy shoved the can whole into his mouth, chewing the tin ferociously as he disappeared around the corner, following the two who'd just went in the same direction.

"Score…did that young man…have the feet of a donkey?"

Score tried to recall, and honestly wouldn't have been surprised to find it was true.

"You know what, Helaine? Earth has become a weird place in my absence. Let's get some chocolate to go and just call up Shanara."

Helaine grinned. "And Gummi-worms?"

Score groaned. "You and your gummi-worms…"

So they crossed the street cautiously, watching out for more strange orange clad people chasing a mythological monster. What idiots. They even thought the Jedi mind trick worked.

A clap of thunder pealed ominously, and Score shuddered. The faster they were back on Dondar the better. And here he'd thought Earth was the normal place…

Meanwhile, three campers of Camp Half-Blood wondered about these strange mortals with supernatural powers, and decided to shelve the problem for another day.



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