Title: Of Physics And Chemistry

CHAPTER WARNINGS: Shower sex and sex in a public place.




Anybody who believes that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach flunked geography. -Robert Byrne




"How about a game of tennis, Raito-kun?"

That was probably the strangest thing Raito had ever heard Ryuuzaki say. Even 'I am L' was more plausible than the skinny, crooked man actually being able to play tennis well. Although Raito could attest to L being stronger than he looked better than most people, it was still strange to think of him in tennis clothing, with a racket is his hands.

L usually held things delicately, as though they might break. Except, perhaps, for Raito.

He was usually pretty rough on that front, Raito thought scathingly as they walked toward the tennis court. It took him a moment o realized that no one else was playing there, and Raito blinked, raising his eyebrows at his companion. He hadn't even changed into a tennis outfit, claiming that he was much more comfortable in his usual clothes.

"Where is everyone?" Raito inquired, taking another look just in case he'd missed someone.

"I rented this place out for the day," L replied, clicking open the fence and opening it. He went inside before Raito and Raito followed him, still slightly perturbed.

"It's hardly necessary for us to play tennis alone," Raito rolled his eyes as they headed inside and L pulled a ball from the basket and saying, "Do you want to serve?"

"Yes," L responded automatically. Raito tossed the green ball at L and walked to the center of the court, near the back and got ready. He couldn't underestimate L, not when it was detective that suggested the match in the first place. That meant that L was a decent player. Raito was also pretty sure that L had seen his trophies the night he had dinner at his house, so L was most likely aware of his experience in this sport. To challenge him when he knew he was good meant that L was sure of his ability.

That L thought he stood a good chance against him.

Raito wouldn't loose.

L served. He swung his arm forward and slapped the ball powerfully against the net of his racket, sending it over to Raito's side in a flash. Although Raito had appeared to have been ready, he wasn't prepared for such a strong serve this early in the game. L got the ball back and repeated the process, this time Raito going for the ball, lunging to the side and missing it by mere inches.

He retrieved he younger man picked himself off the ground and brushed off his shorts which, L thought, were quite flattering for Raito's legs. He usually wore long pants, which complimented his backside but did little for his long legs.

"What are you waiting for?" Raito asked, bent over (bad thoughts, L, concentrate!) with the handle of the racket in his hands tightly ('handle' jokes? Really? L, you're a genius and that's the best you can come up with?) looking determined to beat his rival.

Mm. He was getting off track, wasn't he?

"Thirty, Love," L stated easily, and then served again, striking the ball with a force that was even harder than before. This time Raito jumped to catch it and hit it back easily, and then the dance began.

The ball zoomed back and fourth between them, L hitting it with all his strength each time, and his initial lead meant little after fifteen minutes. L was ahead by tree points, and then Raito would catch up and be winning by four points and then L was once again gaining on him. Raito served better than L did, less predictably, but reacted just a bit slower in the midst of the game as they whacked the ball back and forth.

When the ball managed to strike the fence straight on, it shook until it rattled.

The ball made a horrible sound as it whammed beside or behind him, bust a wonderful crack whenever it made impact with his racket and soared over to L's court. He aimed to the left then right and spun it just right to make it hit at a certain angle and went in the other direction. His knees were beginning to ache, and for the first time he was really beginning to wish he'd worn socks, as his feet burned from such raw contact with the bottom of his shoes.

He was being directed all over the court, running from one end to the other, and his usually incredible stamina was wavering. Raito, of course, was no better off, but L was impressed that the boy had managed to run him into exhaustion yet again. Raito was quite a sight though, with sweat dripping down his face and his legs shimmering with a light layer of perspiration, huffing and puffing deeply.

It was strangely arousing.

Raito's chest heaved and his lungs seared with want for more air. He put his hands on his knees for a second to catch his breath, and peering at L from under damp bangs. The handle of the racket was slightly slick in his hands, but he wiped his hand on his shorts and stood back up straight, taking a deep breath of fresh air and getting back into stance before throwing up the ball for yet another serve.

Another set later, Raito was more than beat. They agree had agreed on only three, and it was over now, the winner decided. L got them both water bottles from the beverage machine, and Raito threw his head back and downed the plain liquid as though it were the best thing he'd ever tasted. L had recovered from his windedness but his shoulders were sagging more than usual.

Raito had won by two points.

"You beat me," L said, his tone flat. Raito could sense the pouting in the pitch. There was a sharp sense of accomplishment in Raito's chest at this win, finally dominated L for once -as opposed to the several times that L had technically dominated him sexually.

Yes, this made him feel better.

"Stop sulking, Ryuuzaki," Raito said, running the back of his hand over his forehead to clear it of a bit of sweat, "Let's go shower, then go back to work."

"I most certainly am not sulking, Raito-kun," L replied sulkily. To be perfectly honest, he'd been hoping to beat Raito-kun until he was so tired he couldn't fight of any of L's advances, nor restrain any pleasured faces and screams…

L hadn't expected Raito to actually be that good. Or, even if he had been good, he'd thought he'd win anyway. How annoying.

"Come on," Raito tugged at the sleeve of L's shirt roughly before letting it go and walking toward the showers, shaking his head.

L followed after a moment and easily caught up to Raito, who looked over at him to make sure he was over his defeat before speaking.

"Does the task force even know about this little break, anyway?" Raito inquired, raising his eyebrow as he opened the door for them both and they walked into the large shower area. The tiles were blue and white and there were lockers and benches to the left. Although no one was around to steal his garments (except for L and -was it wrong that he thought such a prank was actually a possibility?) Raito headed over to the lockers intending to lock his shoes and underwear inside.

It turned out that the lockers had no locks (one had to buy them from the front) so that basically defeated the purpose. Raito could only hope that L wasn't immature enough to do such a thing to him.

L followed him, and Raito turned away briefly, peeling his shirt off and throwing it into the washer. He slid his shorts down his hips and then letting them fall around his ankles. He did the same with his underwear and then picked them up off the ground, feeling his shorts briefly to see if they were too wet with sweat to go without washing. They were dry, so Raito just tossed them into they locker he was using and sat on the bench to slip his shoes and socks off.

It was a wonder that he's actually become comfortable enough around the strange man to not think twice about getting undressed in front of him -although he supposed that that was what happened when people had sex together multiple times.

Placing his shoes in his locker neatly, side by side, witch his socks folded inside them, Raito also folded his clothes on top of them before closing the door, walking to the washer and starting it.

Almost immediately after the hum of the washer began, Raito felt a body at his back.

"Hello, Ryuuzaki, long time no…" Raito pressed back a bit and felt silky hardness of an erection pressing into the left cheek of his bottom. "..feel."

"A very long time," L agreed, running his lips up the nape of Raito's neck lightly and wrapping his arms around Raito's narrow waist. He let his hand settle on Raito's stomach and chest, for now.

"I was kidding, it was just last night."

"As I said, a very long time."

"For you, perhaps," Raito agreed, his hands planting themselves on the washed in front of him. He unconsciously tilted his head to the side a bit to allow L further access to the side and back of his neck. "I would have never thought, when I first met you, that you would be such a sex fiend."

"I am not usually like this," L affirmed, fingers stroking Raito's abdomen, gradually inching from his navel, tickling his belly button and descending further. "But Raito-kun is quite tempting…excruciatingly so."

Raito's breath hitched as one set of fingers dropped to brush his slowly forming erection, "Is that so?"

"It is," L said, and his tongue came out to wet the skin beneath his lips, and then quickly his entire mouth latched to the area, forcing a soft sound from Raito's mouth, "Just watching Raito-kun fold clothes in a state of undress caused me to grow unnaturally aroused. And laundry is not something I find especially erotic."

"No? Just not your thing?" Raito teased, as L's hand rubbed against the underside of his member and he arched a bit, sucking in breath quickly. L didn't answer but instead folded his fingers over to better cover Raito's shaft, closing his hand fully around him.

"You know, Ryuuzaki, we just got done exercising, don't you think -Uuhhh…"

L's hand had squeezed hard. The sucking increased and L bit down just enough to cause a sharp pain before soothing the pain with his tongue, kissing the spot and repeating the process.

"I guess… not…hhaahhn.." skeletal fingers cupped his sac as the other hand moved slowly up and down the hardening length. "…so this is the real reason why…nn, you rented the place out…mmnnn.."

"Unquestionably, Raito-kun."

L pulled him away from the washer and slowly began walking them toward the first showerhead, stroking Raito the entire way. Raito's knees were turning into jelly but he managed to make it to the tile wall without collapsing as his body heated up under the skillful caresses. The lips on his neck moved upward, his tongue trailing up to his ear as L sneaked one hand away from Raito's manhood too tweak the shower head all the way to the left.

The water spilled onto them and Raito gasped at the cold overtook him, for a brief moment that sensation overwhelming the hand on touching him. Then, L's tongue slipped into his ear deeply.

"Not there…!" a gasp tore itself from Raito's mouth yet again, this time not from the cold, since the water was gradually becoming warmer.

It splashed gently on his head and down both of their body's making their skin slick and L's own arousal slip in between his cheeks to lay precariously in the hollow between them.

"Hmm…why ever not, Raito-kun?"

"Be -ca -nng….beca-ah!"

"Because Raito-kun can…mm… never form full sentences when I -mmn… do this to his ear?" L chuckled, sending vibrations through his tongue that was flicking out every now and again in between words to lap at Raito's earlobe. Raito rested his forehead against the cool tile as the tongue slid out sensual before jutting back in, and Raito's body jolted against him, further pressing L against him.

This was…it was horrible that this was becoming second nature, but…Damn it, wasn't he supposed to be getting clean? This wasn't getting clean -this was getting dirty. And they were in public! Maybe with no one around, but still. That was very…un-Raito. Un-Raito? Fuck, the small ministrations were sucking the vocabulary right out of him!

Raito grabbed L's wrist and yanked his hand away from his length and turned himself around quickly, before L could stop him. L bent in, thinking he wanted a face-to-face encounter, but Raito put his hands on his chest.

"I'm sweating and disgusting -we can do this later," Raito said, looking at L decisively.

"I am not sure that Raito-kun truly understands…"

L went to grab him but Raito was read for this, stepping to the side and out of his reach quickly -but the jerky movement caused him to slip on the wet tile, throwing him backwards and into the wall, where he fell painfully on his bottom. Raito closed his eyes, grimacing at the pain and making a sharp sound. The water continued to toppled over his body, and the puddle on the floor made him slip several times as he tried to get up, failing ungracefully.

"…how very much he affects me."

Raito looked up as the voice deepened suddenly from it's normal baritone to something of a velvety husk, and the obsidian eyes matched the voice perfectly. They were staring down at Raito, his expression not different from his usual ones, but his eye were aglow with desire.

It was only then that Raito took in the picture he was probably making for L at that very moment.

L couldn't help it. Raito was…well, it shouldn't have been possible for a person to look that good at all times. First, sweaty and gross, panting furiously in the heat of the sun, and now soaking wet, mussed and spread out on the ground. His face was flushed, most likely from the pain and the pleasure that hadn't gone away, if the still standing erection was anything to go by. His legs were spread, as he had tried to keep his balance, revealing everything there was to see between those long, lightly muscled legs.

L let himself fall to his knees, ignoring the spark of pain as his kneecaps smacked against the wet tile. He bend over and pressed his lips to Raito's. They were drenched in water, the high faucet send tiny streams of it onto their heads and bodies. Raito was glaring, his breathing slightly irregular against L's firm, persistent lips.

"What if I know…and just don't care?" Raito asked, chuckling against L's lips and reaching forward to grasp the tall erection standing against the slim stomach. L's breath hitched this time, and he attempted to cover it up by slipping his tongue in past the barrier of white teeth and grabbing Raito's own enlarged member tightly.

Raito groaned and pushed his hips up immediately, twisting his own tongue with L's and abandoning the 'just a shower' phase as that talented hand moved against him just like that. The second hand went off to the side, looking for the small bottle of conditioner that were in all the showers. Long fingers caught the container and snapped his open hurriedly, turning it upside down on his hand and then dropping it when he's gotten a surplus amount.

L went for the entrance, still stroking the velvety shaft and held his index and middle finger close together, and ran it in circles against the pucker of muscle. Water was getting into L's eyes, but he could only concentrate on the way the muscles of Raito's anus clamped around his intruding fingers. L pushed his two lubricated digits completely into him and moved his lips from Raito's mouth to his cheek and jaw and down his neck.

"Hnnm…" Raito tilted his head against the mouth suckling on his neck and wrapped his legs around L's back loosely as the fingers invaded him further, wriggling and stretching him. The creamy conditioner was cool inside him briefly but warmed with the heat of his arousal.

Still caressing L's erection, Raito used his other hand to hold onto L's shoulder to keep him from sliding further down the wall and onto his back. The coldness of the wall he was leaning against was beginning to grow on him, and Raito bowed his head, sucking in his breath quickly as L nibbled on the juncture between his neck and shoulder. His heels dug into the bony back of the detective and the fingers in him pushed deeper, forcing moans from his swollen lips and making his hips move to meet the movements.

L's fingers suddenly twisted obscenely in him, curling acutely and stabbing his prostate. "Haahhaannuh!"

Raito's hand released L's erection as his body tightened around him, legs stiffening and body tensing as he cried out. Damn it! He wasn't nearly as embarrassed by this as he was the first time -after all, it wasn't as if this wasn't enjoyable. He remembered clearly that he'd wanted to sleep with 'Ryuuzaki' before he ever knew he was L. It was still rather mortifying whenever he stopped to think about it…

…but when L did something like that with his teeth and lips and fingers - and Raito forgot about his humiliation, his 'submission', and everything bad about this arrangement. Because he had a brilliant 'lover' that also happened to be the best detective in the world, and as long as he succumbed to amazing sex (which was, secretly, not that difficult to do) he could work on the most testing cases and escape the inevitable boredom that his genius seemed to require.

"Ah!" again with the fucking prostate.

Finally another finger was added and Raito gritted his teeth against the sparks of pain that began at the base of his spine but ignored it. It was nothing compared to the first time -or the second for that matter- and it actually heightened the experience more than pure pleasure would. "L…I'm fine, just get -uh - in already…I don't want to stay here, nng…all day…ah…"

Raito opened his eyes and found L's face in front of his own, soaking wet and dripping flatteringly with small streams of water. His hair was neater than Raito had ever seen it, still tangled, but flat and smooth, hanging to L's shoulders. For the first time, Raito actually thought he was almost pretty, with his hair straight and wet, his cheeks flushed with excitement and his usually bug eyes narrowed at him.

After a brief pause, L nodded and removed his fingers, retrieving the bottle of conditioner and poured more onto his hand before throwing it aside once more. Raito felt his legs being lifted further upward to hook over L's shoulders and L slicked his shaft in the smooth cream and then aligned himself with the passage. Raito hands held tightly into L's shoulder to brace himself as the tip nudged his opening slightly, and Raito took a breath, his face turning upwards, being hit by the spray of the showerhead.

In a sharp, quick thrust upward L entered the younger man completely, hauling Raito off the ground and completely against the wall.

"Huuuhnn," Raito groaned, closing his eyes and turning his head to the side as he clenched his muscles against the hot swell of flesh inside him. The gush of water hit him in the cheek and cascaded down his neck hotly, and steam was beginning to rise all around, adding to the insufferable heat already suffocating them. The thick air snaked it's way into their throats, Raito's already erratic breaths escalating to throaty wheezing, fingernails scraping against L's shoulders.

L reveled in the slick heat surrounding him, ducking his head and nuzzling his nose into Raito's shoulder against the glossy, wet skin there that was still red with the rouge of his kisses. He placed one hand on the wall near Raito's hip, pressing into the crack between tiles with his fingers lest his hand slide, and he placed the other on Raito's thigh to keep the leg up on his shoulder better; the other was already slipping.

He pulled back a bit, rocking out of the youth and then back in, a deep sound forming in the back of his throat that wouldn't have been audible if not for the room they were in that seemed to magnify each sound, from their ragged breathing, the wet sounds of L pumping in and out of him to the rain-like sound of the shower against the floor.

"Nnnhhh…!"Raito moaned as L thrust back in fully, ramming against the spot inside him with too gentle force and forcing Raito's hips to meet him push for push. "What…nuh…are you waiting for…?"

"If I went our normal pace now, then…uh…I would finish much too soon," L replied, driving in again, perhaps a bit harder than the last, but still at a steady pace.

"I already said we…have to do this fast, we're in…a public shower for…god's sake…I don't want this to take…too long-ggnnuuhh!" for once L did as he was told and slammed into him powerfully, and the intensity of it made Raito's leg fall from the gaunt shoulder to hook on L's elbow instead. L drove into him again just as hard, and again hard.

"Better?" L grunted, latching his teeth onto the sleek skin of Raito's neck and forcing himself into the constricted canal another time.

"Mu -much….!" Raito gulped air, oxygen not really helping his brain work at all as that sensitive spot inside him was attacked with vigor, sending his mind and body reeling. His knees locked, pulling L deeper and his lower stomach muscles tightened as lightning originating from his groin spread through his body, in jolts of pleasure, up his spin and down his legs, curling his toes and twisting his body.

His hands found L's head, and his fingers tangling the strands as he was pushed further into the wall, sliding up it a bit with each thrust. His back ached when his mind allowed him to think about it, but the shocks of bliss tended to cloud his mind as the thrusting increased in speed and strength.


The hand on his thigh slithered inward to grasp his straining erection and Raito's teeth gnawed at each other briefly before ripping apart in a sharp cry when that hand squeezed and the fingers stroked in an unforgiving and brutal rhythm. L's thrusting persisted furiously, and the teeth on his neck bit painfully, digging in to mark the skin there but not yet break the skin.

The raven-haired aberration sped up further and Raito felt his climax gaining on him, taking a hold of his body and rocking him with waves of desire. He wrapped himself around the detective further as L plunged into him again and again, prying him open perfectly with each insertion. L grunted against him, accelerating further, also coming up on his own completion.

"Sh…damn it -! L -ngnn!" Raito gasped, pulling harshly on L's wet hair just to spite him. The tile was cold and hard against his back, digging harshly into his shoulder blades.

"Don't…don't say my real name here, Raito-ku -" L said breathlessly, and pushed in again quickly, and then pulled out. He slipped a bit, the still pouring water making his knee slide a few inches back and adjusting the angle of his onslaughts. "-kun…!"

Raito didn't bother nodding, comprehending the warning only enough to remind himself not to say the word. His breath sped up along with the continuous prodding, each invasion harder than the last. The hand on his sex kept the same pace as the stroking member inside him, and Raito was loosing himself yet again to the sensations, the pleasure and tiny sparks of pain from the jaw attached to his shoulder.

The next attack of his prostate began the downward spiral to the pinnacle of ecstasy.

"Oh God -!" Raito thrashed, throwing his head back and nearly slamming it into the wall, nails clawing against L's scalp cruelly. "Ryuuzaki -go -go faster dammit -nng -I'm so clo -ah!-just - nnnuuuhhhh…!"

L's sight blurred as he came a split second before Raito did, long fingers scratching the tile wall and the other set of digits fingers constrict around Raito's throbbing length. Such compression made Raito's body seize and a scream catch in his throat as the zenith of his rapture. A feeling that felt so good that it was nearly pain tore through him from his toes to his crotch to his chest and up to his throat, where it ripped further, splitting his lips apart to release a loud, erotic shout.

Raito's body relaxed after L's and they slid to the floor, Raito panting and licking his lips, tasting his saliva, sweat and the water that was still spraying them from above. L unlatched his teeth from Raito's shoulder and instead pressed his lips to the underside of Raito's jaw, which was moving with the force of Raito's inhales. Raito's leg, relaxed now, fell from L's shoulder and he closed his eyes, attempting to even out his breathing. L ran his hand up Raito's sides, and then down again, stopping at the hips, which served to ground Raito as he came down from the delicious high.

Raito was fairly sure he heard the to the shower room open and shut, but he was in too much of an post-orgasm haze to really be certain.




"Let's get ice cream," L said suddenly as they walked from the shower fully dressed a dry, Raito wearing his freshly washed T-shirt. They'd actually showered after they had gotten back enough energy to stand and L had just called Watari briefly to tell him that they were done and needed a ride back to the hotel.

"What is this, a date?" Raito asked as they started down the sidewalk that led to the front desk, passing a lot of startlingly green grass and pretty, brightly colored flowers.

"I would have that that was obvious from the outing and the intercourse."

"Usually the participants have sex after food…" Raito commented sardonically as they passed the fountain with a statue of a little boy spitting water. Raito wondered why the owners of this tennis court thought that was attractive.

"And Raito-kun and I are so very conventional," L droned, putting his finger to his mouth. Blinking, then smirking, Raito responded simply.


They came up to the front desk and checked out, the girl at the front was obviously new or dimwitted by the way she stumbled around the office, looking for her misplaced pen. Or perhaps she was infatuated with Raito and was blustering around as many girls did when in his presence. Raito found that incredibly annoying. A figure in the waiting room caught his eye and he looked over to a man sitting in one of the chairs there, the only occupant of the room for people who were waiting on a court to open up.

"Who's that?" Raito asked, more to himself than anything. L was good, but he doubted the detective could identify any stranger that Raito felt the need to point out.

"…I would guess it's someone waiting for the people that rented out the tennis court to free up again, Raito-kun," L answered, barely giving the man a second glance. "However, I see no second person, so unless his partner went to the restroom or something of that nature, then he must be here for another reason. He's also wearing a suit, so unless there's a change of in his suitcase then I would think he's here for a different reason."

"Thank you for that thorough analysis, Ryuuzaki," Raito responded, taking the pen the girl gave him and signing the pad of paper.

"Raito-kun is very welcome, although the conclusions I came to were nothing he couldn't figure out by himself," L replied as they walked from the office and out into the street where Watari was waiting in the limo for them.

They got into the limo and Raito thanked Watari politely, who easily informed him it was no problem and L told the play-chauffer that they wanted to stop for ice cream.

"What flavor would Raito-kun like?"

"I'm really not a fan of ice cream, L, but you can go ahead." Raito waved his hand dismissively and turned his head to look out the window as the limo pulled out of the parking lot and onto the street.

"I want Raito-kun to have some. I would feel bad to eat it in front of him," came the baritone voice from behind him, and the sound of lips rubbing against a finger in mid-sentence. Raito scoffed.

"Never stopped you before."

"People change."

"Right, and you have?" Raito snorted, crossing his right leg over the left and ignoring the throb in his lower back that had started up a second ago.


"Mm, yeah. Eat ice cream yourself." Raito resisted the urge to roll his eyes -a desire that often appeared in the detective's presence and he went back to staring out the window. They pulled onto the side of the street next to an ice cream parlor, and through the speaker Watari asked what ice cream they would like.

"I will be having a doubt scoop, one of chocolate and the other of bubblegum," L relayed simply, "And Raito-kun will be having one scoop of vanilla."

Raito blinked, looking at L with a frown, "I could have sworn I said that I didn't want any."

"Oh? Raito-kun must be hallucinating. Perhaps dehydration from

"Ah, right. That must be it," Raito felt like smacking L upside the head but decided to be the adult for the moment. "At least you forced a flavor on me that I actually like."

"It seemed dull enough for Raito-kun to enjoy it."

"Raito's frown deepened and morphed into a scowl, "How thoughtful of you."

"I thought so as well. Therefore Raito-kun can never say that I have been neglectful to him."

"Because you bought me the kind of ice cream I like," Raito shook his head, "Why do I tolerate you again? Oh yes, the cases I have access to…"

"I believe it is the frequent mind-blowing sex, Raito-kun."

"No, no, definitely the cases."

It was L's turn to narrow his eyes. "Perhaps I should remind Raito-kun just how much he enjoys -"


Raito flashed a smirk at L, who still looked rather annoyed (at least, Raito thought so, although one really couldn't tell for the stoic look on his face) and pulled his phone out of his pocket.


"Raito-kun! Guess what? We got a ticket to the talk show!"

Raito blinked, held his phone away from his ear long enough to check that yes, it was Matsuda, before bringing the phone back to his ear.

"Hello, Matsuda…now, care to explain what you mean by that?" L's brow twitched slightly as his emotions quickly transformed from irritated to interested.

"What do -oh! What, Mogi? I -I didn't tell him!? Oops! Sorry, Raito-kun, I must have forgot," Matsuda sounded withdrawn for a split second before perking up again, "Anyway, Misa Misa is going on the talk show segment of NHN to talk about her upcoming movie!"

Raito 'hummed in approval, "I see…and you have tickets for this?"

"Yeah! I mean, well…" Matsuda paused briefly, "Um, we have one ticket, and you don't even know how hard it was to get. So only one of us can actually go in…we figured that you would make the best candidate, really, because of your age and looks. You don't look like a weird old stalker, and you're young enough to pass for one of her fans."

"That's fine with me," Raito nodded, and suddenly felt something slick on his ear. Namely, L's tongue. His breath hitched, and -damn it, of course Matsuda would hear it.

"Eh -is Raito-kun okay? You are Ryuuzaki were playing tennis, right? You're breathing sounded a little weird -you're not still out of breath, are you?" the voice on the other end was full of concern.

"I'm fine," Raito managed at the moist muscle slipped into his ear canal tantalizingly. Raito swatted L away, and the mouth was ripped away from his ear. Raito grabbed a tissue from the side of the limo, near the small television, "You bastard."

"I…what?" and now the voice sounded irrefutably hurt.

"Not you, Matsuda, I was talking to Ryuuzaki," Raito sighed, wiping at his ear and glaring at the older man beside him. At that moment, the door opened and Watari appeared with the ice cream cones.

"Here you are, sirs," Watari handed them over and Raito took his cone with the hand that still had tissue in it, subsequently protecting him a bit from the cold of the sweet. The door shut a moment later and L immediately got to work on his ice cream.

Raito looked up at the ceiling as the car started., "So, give me the specifics, Matsuda."

"Okay, er…" there was a ruffling of papers and a few mumbles that weren't Matsuda, probably Aizawa wondering why the hell Matsuda hadn't had the information ready, "There! It's Friday night at the NHN filming studio at seven O'clock -but the audience had to be seated by 6:45."

Rait stored this in his memory, "All right, and who else is going to be there?"

"Er…um, the anchor, Tamaki Osari, and the weather guy Mikari Kukuro and a bunch of camera people, and some interns…"

"It's Tuesday today," Raito sat up a bit straighter and grimaced as a bit of ice cream fell, sliding down the cone in a tear drop-like fashion and running to kiss his fingers coolly, "I want the names of everyone that is going to be there by early Friday, preferably Thursday, can you do that, Matsuda?"

"Oh -yeah, of course," there was sound of movement as Matsuda probably nodded violently, "I can do that, sure, Raito-kun. Consider it done!"

"Good, good," Raito paused to lick the line of white liquid from where it was beginning to pool on his hand up to it's origin

"Also! Misa is known to taking questions from the audience, and sometimes even letting a person come onto the television with her!" Matsuda seemed more excited about meeting Misa than getting to question her, "So you might want to do that, because she's really honest about stuff, even her personal life, and you could ask Misa Misa if she's still sad about her parents death -"

"Must you call her 'Misa Misa', Matsuda?" Raito felt Ryuuzaki's eyes burning into him. What the hell was his problem?

"But, ah…that's what she goes by. She likes it and thinks it's cute, though…"

"You understand that she's our prime suspect, don't you, Matsuda?" Raito asked, ignoring the eyes on him as he continued talking and licking his ice cream to keep it from making his hand unbearably sticky.

"Well…yeah, but…" He sounded dejected, and sighed deeply, "Okay, sorry, Raito-kun. Is there anything else you need to know? Ah -and you're dad wants to know when you'll be back."

"Nothing else I need to know at the moment, Matsuda," Raito replied, searching for the nearest street sign and then adding, "And we'll be there in fifteen minutes. Could you get some coffee ready for me?"

"Sure!" Matsuda replied, "See you soon, Raito-kun!"

Raito closed the phone with a click and caught another droplet with the tip of his tongue, and again his eyes were drawn to the intense stare directed at him. He looked over at L finally, putting his phone back into his pocket and gazing at the older man mildly.

What was he…? Raito went to lick the ice cream again and then paused, the answer coming to him so easily he wondered why it wasn't obvious.

Oh. That was the reason.

Raito took an extra long lick of the ice cream for good measure, allowing his tongue trail over the ivory treat and making another dribble of it slide down the cone. He caught the spill easily, letting his tongue drift up it and then flick out slightly again to lick his lips. Then he looked at L straight on, eyes set and narrow, voice firm and unrelenting as he spoke.

"…I am not going down on you."




Teru was investigating a murder, trying to gather more evidence on his own time, since the police seemed to have given up on convicting him. Justice was not so submissive, Teru would not allow such disorder, not if he had anything to say about it. And since he was the District Attorney, this time he did. But before he could ever consider

Probably because said murderer was suspected to be Ryuuga Hideki, and…well, know one wanted to be known as the cop that brought that Japanese Idol down. Oh hell no. There would be a mob of rabid fan girls at that officers door, with pitchforks, torches and most probably T-shirts depicting said pop star's chiseled face.

But Teru was not dissuaded by such threats. This was for justice, order, and if the killer was Ryuuga Hideki, heart throb of Japan or no, Teru would bring him down. Which was why he was looking for evidence himself instead of getting detectives to do it.

Ryuuga's alibi was that he'd been playing tennis with his manager. The manager covered him -but why wouldn't he? Ryuuga going to jail would mean he lost the disgusting amount of money he made. Teru was here to check up on it again, to see if anyone had seen him. The police had asked if he was here, and the log said he was…but Teru wanted real proof, an eye witness.

"I'm with the police, and I'd like to talk with anyone that was here about two weeks ago," Teru stated, "He is the main suspect in the murder of upcoming model Dana Mizoku."

"Uh…well, it's rented out today," said the girl, not the sharpest knife in the drawer, Teru suspected. Of course, this place wasn't too unused to that. A few celebrities and other millionaires rented the place out four or five times a year, like Ryuuga Hideki had, for privacy.

"I understand, but this is urgent, I promise not to disturb anyone."

He eventually did get in, and he went around, asking the few employees there. He went from court to court, and then finally came upon the shower room. He entered quietly, and immediately heard arousing gasps and moans from the shower, louder than the beating of water against tile. Teru walked forward carefully, wondering what sort of men were having sex in the men's shower room…

And then he saw him. One of the man, the one pressed into the wall by another, less notable, man. Teru's eyes were drawn to the drenched face, mouth wide open, hair darkened with moisture, keens and mewls escaping bruised lips as he was jutted repeatedly against the wall.

Gorgeous. Enchanting. He was…incredible. Outstandingly beautiful, especially in the midst of ecstasy, with his face flushed and his mouth open. Water rushing down his long, lithe form as he writhing and grasped at anything, screaming -

"Oh God -! Teru -go -go faster dammit -nng -I'm so clo -ah -just - nnnuuuhhhh…!"

Teru's hand tightened on his briefcase until the leather felt like it was burning his palm. He heard the beastly looking man that was accompanying the beautiful man call him 'Raito-kun'. Raito.

Raito…as in light.

Teru closed his eyes and smiled. How splendidly appropriate.




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