*standard warnings apply. They ain't mine (if you recognize them). This fic assumes that the events of the first two movies happened but ignores the second two so it's sort of an AU*

She stood five foot three in tennis shoes but preferred to go barefoot. Her hair was a deep velvet red, her skin either strikingly white or brilliant pink depending on her adherence to her sun screen regime - or lack thereof. When she smiled her trusting green eyes sparkled prettily but, honestly, she smiled fairly rarely. She had a straight nose, full lips, generous breasts, womanly hips, perfect lips, a not-quite flat stomach and small feet. Standing still amid a moving group outside the Los Angeles High School for the Performing Arts she looked like a Pre-Raphealite painting dropped in the middle of an Aaron Spelling drama. Rory Hammond didn't quite fit. A little too sad, maybe too quiet, certainly too bright but mostly just too old for her 18 years. In a strange way, Rory had never really fit in anywhere.

But LA was the worst.

Maybe that was part of the reason why two weeks before, at a party to announce her older sister's engagement, Rory, fortified by a considerable amount of champagne, had tried to kiss Sgt. Martin Riggs. In the pool house, holding the skirt of her expensive pink organza dress up off the floor with one hand, she'd cornered him by what her father had affectionately termed 'the beer fridge'. She'd raised herself gracelessly on her tip toes and pressed her lips firmly against his. After, perhaps, three seconds he'd recovered from his shock and confusion and gently pushed her away. Muttering something about her age, his age, champagne, her father, and what amounted to a 'thanks but no thanks', Martin Riggs had made an escape not worthy of such a competent police officer; losing car keys, beer and knocking over a lamp in his haste.

Rory had never been so embarrassed in all of her life. It was a resonating shame that she felt almost physically every time she even thought about the event. Self inflicted humiliation. It was the reason Rory had spent the last 15 days avoiding her own home. Perhaps Riggs was also giving the Hammond household a wide berth but Rory was unwilling to take such a risk. Even if he was absent from her home, he would, undoubtedly, be at the Murtaugh residence. As the Murtaughs and Hammonds shared a property line, Rory was leaving nothing to chance.

She only had six months of weekends and afternoons to fill. After that she'd be in college across the country; a fact that had never appealed to Rory more than it did since the Riggs debacle.