A Deal with the Devil


Lady Razeli

Summary: Serena Saint was desperate for love and after catching her twentieth fiancé since she was seventeen cheating on her with his secretary, she ran out of his office in tears. Than one night she met the roguish Prince that would change her life forever as he played his guitar in the pouring rain attracting her with the vibrations of his guitar.

Disclaimer: I do not own Sailor Moon and the poems are the property of Nicholas Gordon, whose poems I found online. I also don't own any other poems on here by various authors whose name I don't know.

The Break up

I guess you just don't know how much it hurts.
I cannot think you know and just don't care.
Destiny provides one's just deserts
By turning out one just as would be fair.
Just as a child learns to its delight
That lying sets one fabulously free,
So you say "love" to get the rapture right,
Getting so the most you can from me.
And then, of course, you tire of your pleasure,
As those who seek but pleasure often do,
And sacrifice by far the greater treasure
Upon the altar where you worship you.
Justice would demand you be the fool,
But you are far more ignorant than cruel.

"Oh Serena I can't believe that this is it this time," Mina said as they walked towards William Jacob's office, Serena's fiancé. "I know only four days, I've finally found the one," Serena breathed with excitement. "You're so lucky and the dress we found is going to make you so beautiful he won't even be able to say his vows," Mina told her. Mina had stopped by to go over some more plans for the bridesmaid, she worked for Vogue Magazine and soon she would be the one in charge, Serena was sure. "Oh than I had better look ugly or we'll never get married." They laughed and Mina bid her goodnight as she stopped at the elevator. "I'll see you tomorrow at the rehearsal dinner." Mina nodded and waved as she got into the elevator. Thunder boomed and lighting flashed, but for once Serena was in too great a mood for it to be ruined by a storm. Normally she'd be hiding her desk or the covers, but not today. She was twenty-six years old and in four days she would be married to the most loving and loyalist man who had ever come into her life. She had all but given up on finding the love she so desperately needed when she had started working at the accountant firm two years ago. He was like a God sent from above after her latest boyfriend dumped her yet again for another woman. That had been a year ago. Now they were going to be joined as husband and wife. Serena sighed.

"Oh he is going to look dashing in the white tux. It'll be a winter wonderland of purity." Serena was a saint in the eyes of everyone and no one could quite ever figure out why she had had such bad luck with guys. They thought she deserved to be married to a fine and up standing man like William. He was perfect for her and together they would have the perfect marriage women dreamed of. And in only a few short months after the wedding they'd be celebrating the arrival of their first child. They didn't know if it'd be a handsome boy who'd be just like his father or a beautiful daughter, who would be the belle of every ball and just as smart. All they knew was that they were already planning the party and the sound of children running around the company would be delightful.

"Serena!" Raye ran up to her in her rain jacket.

"Oh hey Raye!" Serena exclaimed happily.

"Hey, are you riding home with William?" Raye asked. Serena nodded.

"Oh yeah, he's taking me to see a movie right after, we haven't done that in a long time, it feels like years." Raye laughed.

"We just saw a movie last week with the girls." Serena laughed too.

"I meant just William and I." Raye nodded.

"Of course, well I just thought I'd see, seeing as William works late a lot and you two drive here together. You really shouldn't if he's going to work late."

"It doesn't matter Raye, because soon I'll be at home raising the family I've always dreamed of ever since the accident." Raye nodded as she remembered how at the age of five Serena's entire family had been caught in a house explosion at a family reunion. It had left Serena and her brother Sammy alive, who had only been a few months old. Now Sammy was off to college after years in the orphanage with his sister. Luckily at Eighteen, Serena was able to take him with her.

"Yeah, well have fun at the movies." Serena nodded as Raye hurried off.

"I wonder where his secretary is," Serena mumbled as she reached William's door. She heard a lot of shuffling and perhaps gasping, but she wasn't all that sure. She turned the knob. "William are you ready to go, we're going to be la…" Serena froze. It was happening to her all over again, and here in their place of work. William was having sex no making passionate love to his secretary. He was telling her how much he loved her as papers were thrown everywhere in disarray.

"But your wedding," the Secretary moaned.

"I'm breaking it off tonight and you'll marry me in four days."

"How could you!" Serena screamed in despair. "Why would you do this to me, you knew!" At her words some people came to see the problem. They saw William on top of his secretary who was looking away in shame, but William was looking straight at Serena, whose heart was now broken and covered with ice. Serena just turned and ran out forgetting that it was raining and William was her ride home. She ran in her heels and she ran until she could not anymore. Than she walked and kept walking until she was lost in the forest outside of Tokyo. Being the klutz she was, she found herself on the ground in mud.

"Why God!" She screamed at the sky as it thundered. "What have I done to deserve such a thing every time!" The only answer she received was the boom of thunder and flash of lighting as the rain poured down on her face. She cried even though she thought she had no more tears to cry. "Why did you curse me with such a naïve and loving heart?" The last part came out in a whisper before she fell back in exhaustion on her bag. When she felt it she sat up again and opened her brown bag. She pulled out her sketchbook and opened it letting the rainfall on it. She didn't care anymore if her drawings got ruined.

Serena was an artist; she had been drawing since before she could remember and as she got older she had applied it to fashion. From the moment she entered the orphanage that dream had been crushed. Not just by the death of her parents but by the woman that worked there. She was horrible and fashion would not get Sammy out of there fast enough. Pursuing a degree in accounting had been better suited for her she was told. She had been great in math, but it wasn't what she wanted. Raye was the one who loved it, but she would soon be moving into the marketing industry, it was more of her style.

"Stupid fashion and art!" She yelled. She ripped out every page and crumbled most of them before letting them fly in the wind. Than she ripped the covers of the sketchbook and through it. She continued through the three sketchbooks she usually carried with her. Than she let all her files go. "Fuck accounting!" Serena didn't move herself from the mud or look for shelter under a tree. She just lay on the ground crying feeling hopeless. She would never have the honor of designing fashion that Mina would tell everybody about in her column at the fashion magazine or the loving husband who would never do anything to break her heart. Worst of all she would never have the huge family she had always wanted, no dreamed about when her family died. At least she still had Sammy, right? Her phone rang and she didn't want to pick it up but something urged her. She saw that it was the number of the Dean's office from Sammy's college. She pushed talk.

"Hello?" Serena asked tentatively.

"Hello Ms. Saint?" the Dean asked.

"Yes?" Serena asked keeping the pain from her voice. She didn't want him to know her shame; too many people did as it was.

"I'm sorry to inform you this, but Sammy Saint, your brother is dead, I guess he had too much to drink and thought it would be fun to go for a joy ride. The rode was icy and the car spun out of control. He's…dead. It was quick, he never felt anything…" The dean heard a dial tone just before the snow outside caused the power to go out.

Serena's throat closed up and her screams were muted as she ran leaving her phone in the mud. She never wanted to see it again ever. The branches of trees and bushes pulled at her short blond hair and clothes. It scratched her skin and now blood was coming from most. She was a terrible sight covered in mud. The icy rain had numbed her as much William had numbed her heart. Serena couldn't imagine it ever unthawing now. She was doomed to a life of misery and pain she would have to accept that, but she could not. What had she done to deserve such misfortune in her life? Serena never even realized when she tripped over a large root sticking out from the oldest tree in the forest. In her mind she kept running, but in reality she had passed out.