Author's Note: Sorry its not very long, I will try my best to do better next time but I'm battling writer's block here at the worst possible time.

Disclaimer: Just to remind you I don't own any of these poems or songs.

Wish Number Two

We've been born fashion, we're here to stay

We have the flow, we're here with frays

With a flow to a show, we catwalk with sways

With a know how, some down a show to run, we're to stay

Without strings attached, they run the show with strings and thongs

With strings attached, we suit in stripes and straps

Wake up with the make up, take-away make-up by the drive-in

From pedicures to manicures to 'womancures' all while driving

Handbags got paint and polish, to brush and to polish

From head to toe, it's all sparkling, for a dent there is a tow

For a friend or a foe, it's all for a sparkling show

For a clipped toe, there is an open shoe, with a show

With bangles, earrings, necklaces, a ring and bling

With a dangle, a shake, a sway, a click and cling

With a handle, and a chain, and another, am zing

A tattoo, mascara, and a tan, am think, am zinc'd

"And now introducing the fabulous designer for this years couture designs, Serenity!" The announcer's voice blared out of the speaker. Serena walked out smiling her baby bump bigger than she remembered, but it only served to heightened her beauty in everyone's eyes. Serena walked down the runway in the middle of two very hot models, leading them on chains followed by a line of her models all dressed in their last outfits from her collection.

"You were stunning tonight," Her assistant designer told her as he lifted her up into his arms and dropped her back onto the bed as she ripped his shirt. Serena couldn't believe her life. Not only had she mastered the art of casual sex in this life, but she was the biggest designer alive. She had everything she ever wanted.

"Your dresses weren't so bad yourself now shut up and make love to me." He did just that though Serena didn't know if she should call it making love.

"Sex in the office, I guess we know where your get your creative genius from now," said her long time rival Beryl known for her fabulous line of slut wear as Serena learned to refer to it, the line was branded with the name Queen.

"Well if it isn't the head of the Slut fashion house."

"Oh I think you have the slut house mistaken with your own."

"What do you want?" Serena asked fixing her skirt and hair as the mail boy left out.

"I just came to look around see what you had planned next."

"Why would I tell you what I have planned next, so you can steal my next line like you did my first?"

"Don't get too cocky bitch, remember you use to work for me and lick my boots."

"Maybe, but not anymore, and pretty soon I'm going to own your ass," Serena told her. "So get the hell out of my fashion house now." Beryl turned her nose up at her.

"Mark my words, Serena, you'll be back working for me. This illusion won't last long." Beryl turned on her heel and walked out in annoyance. Serena walked out of her office not surprised that she hadn't been addressed as Serenity by Beryl.

"Who let that bitch in my place of business, you know she's not allowed around here!" Serena yelled.

"Yes ma'am." They all hurried away and Serena went back to her office slamming the doors closed. A hand went to her stomach as the baby kicked for the first time, but she didn't pay it any attention as she went to a pile of sketches on her desk, almost immediately she added and fixed something on everyone of the sketches.

"What did you do?" Her assistant asked.

"I fixed them, they were terrible, she told him as she pulled on some fabric that a model was wearing. It was prelude to her new work line for women.

"But you just said they were perfect yesterday.'

"I lied." She watched him stalk off angrily. Serena pulled at the fabric some more before she became angry at the girl.

"No, no your body is all wrong!" She screamed. "How can I work with you, you're simply too fat!" The poor girl was in tears she had been working for Serena since she had branched out on her own.

"I'm so sorry Serenity I'll lose the weight." Serena waved her away and pulled the next girl to her and began to work with the half-finished outfit on her. But each girl left her unsatisfied and angry. She wasn't patient and if she had been her vision would have come to life much sooner.

"Such pride you have in your work," Beryl told her after yet another successful show Serena turned to glare at her as took her drink off the bar.

"Well someone has to take pride in my work, if I don't no one else will."

"Hmmm…no one takes pride in it now, no one even likes you."

"Do you envy me Beryl?" Serena asked. "Is that why you're such a bitch?"

"Envy I wouldn't dare envy you, in the end I know I am better and you will fall off your pretty little pedestal just like all the other bastards that came before you."

"Why don't you just get the hell out of here, I know how embarrassing these parties are for you, when you're not hosting."

"Oh no, and than I'd miss all the fun, as my night is going to end much better than yours." Beryl's eyes glanced over to Serena's right and naturally Serena's eyes followed her and she turned her body to look at William. He was staring at her and there were a few people between them, but they had a clear view of one another.

"What are you…" Serena started to ask when she found a gun pointed at her and a single shot fired. She gasped as she felt the bullet enter her stomach. And her first thought was her baby before darkness engulfed her.