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"It's just so frustrating" she yelled "What is the big deal, I married two men – I'm not the first witch in history to do it." She continued to rant

"What the hell happened?" Draco asked, holding his six month old brother.

"I went shopping for some things for the babies, three woman were walking behind me asking what potion I gave Lucius and Severus to make them marry me." she said as she started crying.

"Just ignore them, they don't know anything about it." he said, trying to make her feel better.

"I cant just ignore it Draco, It's not just those three women, this happens every time I go out, what if Dominic and Victoria hear this when they get old enough to understand?"

Draco shook his head, "I don't know, I wish I had an answer for you."

Suddenly Hermione eyes lit up, "Draco can you watch the babies? Lucius and Severus will be home soon and I need to go check something out."

"No problem Hermione, Victoria is still sleeping and Dominic isn't causing any problems, so go ahead, I'll tell them when they get home."

"Thanks Draco, I'll make it up to you." she replied and disappeared with a soft pop.

Two hours later, Lucius came home, "Hermione, come down." he yelled but was met with silence

"She's not here." Draco said walking into the room, baby in each arm -- "She left right after she got home about two hours ago."

"Well speak boy, where did she go?" he asked with a raise eye brow.

"I don't know, she was upset about some women asking her questions about the marriage." he answered with a shrug

"What kind of question?"

"She said they asked her what potion she fed you both the get you to marry her."

Lucius's vein started to pop out of side of his neck, he had learned to remain calm through most circumstances, but messing with Hermione was one thing that could set him off in an instant.

"Why the hell wont they leave her alone?" he yelled as he started pacing, wondering where she ran off to.

"Leave who alone?" Severus asked as he walked through the door.

"Some women were bothering Hermione again today, this time asking her what potion she gave us to get us to marry her." Lucius said with a sneer, his vain growing larger.

"Well where the hell is she?" Severus asked

"Said she needed to go somewhere and asked me to watch the babies – thats all I know."

Meanwhile, Hermione had apparated back to Malfoy Island to increase the size of the small house, she wanted to go back to the peace and quiet they had before everyone found out about them, she wanted her babies to enjoy their lives before being faced with their parents relationship and how it was frowned upon.

She added a floor to the house, three extra bedrooms, increased the size of the main bedroom and added an extra bathroom, confident it would be big enough for everyone, Including Draco if he wanted to come.

The next thing she did was go outside to create a small lagoon for the children that could be increased as they grew and a small Tree house for when they got bigger. She added a small canopy close to the beach, so the adult could watch the children as they played in the water and not be fired by the sun.

Happy with the outside, she went back inside to decorate the children's bedroom, stock the new bathroom and add some furniture to the extra bedrooms, not to mention she wanted to give the house a good muggle cleaning before bringing the babies there.

She started on the babies room, casting a spell making the walls a light pastel yellow, she then added two round cribs, one in white the other in blue and added soft cotton bedding. She created two dressers and a lamp in the shape of a teddy bear. Satisfied she moved to the other rooms.

The other rooms took less time as she just added the basic furniture, leaving them to be decorated by whom ever resided there. She stocked the bathroom with fresh towels, soaps and shampoos. She gave everything one last look and started her cleaning.

Back at Malfoy manor

"She's been gone for hours." Severus yelled at no one in particular.

"We've searched everywhere we can think of, we just have to wait for her to come back." Lucius said as he pulled the pajama shirt over Dominic's head.

"I know we've searched Lucius and I know she's fine, it's just..." he paused looking down to Victoria "Its almost time for her to...poop, as Hermione calls it and I'd rather not have to change one of those again." he said with a gag

Lucius couldn't help but laugh "You deal with foul things all the time working with potions, and a little girls...poop... makes your stomach churn?"

"I can assure you, nothing I work with is a foul as what comes from her." Victoria started to turn a little red in the face "Oh gods, she started." Severus gaged as Draco fell to the floor in a fit of laughter.

Victoria was in full grunt as Draco slowed his laughing, "Give her to me you wimp, I've already done this once today."

Severus was only to eager to comply, remembering the smell from the last time almost made him gag again.

Draco carried Victoria over to a blanket he had laid out earlier for this purpose. Just as he started to unbutton her bottoms, two small pops were heard at the front door.

"I'll go see who it is" Severus volunteered, trying to get out of the room before the foul smell was released from its holding area.

Harry walked in followed by Ron, "Whats going on around here?" Harry asked trying to make small talk. Draco raised from his spot on the couch, Victoria's diaper still full.

"Here Harry, my sister wants to see her favorite uncle." as he handed her to Harry. Harry raised Victoria close to him, making a face as she shifted, releasing the odor.

"Umm Severus, I think she needs a change." Harry said as he held the girl away from him. Severus started to shake his head " You do it, you beat Voldemort, surely you can change one of those." he said as he walked away mumbling about a potion needing to be stirred.

Harry turned to Draco, only to find the blond running up the stairs, also trying to get away. He finally turned to Lucius,

"Sorry Potter, my hands are full" he said while holding up Dominic. Harry sighed and walked over to the couch.

"Don't worry Victoria, Uncle Harry will make you feel better." he said as he laid the small form on the couch, and unbuttoned her bottoms. He placed his hand on the baby's belly to prevent her from rolling as he readied a fresh diaper, wipes and powder.

He pulled the dirty diaper off of her and heaved involuntarily, causing Lucius and Ron to laugh.

"Shut up, I didn't see either one of you offer to do this."

Ron quickly stopped laughing, but Lucius kept his smirk on his face.

"Where is Hermione anyways?" he asked as he wiped the little butt before him.

"Some women were picking on her again, she got upset and left." Harry gave him a look, which Lucius quickly understood. "We've already search for her, she will come back when she's ready." Harry and Ron nodded.

Once Victoria was clean, Severus walked back into the room and took her from Harry's arms.

"Come on sweet heart, its time for bed." Severus said looking into her dark, onyx colored eyes. Lucius stood and walked over to the pair, "Goodnight princess" Lucius said, giving Victoria a kiss on the head.

"Do you want me to lay Dominic down as well?" he offered

Lucius nodded and gave Dominic a kiss, just as he did Victoria.

Severus went up the stairs, baby in each arm.

Twenty minutes later, the five men were sitting in the living room, making small talk when Hermione walked through the door.

"Where the hell have you been?" five voices yelled in unison.