Like a Stained Glass Window.

There may be more of these, not really sure...

The Puzzle King and the King of lies stood face to face, the bitter friendly Queen cried tears of blood and the Jack held the bloody sword in crimson hands.

The Old King moved his pawns and the Knight cried in agony as he fell, Jack's sword stained, stained, forever tainted, never clean, oh no, never.

The Liar King laughed, laughed as the Knight fell to his Jack, and the Queen's bloody tears rained upon the Earth.

The Puzzle and the Ring, an eternal struggle, the Old King and the Liar King and the Puzzle King, a circle, a battle, a fight to the death. Three Kings, two true and one false.

Oh the crimson, and the blood and the tears.

A chess match for the fate of mankind but the true Kings were losing, pawns lying scattered in the dust.

The Knight was gone, the Pawn was dead, and only the Queen was left for the Old King to play. His Queen, her King, he could not lose.

But the Liar King knew, oh yes he knew!, and he laughed and taunted the Old King.

The Jack smiled sadly, the Queen was his friend but he was the King's, the King's alone, and the King said to end it.

And Time stopped, the Queen had fallen and the true Kings were not kings but peasants, the Liar King had won.

He fled into the coming darkness, leaving the Jack behind.

And the Jack was alone, crying into the night for the lifeless chess pieces scattered around his feet.