I had an unnerving amount of people tell me they loved my first yuri. That was a pleasant surprise. :D

There was nothing left, it was ashes and dust and fire and death all over.

The Nile ran red and even the sand was tainted so red it was blinding. No one was left for him to kill, to maim, to torture.

No one, but his Jack.

And what use was a Jack to a King? He laughed, he taunted. He stroked Jack's face with gentle hands, hands of Death himself.

The Jack cried, and begged, he pleaded. The Liar King laughed, and let it all draw out, before he smiled.

The smile of an Angel, with the heart of a Devil and the tongue of a snake, with his pretty words and evil lies.

He laughed when the Jack died.

And he kept laughing. He had won. The Puzzle and the Old King, both were dead, and so was every last stinking mortal in the world.

He was the last.

The Gods turned Their eyes away, saddened by it all.

The Liar King didn't stop laughing, even as his last breathe died out, and he too was dead.

And the Demon God laughed, as after three millenia, he finally got his one hundreth sacrifice and the Darkness swept over the world.

So, everyone is dead, the Earth is officially under Zorc's control, and no one exists to stop him.

Don't you love happy endings? D