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The taxi screeched off down the road behind me as I trudged up the steps, feeling like the world was on my shoulders. My luggage was bloody heavy.

I dumped my bags on our front doorstep, sifting through my pockets for the key. Why did keys always have to get lost? No matter where you put them, even if it was somewhere you were sure to remember, you always forgot and spent a good ten minutes in the morning scrounging around for them, making yourself later than you already were.

I finally found the shifty chunks of metal and jammed one of them into the keyhole, growling in frustration when it wouldn't unlock. I tried again. Still didn't work. I cursed quietly to myself. Right, third time lucky – there we go. Just as well. So not in the mood for that right now.

"Itachi?" I cried out into the house. No answer. I couldn't quite decide if that was a good or bad, my mind instantly running through the very long list of other things he could be doing if he wasn't home, not all of them ending with him keeping his life. Unstable people have an annoying habit of doing stupid things like endangering their lives. I figured there was no use worrying about it until I confirmed where he was, and lurched my way down to my room, bags dragging behind me. I battled a yawn as I kicked open my door, throwing all my belongings onto the floor with a dull thud.

Damn jet lag.

As I sifted through all my clothing and pulled out everything that needed to be washed, the sick feeling that had settled in my stomach around three days ago decided to make itself known again, and I grimaced. That's right, Naruto knew I'd be back tonight, and he'd be damned if he waited until Wednesday to speak to me at school. Which meant I had to go through the 'yes my parents really are alive' and the feeling of wanting to rip Orochimaru's head off all over again.

Not an exciting prospect, but one that had to be done to make Naruto see that if I was willing to go so far as to give him my life story when no one really knows anything about me (save a select couple), then I must be pretty damn serious.

Which I was. I definitely was. I was so serious about this now that it hurt just a little to think about.

I pushed open the laundry door with my hip, frowning to myself.

Perhaps the sick feeling in my stomach meant several things – that I was disgusted with myself for clinging to someone else so completely, for depending on them, or perhaps it was nerves that maybe, just maybe, Naruto would finally look at me properly and like what he saw. Maybe he had an answer for me even though I'd told him to forget it. Or perhaps the uneasiness meant that I was afraid of something – of rejection? Of opening up to someone? Of making a total dick of myself and breaking down?

I scoffed at myself. Yeah, not likely.

I must have been the very first Uchiha to ever have gone so far to get into someone's pants. I had a very sudden desire to beat myself to a pulp for that thought. I knew this wasn't about getting into his pants; this was about l- no, no it wasn't.

I ordered myself never to think like Sakura ever again.

I growled to myself under my breath. "You're just a st- holy shit! What the hell are you doing, you nutcase?!"

A pair of dirty jeans was currently looped around my brother's shoulders, where he was comfortably seated in the washing machine. Yes, dear people, in the washing machine. When did he become a contortionist?

He blinked up at me, the picture of insane innocence. Oh dear God, how did I ever miss this?

"Oh, you're back. How was your trip? Tayuya said she saw you. I thought you were in the South Island? But then again, I don't really know much about that place. Can't even remember what it's called, to be honest."

I sighed and held out my hand. "That's nice, now-"

"Kisame was here a while ago… where'd he go?" The bastard interrupted me. "When did you get back? Why are your jeans around my neck? I never liked this pair, sorry. Wait, no hang on, I've never seen these ones before. Did you buy them overseas?" Just let him rant, Sasuke. Let him get it out. "Oh, this blonde boy came around looking for you or some- no he didn't, he knew you were away but he… he wanted your number, that's it. I gave it to him but I don't know if it was the right one. I just saw one on the fridge and assumed it was yours. I hope the hotel wasn't too much trouble for him. I couldn't remember what room you said you were staying in. It's quite comfortable in here, you know."

He squirmed a little and tilted his head up at me, still blinking those big innocent eyes. But he couldn't fool me, oh no. There were too many memories stored under this hat to just forget because of one big-eyed stare.

"That's amazing, Itachi, now get out. I have to do the washing."

He curled his knees up tighter to his chest and wrapped an arm around the spinner of the washing machine, hugging it possessively. He shook his head firmly.

"Come on, that can't be good for you. You'll get cramps."

Another shake of the head.

I groaned and rested my elbow on the machine, holding my head up with the palm of my hand and scowling down at him. "Really, bro, I haven't got time for this. Why did you even get in there in the first place?"

He hugged the spinner tighter. "Kisame told me to."

I gritted my teeth. I might have to have a talk with that kid. I got a mental image of his shark-like grin and crazy eyes and repressed a shudder. On second thoughts, let's leave shark-boy to my insane brother currently seated in a washing machine. Yes, that sounded like a much better plan.

"Well it doesn't matter who told you to do what, the point is you have to get out now."


"So I can do the washing."

"Do I have to get out for that?"

"Unless you feel like drowning, yes."

He thought for a moment, then shook his head with a slight frown. "Oh… no… No, I wouldn't like that… No, okay."

And then, yes, yes, was he – yes! He was out. Oh good. I smiled encouragingly at him, and after giving me a weird look he climbed completely out, landing lightly on the floor and looking down at me with those huge eyes that he was deluded in thinking could win me over and think that maybe he wasn't so bad. Yeah, sure.

"Thank you, Sasuke, I appreciate your concern." And then he turned on his heel and swept out of the room. All he needed was a huge cape and it would be a typical Dark Wizard moment.

I shook my head in bewilderment after him and turned back to the now unoccupied machine, making a valiant attempt to ignore that rather sickening clench my stomach made. Three more months of his strange quirks, that was it. See the term out and then be gone.

I took a deep breath.

It had to happen.

I loaded my clothes into the machine, set it, and stormed out, my mood instantly worsened. I had been questioning my decision constantly since I'd said those stupid, stupid words to Father. Why had I accepted the damn thing if it made me so... Angry? Sick? Disgusted? Nervous?

I flopped down onto my bed in a huff. Stop bloody thinking about it, Sasuke. What's done is done and there's no way you're going back on your word. You made a decision and you're going to see it through, so shut up and face it. No point stressing when you know it can't change. Just live with it.

Another deep breath.

It had to happen.

I closed my eyes and rolled onto my side, pushing my head down deeper into the pillow. Sleep, I deserved sleep. And a shit load of it, too, if the way my head felt was any indication.

Okay, I give up. The looming conversation with Naruto that could either make or break the almost-relationship we already had was making me very squeamish and therefore eliminating any possibility of further sleep.

Three hours would be enough, surely. Well I wouldn't be getting any more, by the looks of things. I blinked blearily down at the tiny screen, trying to force my eyes to separate the y's from the u's and the e's from the o's. Not an easy feat, let me tell you.

Are you home yet?

Why yes, yes I am. Does that mean I'm functioning enough to send you a reply message, my dearest pink-haired friend? No, no it does not. I squeezed my eyes closed as tight as I could then forced them open, trying to get the blurriness out. Sure I'd been awake for a while, but that really didn't make a difference when you hadn't opened your eyes in four hours.

Yeah, got back a while ago. Is it Sunday? Does school start on Wednesday? I hate jet lag. It shouldn't exist.

There, that was a sufficient enough reply. Now, back to stressing about Naruto… When was he coming around? What was I going to say to him? What if it didn't work and he really did like Kiba? But maybe Shino's plan had worked and Kiba had already gone back to him. I felt kind of bad for Kankuro, but shrugged it off. Oh well, it was for the benefit of four people, and if one got a little pissed off along the way then so be it.

I sighed and glared up at the ceiling. Everything was so complicated yet so simple at the same time. My phone beeped at me and I lifted it up again.

Shika and I will be there in half an hour, jet lag be damned. Love ya!

I blinked down at the screen for the hundredth time. Why was I feeling like I wanted to jump out of a ten story window? Oh, because I was leaving, that's why. And I had to tell them, the two people that basically got me to live my life good and proper and only be an arsehole some of the time. And I was ditching them. Great.

I turned my gaze back to the cracks in the ceiling, following each one as I thought of the many ways to tell them. Before I knew it, half an hour was up and sure enough, there was Sakura and Shikamaru at my front door.

My heart sank a little.


Shikamaru nodded and said something, but was drowned out by Sakura's immediate squeal. She jumped at me and threw her arms around my neck, squeezing tight. A little too tight.

"Sasuke, you look awful!" Thanks, really. "What happened? Are you okay?"

I nodded and peeled her arms off my neck, welcoming the sudden rush of sweet, sweet oxygen. "Yeah, I'm okay, I just have to… er… tell you guys something."

I glanced over at Shikamaru, who gave me a strange calculating look before removing his shoes and stepping inside. I sighed to myself and let them in.

"Feels like forever, to be honest."

Shikamaru put a hand on my shoulder and I turned to look at him. "You sure you're okay?"

That's right, he was people smart too, wasn't he? Damn. No use lying to them, then.

I led them into my room as Sakura talked about… something, and curled up on my bed. That shut her up. She'd probably never seen me in such a pathetic position. Then again, I'd probably never put myself in such a pathetic position. Hmph.

She sat down next to my while Shikamaru occupied my desk chair, folding his arms and giving me a sort-of glare.

"Right, what happened?"

I didn't say anything. My throat froze up. How could I tell them? How the bloody hell could I have accepted the deal? All this because of a stupid childish hatred of losing that I just couldn't let go of.

Sakura squeezed my shoulder. "Sasuke?"

I flopped onto my back and gave the ceiling the full brunt of my death glare. Just get it over with and it'll be fine. They'll understand, they always have. Is it really that difficult?

"Tōsan gave me Sharingan. I'm leaving again. For two years, five years, for good, who knows? I'll be gone in three months."

Silence. Total silence. You know, the silence that you can hear, that sort of gets into your head and makes you extremely uncomfortable. And then a lot of noise.

"He gave you the company? He gave it to you?! That's great, oh my God that amazing! Why didn't you say anything?" She gave me an awkward hug while my brain caught up that she wasn't mad at me for leaving… What? "So you're seeing out the term? But then we'll be able to visit you! Oh, that'll be so much fun! And you'll come back once in a while, won't you? And what about Itachi?" There we go, we're cottoning on now. "What are you going to tell him?"

"The principal is going to send a false letter about getting accepted for a scholarship."

"Who's going to look after him if you're not here?"

"Kisame. But… promise to call in on him sometimes?"

They both nodded, Shikamaru a little slower. He looked like he was thinking about something. Wait, he always was.

"Oh course we will, honey. Oh I'm going to miss you so much!" Another awkward hug. "I really will."

That wasn't helping. I felt bad enough as it was.

Finally Shikamaru spoke up. "So you're definitely going?"

I nodded grimly as Sakura pulled away, biting her nails with a strange look on her face. It was sort of a cross between distraught, ecstatic and really nervous.

"Not changing your mind?"

"I can't. Everything's been planned."

"You don't want do go, do you?"

"I've wanted this my whole life, you know that. It was handed to me and I accepted it."

"But you're second-guessing yourself." That's right, always getting down to the root of the problem.

I glared at him. "No, I'm not. I have to start a new life in order to get the one I've been working for, and if this is what has to happen then it has to happen." That came out a lot more determined than in my mind. I guess I wasn't only trying to convince them it was the right thing.

Sakura gave me a nervous glance. "A-and… Naruto?"

I clenched my jaw. Yes, Naruto. Damn Naruto getting involved in everything and making me question what should have been a simple 'woo hoo I got the company' and I'd have gone without a worry, concentrating only on being the best protection agency out there, extending the company to different countries and working my way to the top.

Yep, he sure as hell complicated things.

I covered my face with my hands and sighed. "I don't know, I have to talk to him. But I'm definitely going. Even if something does end up happening, I'm still leaving. I won't give this up for anything."

Shikamaru made a 'tsk'ing noise and came to sit beside me, nudging me with his elbow. "Do what you think is best, but make sure you don't have regrets, okay?"

I spread my fingers at looked through them at him, an eyebrow raised. "Okay…"

He shrugged. "Just saying, you gotta go with what's important to you now. If your father really wanted you to have the company he'd let you have it on your own terms. Personally I don't think that's what you want anymore, but I guess you know best." My other eyebrow joined the one already up. "Whatever, just don't hate yourself after you make your final choice."

"I already have. I told you that nothing's changing my –"

"Who are you?"

All three heads turned to my closed door where Itachi's menacing voice was floating through. I groaned aloud and pushed between Sakura and Shikamaru to climb off the end of my bed. Time to calm down the psycho.

"You don't remember me?"

I stopped short, one leg still on the bed. Oh no.

"No, I… um… maybe."

"Uzumaki Naruto, but I guess it was a while ago. Don't really expect you to."

I turned to face the two on my bed, all of us with wide eyes. I shook my head slowly. The butterflies in my stomach had transformed into dragons and multiplied by a thousand.

"Oh, oh! You! I remember you! Yeah, you're the one in love with my brother! Wait, he is my brother, right? That kid with the black duck-butt hair, average height. Broods a lot? "

A small pause. "Uh… yeah. Yeah, that's me, and he's your brother."

And that's when all coherent thought took a vacation to the other side of the world, leaving behind the only words that really mattered as a parting gift.

'Naruto', 'love', 'my brother,' and 'yeah'.

Time for extreme measures.


Sakura looked about ready to squeal her head off but restrained herself by eating her own fist, and Shikamaru looked like he had lost a game of Shogi. Mildly surprised.

I reckon I looked like I'd just died.

"So you want to see Sasuke?"

"Uh, yeah, if I can."

"I'm afraid you can't."

Oh thank you, Itachi. I'll repay you somehow.


"Do you really like him?"


"Are you planning on telling him?"


"Are you going to apologise?"


"Do you even know what you're apologising for?"

"I-I… well – of course I do!" An inviting silence. "I have to say sorry for… well, for being a shit to him, basically. I really stuffed around and hurt him and I feel pretty crap for it. I'm usually not like that at all, but I was so confused I didn't really know how to act and I… I just have to see him. Please."

"Chicken out and I won't be happy."


"Hurt him and I'll kill you."

"I don't doubt that."

"Good. Go through." No! Not yet! Keep stalling, Itachi! I'll let you stay in the washing machine and have all your 'no TV' rules, anything! "Now, where's that cat…?"

The door handle turned but I pressed my back against it, preventing it from opening. Say going once what him I that to overheard was?!

See, now I'm not even making sense! Not good, not good, not good...

Sakura stood up and hurried over to me, glaring her worst and making sharp hinting movements with her fist. Oh God, she was going to punch me. Not good. Not good at all. I ducked out the way, taking my weight off the door, and in stumbled Naruto.

He looked up at us all from the floor and his face turned a brilliant shade of scarlet. I think mine did the same.

Sakura smiled at me approvingly and yanked Shikamaru up from my bed. He grumbled something under his breath about women being 'such a drag' as Sakura exclaimed, "Naruto hi fancy seeing you here we were just leaving nice seeing you have fun bye!" and dashed out the door tugging a whinging Shikamaru behind, stepping over a slightly stunned Naruto on their way out.

Alone now. Oh shit. Come on, say something witty.

"You like it down there or something?" Oh snap. Not. You idiot.

He glared at me. "Mind giving me a hand?"

Mhmm. My mind isn't in the gutter. Nope. Get it together, you perve!

I held out my hand to him and he grabbed it, tugging himself to his feet and brushing himself off. I sat down on my desk chair where Shikamaru was previously, and folded my arms to hide my intense nervousness. The dragons had given birth to a thousand more dragons, and they in turn were multiplying as well and so on and so forth and oh God I might just throw up.

Naruto wandered over to my bed slowly and gave me a small smile.

I frowned at him. "Fake."

He sent a surprised look my way and shrugged, sitting down heavily and folding his legs beneath him. "You can tell that easily?"

I nodded. Dragons were still trying their utmost to escape. I swallowed hard.

He didn't bother smiling again, and instead picked at the hem of his pants. "So…"


Cue awkward silence…

He sighed. "I – uh… I have something to say."

"I already heard it." Poor kid was insanely embarrassed as it was and I wasn't doing much better, might as well save us both even more embarrassment and get it over with sooner.

His head snapped up and his eyes locked with mine. Was it normal for my heart to stop beating? "Y-You heard it? Heard what? Just then with your brother? Oh crap, that… that's kinda… a little embarrassing."

I shrugged and stood up, sitting down next to him and wrapping my arms around my knees. It seemed like there was a lot to say but at the same time nothing at all. Perhaps… Nope, that was way too corny to say.

Naruto gave me a tiny grin, and I could tell it was genuine. "Mind if I rant?"

I returned the smile and said, "I think you're going to anyway."

He laughed a little and nodded, taking a deep breath and ducking his head. A full minute passed before he said anything, but I didn't bother pushing him. Now was not the time to be an arse, or even pretend to be.

"Sorry if I don't make any sense with this, but first off, well, I'm sorry. I'm really, really sorry. Sakura kicked my arse into gear and made me think about a lot of stuff, and this is what I came up with. I didn't know what to do with everything that was happening to me and I was kind of an arse to you with the Kiba thing, but that's all sorted out now. I thought what I felt for him was real, but then you… you completely opened up to me and Sakura made me see how incredibly stupid I was being. Kiba and I will always be close, but you actually tried to understand me and you're only the third person to notice that sometimes my constant happiness is a little fake, but the second to say anything about it. You're the only one apart from Kiba who's wanted to know the reason behind the whole thing, but you offered something in return and I guess that's what made me realise that there's definitely a difference between you two. You weren't just worried because you'd seen something like Kiba had, but you… you actually wanted to know me, to find out why."

Here he took a breath and flopped onto his back, arms spread out to his sides. I reached out and put a hand on his shoulder, my chin resting on my knees. Naruto was the only one with the ability to turn me into a pile of goo. He glanced down at me with a strange blank look and went on, his voice lower.

"There's nothing about Kiba I don't know, and I probably know him better than I know myself. But you… you're interesting. There's so much I want to know about you and that's why I really appreciated that little game thing you started up. It made me happy to think that someone cared that much to find out about me because I was me, you know? And I wanted you to know me, which is why I told you about… that thing, and probably why you told me all your crap. And I really liked learning about you, I seriously did. It's strange because we're pretty much at opposite ends of the scale, but we… I dunno, we're still really similar."

He sat up and leant back on his hands, eyes meeting mine and holding them.

"I know you're leaving and all, and I figure there's nothing I can do to stop you, but still… It's just… I'm sorry for not realising it sooner, but oh my God you have no idea how much I like you."

Okay, now coherent thought has definitely gone. For good. Never coming back. I was doing everything I knew I shouldn't be doing: drowning in his eyes, envisioning soppy love scenes together at the beach, marvelling at how perfect he was, wanting to kiss him, wanting to shout my lo-extreme like for him at the top of a mountain, glomp him and hug him ridiculously tight, throw a party in honour of our extreme like for each other, and all a number of disturbingly romantic things all at once.

Not good.

Instead, I settled on swallowing, nodding, squeezing his shoulder briefly and choking out, "Cool."

Cool? Cool! Is that all you can come up with? Oh you sad, pathetic little Uchiha.

Naruto laughed and I couldn't help but join in a little. I've probably said it before, but it's an infectious sound, it really is. He quietened down and pulled me down suddenly so that I was lying down next to him, both of us staring at the roof and trying not to die from high blood pressure or dragons tearing apart our stomachs.

Well, that's what it was like on my end at least, and judging by the shaking in his voice when he said "So… is the offer still up for grabs?" it was like that for him too.

Wait… what?

I turned my head to face him, immediately decided that he was far too close, then stopped making decisions altogether before that annoying little thing called a conscience kicked in and gave me a mental beating for being so stupid, leant forwards, and gave him a swift kiss on the lips.

I could've just said yes.

I pulled back and gave him my did-you-really-have-to-ask-that look, and he grinned at me. A full-forced, true Naruto grin. That's what I'd been missing while I was away. He pushed himself up onto his elbow and put a hand on my chest, looking down at me with those eyes. The eyes that said you-know-you-want-me-so-what-are-you-waiting-for?

Good question.

I snaked a hand up around to the back of his neck and pulled him a little closer, our lips only just touching.

"Hell yes."

He smirked. "Then I think you can guess my answer."

Oh my God. He was mine. That was it. Naruto was… mine.

I smirked dangerously back at him as he came that tiny bit closer, kissing me lightly. So maybe I'd missed his grin, but I reckon I'd missed this more.

I pushed against him harder and practically melted into the mattress as he moved his lips against mine. I completely lost myself into the kiss, and neither of us bothered deepening it any further, this being all we needed. We took our time with it, pausing and just looking at each other for a bit before diving back in again, just for the sake of touch, to make sure the other was still there and it wasn't some screwed-up super-realistic dream. I think it was a necessity for both of us to know that it was really happening.

He pulled back for good and pressed his forehead against mine, the hand that was on my chest coming to rest on my cheek. He smiled down at me with his eyes still closed and whispered, "Thanks, teme."

He dropped down next to me and tucked his head into my shoulder, sighing in content and flinging his arm back across my chest. I smiled to myself and looped an arm around his waist, bringing him in closer. Yep, I was definitely a pile of goo around him. Well, you try resisting that adorable face.

Yeah, didn't think so.

Naruto made some snuffling sounds against my neck and I shivered, unable to stop myself thinking about how good that felt. "Can we go slow for a bit? Just, you know, not jump into things straight away, take it easy?"

I nodded, knowing he could feel it, and tightened my grip on his waist. Like hell I was letting him go now that I finally had him. Kiba and everyone else be damned, he was mine and I wasn't giving him up for anything. Perhaps it could work and everything would be all right. He knew I was leaving yet he still agreed to going out with me.

Yes, going out with me. Naruto and I are now officially dating.

… Whoa.

The door suddenly burst open, interrupting my moment of epiphany, and we both glanced down at Itachi as he gave a huge squeal and beamed at us. I narrowed my eyes as he clapped his hands together, even going so far as to bounce just a little.

"Oh, aren't you so cute! I wish I had a camera handy!"

I growled at him. "Take a photo and you die."

"Not if I get to him first."

I looked down at Naruto, a little afraid and unashamed to admit it. He growled under his breath and shifted a bit, obviously uncomfortable at being watched, but Itachi didn't notice or probably didn't even realise.

"You make such a perfect couple! Oh, new love, what a beautiful sight."

Ignore it, ignore it, ignore it.

"Hey, don't butt in!" He yelled into my neck.

I sighed. Naruto just didn't know when to turn away from the bait. And he didn't even have the guts to look at my brother while he was telling him off. I might have to teach him how to yell at insane people properly. Eye contact is the key, kiddo.

Itachi frowned and shook his finger in a scolding motherly way at Naruto, who still hadn't bothered to lift his head. "Now, now, you have quite a temper on you."

"Yeah well you can't just waltz in here and say stuff like that!" His breath was hot and his lips kept touching my neck. I shivered again.

"I hope you don't use that anger of yours on my little brother here."

He had the dignity to look highly offended. "Of course I wouldn't!"

"But you do realise, Blondie, that if you hurt him in even the tiniest way I will be on you like a tonne of bricks and it won't be pretty."

Naruto growled again and scrounged behind him for a loose cushion. Ah, crap. He found it and flung it straight at the door, smacking a shocked Itachi right in the face.

"Goodness, is he this violent in the bedroom?"

Okay, that was a little far. "Oi! Do you -?"

And then, horror of all horrors, he totally ignored me and dragged him in for a good gawk at us.

Shark-Boy stumbled into my room with a disgruntled expression, gave us a once over and swept straight back out, dragging my poor excuse for a brother with him.

"Shut the damn door, you pervs!" I shouted after them.

God, Itachi really had no clue. Just because he was insane didn't give him an excuse to just be plain rude. Shark-Boy ducked his head back in, made a little mocking 'aaw' noise and slammed the door.

Naruto made a 'hmph' sound against my neck and I laughed, knowing what he meant. Okay, I'll say it now, corniness be damned: we didn't need words anymore. We really didn't.

I smiled to myself and tilted my head back to look at the ceiling, my eyes going over the now very familiar cracks. Naruto breathed deeply beside me and I could tell he was falling asleep. Hn, typical. I picked up his hand that was resting on my opposite shoulder with my free hand and entwined our fingers, smiling at them.

"Teme…" The warning in Naruto's voice was clear, but I just chuckled and squeezed his hand, resting it against my stomach and keeping it tied in with mine.

Kissing the top of his head, I smiled into his hair.

So there's this guy, right, and I think… maybe… Yeah.


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For the sequel names, so many people said so many different things and it was pretty much even for all of them, but it was really a toss up between 'So He's My Boyfriend, Right' and 'Yes, My Life's A Shakespearian Tragedy'. Both are awesome but I had to make an executive decision and this is what I ended up choosing... -drumroll-

So He's My Boyfriend, Right.

It was SO close, really! I was tossing up for SO long, and the only deciding factor was that this one flowed better from the title of this one. So thankyou very very very very muchly, Divina 16 for coming up with the winning title, and red-headed psychopaths wanted for being just plain kick-arse and coming up with the other one, which I will use at some point and credit you for.

I will be using all those other titles you guys gave me, though. For chapter titles, other story titles, random lines in the sequel or something like that because I really liked most of them and just couldn't decide. And never fear, credit will be paid where credit is due. Or something along those lines...

So look out for the sequel! I'll keep you posted on what's happening with it on my profile, so check in every now and thena dn it should be there.. unless I'm incredibly lazy.

I LOVE ALL OF YOU FOR REVIEWING AND MAKING ME INSANELY HAPPY AND MOTIVATED ABOUT THIS STORY!! See? It's in capitals, it's gotta mean something. -glomps each and every one of you for a second time just cuz I can- So for now, dear friends, farewell!

Until we meet again,