Dear Reader...

I just recently became a Labyrinth fangirl, and I can't get enough of it. Writing this is pretty much for enjoyment, but also to improve my writing skills -- so that means if you think I could use improvements please let me know! I'm trying to use sophisticated language (and may be failing). Anyways, please enjoy, I hope this story satisfies you.

Labyrinth (c) Jim Henson. As much as I wish I owned Jareth, I sadly do not.

Nearly three years later…

The crystal remained still, suspended in midair, mocking him. The ball scene played once more, music softly echoing through the dark halls. The pale night's sun cast grey and mauve shadows where what little light could enter. The castle was empty.

Except for the Goblin King.

It had begun with general interest – a girl obsessed with fairytales, when most children her age began to move away from pretending. By now she'd likely changed as well, and had probably dismissed her entire experience through the Labyrinth as a childhood fantasy.

Oh…to be reduced to that. It was an insult really.

"I'm not a childish fantasy…" he growled, to no one in particular, eyeing the crystal once more, watching as he and Sarah danced: her apprehensiveness, as she carefully placed her hand over his, and her trembling as he placed his own hand on the small of her back.

The crystal floated gently, as if a wind from nowhere carried it, taking it further and further from his reach. Frustrated, he called it back to him, to see the point at which she'd seen the clock, and turned to escape. At that moment, he seized the orb and hurled it down to the unforgiving floor. It shattered, the music stopping suddenly to be replaced with the ominous tinkling of glass. The shards landed, broken and scattered on the floor, and glittered in the faint light.

Jareth restlessly left his perch in the throne room and took flight.

More to come! I promise!