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Her dreams were wonderful.

Sarah awoke, arms looped around Jareth's neck, enjoying how he held her tightly, possessively. She sighed, face pressed to his chest.

"I'm dreaming…aren't I?" Sarah spoke softly, keeping her eyes shut, praying that the beauty of the moment wouldn't dissipate.

Jareth's voice tickled her skin where he spoke beside her ear. "I certainly hope not, precious thing."

She sighed, and buried her face more snugly against him. The sun poured in through the vast window, complimenting the warmth spreading through her. Time seemed suspended. As Sarah's mind wandered, she felt sudden heat as Jareth pulled her chin from his chest, and captured the gasp on her lips. Her lips parted, reaching for him. The room seemed alive with their energy, and she clung to his body tightly, his fingers digging into her skin with the same fervor. She shuddered as his teeth caught her lip and let out an audible breath. She finally opened her eyes, looking up slightly to see him, the sun shining like a halo behind him, reflecting in the silver blonde of his hair. He was magnificent, beautiful. No longer a prince of darkness.

"I've never seen you in the sunlight before…" She couldn't tear her gaze from him.

He smiled. "You've seen me, you just didn't want to."

She couldn't meet his eyes then. "I'm sorry…I was so young, I didn't know."

A gentle kiss. "I love you Sarah. I always have."

"I have always been drawn to you... " She kissed him this time, pulling herself up to meet his lips.

They shared a quiet moment, Sarah exploring the contours of his body. Her fingers traced the taut muscles of his back, and she found herself urged to press herself against him, now tightly, with anticipation. Jareth trailed kisses along her neck, and her hands found his hair, grasping it, and emitted a small gasp, as his teeth grazed her exposed collar bone. Sarah's fingers, tangled in his golden hair, clenched, as his own hands crept to her sides, sliding upwards, with tantalizing ease. Their lips met again, and Jareth gently moved, now above her. His weight pressed her against the soft material, comforting. The sun still shone, now illuminating both their bodies with incredible radiance.

"You're beautiful…" Jareth voice was quiet, but enough that Sarah could hear. She smiled.

"I was going to say the same thing." Her hand came to touch his cheek, as his trailed the line of her neck. He planted gentle kisses in the valley of her breasts, tongue flicking against the skin, teasing. With gentle insistence, his hands found her hips, positioned them below his own. At this, a concerned look flickered across Sarah's face, and after a shuddering breath, she closed her eyes, and brought herself to meet him. He gently spread her, and slowly, carefully broke the barrier between them. Sarah moaned, momentarily in pain. A flood of sensation followed in suit, and she felt the warmth that had been earlier creeping up in her stomach spread, quickly becoming unbearably hot. Now she whimpered, begging for more. As she tried to move against him in fervor, he held her still, forcing her to take his pace. Her muscles tensed and relaxed, beginning to spasm as he moved within her. She arched her head back, dark hair tangled against the satin of the sheets, exposing her neck.

Jareth held her firmly, gently, and moved with agonizing slowness to Sarah. Her fingers dug into the skin of his back, and he allowed himself to voice his intense pleasure. Anxious, Sarah met him, forcing his pace to hasten, and cried out, voicing their mutual ecstasy. As they moved in unison, the room was engulfed by sunlight, as if Jareth had swallowed the very sun itself, and now shone as the center of the world, as the center of everything. Sarah watched in awe, barely containing her pleasure. Her eyes glazed, absorbing the ethereal beauty of the Goblin King as he made love to her.

He watched her, though, with the same awed, fascinated stare, no longer the confident, no longer alone in his domain of experience.

But all too fast that heat enveloped them both. Sarah moaned, whimpered, clenched her fists, unable to express her pleasure fully, as she peaked. The room was awash in a flash of light, brilliant beyond words. The Labyrinth itself seemed to shudder, as the two met, coming together as one.

Sarah and Jareth lay together, unable to move, for several moments, their bodies entwined in a lover's embrace.

Jareth's voice, weak for the first time to her recollection, echoed quietly through the chamber. "You have become my Queen."